Growing.. old?

This year is the last year of my twenties. When I look back and try to remember what has happened over the past decade, it seems like a swarm of things happened in a blink of an eye. But in reality, 10 years is a long time.

My dad left this world as I was just entering my twenties. The unfortunate event, followed by series of heartbreak, gave my twenties a rough start. There were times I wanted to give up, but I made it through!

What happened afterwards was me leaving Jakarta to study abroad. It was the best year of my twenties. I still feel like it was yesterday when I first set foot in Bournemouth but really, it was 7 years ago!

A year later I came back with a master’s degree, high hope and full optimism. I was blessed that finding a job was not a difficult matter. “Adjusting back” was the difficult one. So, what happened next? I worked hard, travelled well, and found love. Of course there were hiccups here and there, but as Kelly Clarkson said – what does not kill you makes you stronger, and I’m still here.

Looking back, I realised that a lot has happened and I ain’t seen nothing yet! Funny thing is that a lot of people around my age like to say that they’re OLD. Society nowadays sort of force us to live life in high-speed, pushing us to do more, more, and more, because we are OLD. Long gone are the days of having fun, because we are OLD 😦

Suddenly I found myself being forced to follow the common rule. Do well in your career, make investment, buy a property, get married, make babies. It’s not the time to let loose anymore, again, because we are OLD.

But I refuse!

I refuse to call myself OLD because I am not even thirty. My sweet 87 years old grandma is OLD. My 60 years old Mum is going there, but I am not. I can’t even clearly remember all the things happened in the past 29 years of my life, it’s a long period of time, right? I’m certain that if I’m blessed with health and longevity, a lot of even more interesting events are going to happen in the next 29, 30, 40 years or my life.

I may not have my own property now, nor do I have a husband to call my own. But I’m just going to be patient and believe that when it’s time, all will fall into place.

May we all be blessed with good health, longevity, and happiness. x

P.S can you guess how old I was in this picture? 😀

Guess my age :p
Guess my age :p

55 thoughts on “Growing.. old?”

  1. Indeed Chris, everything is in our mind. If we keep thinking that we are old, then suddenly we indeed become “old” 🙂 . Who cares what other people say or think because our lives are ours, not theirs 😛 .

  2. Truth. We’re grow older day by day, physically and mentally. Being a woman is even harder because of the biological clock, they said. But we must try to be grateful for everyday. For all our perfect and imperfections life. In that picture I guess you were 22 or 23 🙂

  3. Taaa.. You dont look like you are 29.. Seriously! Haha. But indeed growing old is scary for me.. Guess it’s the society’s prejudice that as you said.. We need to do this and that as we grow older.. Which makes me very nervous most of the times. But again.. Our life not determined by them. Let us still set our goals in life but have fun at the same time! Hehe.

    1. Huheuehuehue lumayan kan Jen ngga perlu pake krim perawatan muka hihihihi. Moga2 nanti gak cepet keriput :p

      Setuju Jen, let’s just live our life the best and have fun! Yang penting bertanggung jawab, gak macem2, dan happy.. gausah dipusingin kata orang ya heuheuehue

  4. Christa, kata Regina Spektor: Today we’re younger than we ever gonna be.
    So cherish it, enjoy being young, do whatever you wanna do. Besok gimana? Nanti aja dipikirinnya klo udah tua 😛

  5. Kan young at heart kak gakpapa.. Ya kayak kita-kita ini. Too young at heart bahkan sometimes haha. But people who are young at heart akan keliatan awet muda juga lohh. Screw people’s opinion, they’re just jealous at us. LOL.

  6. Age is just a number, Christa. While you’re young and free do lotsa fun things and things that you love to do. Then when you’re settled, you won’t miss and regret, and you’re able to say, been there done that!👌🏻 I guess you were about 19 in that pic?

  7. Orang Indonesia ini nampaknya forever young Chris. Aku disini selalu disangka dikisaran 25thn (Alhamdulillah muda 10 tahun haha).
    Kamu dengan senyummu yang selalu bikin aku senang kalo lihat, pasti selalu nampak muda. Perkataan2 yang bikin gundah lainnya, abaikan saja ☺️

    1. Wah Den kamu juga awet muda lho, gak apa2 banget, kita berarti hemat krim2 anti aging hihihihi.. Iya aku abaikan kok, cuma aku sempet mikir, ini apa aku yg kayak anak kecil kok hepi2 terus, tapi akhirnya aku udah memutuskan kalau aku belum tua dan sah2 aja hepi2.. lagian kayak kata teman2 di komen2 ini, age is just a number kan 🙂

  8. Ah, dinikmati saja… yang penting sehat kan yah…
    Selamat jelang 30’s nya ya…

    pengen tebak 21 tadi, eh, udahan dijawab….
    waktu memang cepat berjalan, dan, ketika 30 itu rasanya lebih cepat lagi bergerak

    1. Betuul, yang penting sehat ya Nin 🙂 waktu memang cepat berjalan tapi sebenernya periode yang kita lewatin lama juga ya.. banyak yg udah dilalui tapi masih berasa kayak kemarin hihi

  9. Sama Ta, gw juga bingung kalo baca yg 30an nyebut diri tua.. Lah bokap gw aja yg mo 60 selalu sebut diri masih muda..hihihi.. Tahun ini gw juga 29.. Masihh mudaaaa 😀

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