A Love Story

My mum and dad have quite a love story. They met on a holiday in Singapore. It was back in the 70s, they happened to be in a same tour group. My mum was with her aunt, I call her Oma M. Meanwhile, my dad was on a boys-trip with a group of friends. Being in a boys-trip, my dad and his friends were loud. They kept joking around, having fun by themselves. Not rude, but loud, so as my mum described them.

After spending several days in the trip together, my mum and one of my dad’s friends exchanged contacts before parted ways. I call him Uncle T. Uncle T is one of my dad’s best friends and we remain in close contact until now, even after my dad has passed away years ago.

A couple weeks later, uncle T called my mum and asked to come over. He came to my mum’s house, with dad. They hung out, and just when they were about to leave, cheeky uncle T purposely left my dad’s passport photo (LOL!) with his phone number behind it in my mum’s living room. Long story short, mum and dad got in contact, spent the next 10 years dating, and the rest is history 🙂

Back in 2013 I met R in person for the first time, while I was traveling around the West Coast. Details about our meeting will unfold in another post, but while I was there we had a chance to meet none other than….. Oma M! :). Yep, Oma M has been living in Bay area for a while now and at first I thought I could not meet her during my visit because she was supposed to be traveling to New York while I was there. But, there was a slight change in her schedule so I could visit her. Since I was with R already, I took him along. We had a great day with Oma M and at that time I could not help but thinking of my mum and dad’s story. After all, Oma M is the only person from my family that R has met because he is yet to come to Indonesia 🙂

This year marks 5 years since we first knew each other, 3 years since we first met in person. I don’t know what the future holds but I surely hope that it will be in our favor ❤

P.S I somehow got inspired to tell my parents’ story after I read Deny’s post 🙂

39 thoughts on “A Love Story”

  1. Jaman dulu kayanya dating lebih gampang ya, kalau sekarang ada social media yang malah bisa merusak suatu hubungan.

    All the best for you, lovebirds 😉

    1. Iya jaman dulu mama-papaku tahan lho surat2an, pacaran paling sebulan or dua bulan sekali, tapi awet bener pacaran sampe 10 tahun karena nungguin lulus kuliah dulu hahaha. Kalo sekarang sih dipertanyakan :p
      Thank you Stephanie!

  2. So sweet story dari pertemuan kedua orangtuamu Christa. Terima kasih sudah berbagi cerita pertemuan yg indah dan berkesan tersebut. Semoga langkahmu dan R sampai kepada yg dituju yaa. Insya Allah kalau sudah berjodoh, apapun jalannya pasti akan bersatu pada akhirnya.
    Terima kasih link postingannya. Mengenang kisah Bapak Ibu lewat cerita 😊

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