Weekend in Penang

If you are following my instagram account (@christachi), you’ll most probably know that I was in Penang
for the weekend. It was Chinese New Year weekend and in Indonesia we got the Monday off, so it was a perfect time for me to go.

Seen in George Town, Penang

I went with three friends of mine, again a girls trip. Hihihi it’s been ages since I had girls trip, the previous years I was busy traveling on my own/in a large group so it was fun to travel with the girlfriends. It was a short trip – we went on Saturday afternoon and got back Monday afternoon. But it was super fun! I fell in love with Penang and decided to come back whenever there’s a chance. Penang is pretty – there’s a good mix of culture and it has delicious food. I think it’s a perfect weekend destination. I will share the story of this trip in the upcoming posts.. meanwhile, consider this short post a “warm-up”! 😀

Can you spot us?

So, what did you do last weekend? If you celebrated Chinese New Year, I hope you had a great celebration and for everyone, wishing you a happy and prosperous year of Monkey!

Chinese New Year lights


39 thoughts on “Weekend in Penang”

    1. Aggy kenapa ya kalau kamu komen ngga ada notifikasinya.. huhuhu. Anywayyy iyaa aku juga suka banget dan kepengen balik lagi 🙂 kayaknya buat weekend break gitu juga enak yahh

      1. Iyah kenapa sukak begitu (gak ada notif) aku juga bingung huhu 😦 Iyaaa Christaaa kamu harus balik lagi ke Penang, sekali gak puas hehehe…

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