12 Tips to Enjoy Coachella!

Coachella this year is happening soon and I know a lot of people are excited about it already. As Coachella is no ordinary festival, it is really advisable to plan your trip carefully. Especially if you are traveling from outside the US like myself last year.

Even though I thought I did my share of research last year, there were still a few things that I did not know before actually being there.

So, in this post I will share my take on how to enjoy your Coachella (+Camping) experience as an international traveler!

  1. Lodging options: which to choose? As a first – timer, I decided to camp on-site, all the way through the weekend. I bought a Car Camping pass which gave me a parking spot for 1 car with enough space for a tent. Based on my experience, car camping is best when you have a big group and not that much of a budget. Your group can purchase several Car Camping passes and park your cars next to each other, allowing bigger space for your tents. If you choose Car Camping, be prepared to mingle and keep an open mind. It is not the best option if you don’t like to be in the middle of a crowd or if you require some solitude rest after your day out at the festival area. But then again, I really recommend camping.. because it makes your Coachella experience more fun.
  2. Although a number of portable showers are available, prepare to queue if you decided to shower in the morning. Thus, it’s better to shower at night! Don’t worry, hot water is available 🙂
  3. Portable toilet can be gross, I have to admit. If you can’t stand it, take the free morning shuttle to nearby supermarket and do your business there.
  4. When possible, cook your own meal. Although I do recommend trying the food stalls (delicious options!), cooking your own meal will save you more money because food there can be quite pricey… Since I camped, what I did was cooked my breakfast + supper, and buy my lunch so I can try the famous Coachella food too!
  5. Remember that Coachella is in a desert – it gets really hot in the afternoon and cold at night. If you’re from the tropics like I am, prepare warm clothes for the night (A cardigan might do).
  6. This is probably one of the most common advices about Coachella – Keep yourself hydrated and wear sunblock.
  7. If you’re going to actually watch some music performances, forget dressing up like a fashion blogger and wear super comfortable clothes. You don’t want your outfit to slow you down, do you?
  8. Keep the setlist handy, and remember to keep a schedule. The festival area is really big and there will be crowd, so it might take a while to travel between stages. You don’t want to be late to a performance that you really want to see, right?
  9. Want to buy some merchandise? Make sure you go to the merchandise booth first thing on Friday. Otherwise, it will be sold out quickly.
  10. To me, these things are the essentials to bring to the concert area: wet wipes, lip balm, ID card, debit/credit card (don’t worry ATMs are available!), my phone, and a hat (yes, it is THAT hot during the day!). Your essentials might be different but bear in mind that it’s best for you to carry as little as possible.
  11. If you’re with friends, set a specific place as a meeting spot so you don’t get confused and waste time trying re-group. Perhaps the Ferris wheel is a great idea… it is catchy, isn’t it? 😀
  12. Need to tell the world what you’re doing? Don’t worry, cellphone reception is good and there are also some wi-fi spots.. plus charging stations.
Coachella 2015

Last but not least, the key to really be enjoying your Coachella experience is to be in the best mood. It’s a festival, so anything could happen. Stay alert, keep yourself and belongings safe, and have fun!!! I’m jealous, I wish I can be back this year 😀

Have you been to Coachella or similar festivals? Any additional tips that you want to share?


10 thoughts on “12 Tips to Enjoy Coachella!”

  1. I found when I was at Splore, bringing sleep gels was great! As it could be not too comfy to fall asleep but you do need to energise for the days ahead. Unisom was my saviour! I am planning to do both weekends when I do Coachella one day hehe

  2. Unik ya festivalnya Mbak, diadakan di tengah gurun :hehe. Iya kalau ketemuan memang sebaiknya di sebuah landmark yang gampang dilihat semua orang, kan nggak seru juga kalau nantinya waktu habis karena saling mencari :hehe.

    1. Iyaa Gara bener2 pengalaman yg seru jadinya. Bener banget, musti janjian.. itu tempatnya guedeeeee bgt dan orangnya banyaaaakkk bgt, jadi kebayang deh kalau nggak janjian kayaknya ga bakal bisa ktemu lagi kalau kepisah :O

    1. Flag! True! Now that explains why I saw some groups carrying their national flag.. I thought they were just being overly nationalistic but now to think of it again they might be following your tips! :)))))

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