Making a Murderer: A Netflix Documentary Series

Like thousands of people on the internet, I am currently hooked to this Netflix Original Production titled “Making a Murderer”. Since its debut in the US last December, my boyfriend had told me to see it but I haven’t done so.  Now that Netflix is available in Indonesia, it’s the first thing I see after I registered myself.

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What is it about

Making a Murderer is a documentary which tells the story of Steven Avery from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, US. In 1985, Steven was convicted of sexual assault and murder attempt of a woman named Penny Beerntsen. He claimed himself innocent since day 1 but still was sentenced 32 years in prison. Though in prison he still fought for his freedom and with assistance from The Innocence Project he was finally set free in 2003. The real perpetrator was found and is still in prison until now.

But the story did not end there.

In 2005 a young woman named Theresa Halbach was missing and after several days of search efforts her car was found in the Avery’s property. Steven was shortly arrested and despite claiming his innocence, after long trial he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. His nephew, Brendan Dassey who was only 17 years old at that time was also convicted and sentenced to life in prison with parole in 2048 (!!!).

The documentary will take you through the trial process and as you go along, you’ll found out that there are A LOT of questionable aspects in the process – like the evidences and witnesses. If you are curious already, read this article which I think has done a great job in summarising what happened.

What I think about it

Well I am leaving a lot of points about the story just because I don’t want to give you spoilers. But I think the documentary series is so captivating and the more you see it, the more questions you’d end up with – guaranteed! Don’t say I haven’t warned you – you MIGHT found yourself spending hours obsessively researching about the case after you finished watching the series. That happened to me and yes, I am obsessed :))))))

Sadly, apart from my boyfriend, only one of my offline friends has seen the series as well so I am lacking partner to discuss about it.. hahaha.

So… anyone of you is following Steven Avery’s case as well? Let’s discuss in the comment box! Well if you haven’t you are of course free to comment as well, but don’t forget to watch it 😀

22 thoughts on “Making a Murderer: A Netflix Documentary Series”

  1. Christa makin tua ya gw kalo nonton film or series yang bikin gw upset, bs kebayang2 berhari2. Jadi sampe sekarang belom mau nonton ini, soalnya takut upset hahaha. Nonton Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption sama Law Abiding Citizen aja contohnya sampe skrg masih sebel haha

  2. Aku udah tamat! Walopun ketiduran di beberapa episode, hehe. Pas tamat sedih gitu. Kalo menurut aku ga gory sih filmnya, cuman menyedihkan ngeliat orang-orang ga bersalah jadi korban ketidak-adilan hukum. Tapi super keren ya dokumenternya. Pinter banget sutradaranya menyambung semua footage, sampe Making of a Murderer lebih berasa kayak film dengan skrip yang dikarang daripada kisah nyata.

    1. Aku sejak selesai nonton skrg jd hobi cari2 berita terbaru Dit. Sampe follow Twitternya lawyer barunya Steven. Konon kabarnya lawyernya oke bgt buat kasus2 false conviction gini.

      Iyaa dokumenternya kereeen! Btw kalau kamu suka model2 gini pernah ngikutin podcast Serial ngga? taun lalu hebohnya. Kisahnya miriip. Tapi ini jauh lebih seru sih..

      1. Sempet diajak pacar dengerin Serial. Gw suka, tapi sebagai orang visual, susah banget buat gw konsentrasi dengerin podcast.

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