A Hollywood Experience

Back in 2013, when I was visiting LA – me, my boyfriend, and our friends went to downtown LA for a late night snack. We chose Fred 62 near East Hollywood – a 24 hours diner.

We sat outside, ordered some light meals and drinks, and just hung out. What started as an ordinary event, turned out to be extraordinary because of what happened next.

As we were chatting, I noticed there was a group of people doing a shooting. I did not know what it was about, but there was this girl dancing energetically in silence, as if there was a music playing in the background. She was followed by a camera and we could see that there were several people who we thought were the crew.

Oh wow, I thought. Could I be witnessing a Hollywood movie being made? Hehehehe :p

But I did not see anyone famous and we were in Hollywood, so it’s very common to see such thing.

Fast forward to a couple months later when my friend was browsing the internet and he found a specific website. It was Pharrel William’s website, promoting his song, “HAPPY”. We all know the song, right? Well, as part of the song’s campaign, he launched a 24-hours music video and guess who’s in it?

Yep, US. Hahahahahahaha.

Well… as background though. :p

Remember the girl we saw? So she was one of the casts for that video clip and because she danced pass us, somehow I (read: my  back) was included in the scene! I really did not know how my friend could find out about this.. did he watched all 24 hours of the video clip? Or was it just a coincidence? But anyways.. here’s a screen shot of the scene, can you spot me? I know, I know, it’s very vague.. but now that I told you that’s me, you can see it right? 😀

Notice me? ;)))))))
Notice me? ;)))))))

I don’t think the website is active anymore but you can still see the clips, all 24 hours of them, on Youtube 😀

What a Hollywood experience! :)))))))

39 thoughts on “A Hollywood Experience”

    1. Nahh iya kan di NY juga banyak syuting yaa biasanya hueheuheu. Btw kan Aziz Ansari mau syuting lagi tuh Master of None nya.. kali ajaaa ya pas kamu lagi lewat.. hohohoho

  1. Apaa??????? KEREN BANGETTTTTTTTTT Chris!!! Aku juga mau!!

    Berarti LA memang wajib bener ya dikunjungi. Siapa tahu beruntung bisa masuk video klip atau apaan gitu, hahahaha 😆

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