Life Update

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post (well, not that long but considering that I normally post at least once a week….), but I am actually experiencing a major blogger’s block at the moment! Hahahaha. I’ve had several drafts and blog post ideas but finished none, so I figured I’m going to do a simple life update post in hopes to bring back my writing mojo hahaha. 😀

What have I been up to? 

Nothing much, really. Work has been tiring, I finally completed my training period and had a presentation in front of the country manager. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s a success since I’m still employed until now :p After the presentation I was assigned to be involved in next year’s budgeting process so work has been a mix of meetings and working with spreadsheets for now.

Unfortunately I have been a little unwell lately, nothing serious just a flu and I have visited the doctor yesterday night, got some medicines and because today’s a public holiday in Jakarta.. I spent the day just resting at home and sleep, sleep, sleep. Feel a lot better now!

I’m also “busy” preparing two parties for the coming weekends.
Since me and my friends from college will turn 30 this year, we decided to host a party for each of our birthdays. The birthday girl can ask for any theme/activity that she wants and the rest of us will organise it for her. Next Sunday will be the first birthday and my friend wants to do yoga together so we’re doing a yoga party! :D.

After that, later this month me and my high school friends will host a baby shower for one us. So much parties, so little time, rightt? :p

What did I see/hear/read lately? 

Hmm.. let’s see. I saw The Big Short, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, A Copy of My Mind, The Best of Me, and just yesterday night I saw Room – Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay gave out stellar performance but I found the movie a little bit too long for me.

I did not like A Copy of My Mind at all. I told Dani and Ryan I wanted to write a review about it but since I’m having a writer’s block.. let’s just write it here, hehehe.

I watched The Best of Me with R through Rabbit and I have a draft already about the experience.. let’s just hope I can finish it soon! 🙂

Of all the Oscar nominated movies, my favorite is The Big Short. I don’t really like The Hateful Eight and The Revenant was enjoyable only  because it has Leonardo DiCaprio in it (yes I’m biased! :D). Otherwise, it was not my kind of movie.

I’m currently reading China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan which is a sequel to Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a light read, funny and entertaining.

And… last but not least, I’ve been playing Jack Garratt‘s album on repeat. Here’s my favorite song – Weathered. What do you think of it?

Sooo.. this post is quite long for an update, no? hehehe. Hopefully it’s a sign that my writing mojo is back!

Meanwhile, let me know if you want me to write about any specific topic! (a.k.a give me blog post ideas, pretty please?) 🙂

Happy hump day! x

29 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. Klo cewek itu kreatif banget pake party2 segala buat ultah dengan temen2. Lha cowok biasanya spontan aja mau ngapain jadi kadang2 bentrok ama jadwal kerjaan. Tapi namanya temen ya dibelain buat libur di hari kerja ha ha ha………

  2. Asiik pengen tau pestanya gimana. Jaga kesehatan Christa, lagi musim sakit. Musim ko sakit, musim duren atau musim bunga gitu ya haha

    1. Okk nanti aku ceritain minggu depan hehe lumayan nambah bahan postingan ya kaann :)))) iya Pujii mau sehat niihh udh mendingan sih dihajar antibiotik dan kemarin tidur seharian, maunya musim coklat deh biar enak hahahaha

    1. Ehh pas banget lho aku ada scheduled post tentang love life hahaha baru aja terbit kemarin 😉 tenang aja pestanya bakal cuma sampe jam 8 sajaa.. hihihihi

      1. Ah syukurlah! Kalau plotnya tidak slow motion effect gitu, mungkin saya suka. Hampir tidur pas nonton itu, haha..

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