Turning30 celebrations : The Yoga Party

Like I mentioned in this post, this year me and a group of friends are turning 30. To bid farewell to our 20s and welcome our 30s in the most fun way, we decided to host a celebration for each of us on our birthday. There are 7 of us so that means 7 parties this year! Sounds like a great start to our 30s, right? πŸ™‚

The idea is simple – the birthday girl can request an activity that she’d like to do on her party / a specific theme of party and the rest of us will organize it for her.

Last Sunday was our first celebration as it was my friend M’s birthday. This girl is the most active in our group. She exercises on a daily basis and maintained a healthy lifestyle, so it’s not a surprise when she asked us to organize a Yoga group session for her.

We booked a private Yoga teacher and Cooks Voyage provided dinner for the celebration in my friend P’s home. To be honest it was a while since I last did Yoga. My last Yoga session was more of a meditation class where we mostly sat still and just worked on our breathing. I did not really like it since I prefer an active kind of exercise so I stopped doing it. BUT, this Yoga session was different! There were lots of movements and who would’ve thought I’d be sweating like crazy :O. Turns out there are different types of Yoga.. hahaha #newbie :p. Although very tiring, I liked how I felt afterwards, fresh and relaxed at the same time, yay!

Yoga Session! (not sponsored by Reebok, btw :p)

After Yoga, we freshened ourselves and had dinner. This is where Cooks Voyage took part. Cooks Voyage by Chef Tita Juwadi is a private dining service with marvelously delicious food. For this party, we had three-course dinner started with Salmon Tartare, followed by Wagyu Donburi, and finished with a Banoffee Pie. Of all three, my favorite was the Wagyu Donburi – best I’ve ever tasted! It was soooooooooo good I can’t even find the right words to describe it. The meat is tender; the egg was cooked to perfection. Ah, the meal was perfection! ❀

Chef Tita Juwadi preparing Salmon Tartare
The super heavenly Wagyu Donburi by Cooks Voyage
Banoffee Pie by Cooks Voyage

If you’re based in Jakarta, and have a party of minimum 8 people, I really recommend to book Cooks Voyage. Check their website to see their full list of menu and how to contact them.

So, we had dinner, fun conversation, played around with Snapchat (have you tried the faceswap feature? It’s hilarious!!!), and had a great time until we realized that it’s getting late and we had to work the next day. Before we left M gave each of us a bag of party favors. Inside it was a granola box by Una Kitchen and Patisserie and goats don’t lie soap by The Bath Box. She said they are her favorites and she wanted us to try it too. Well, to be honest granola is really not my choice of snack πŸ˜‰ but it is surprisingly tasty and I love the soap. Thanks M!

The party favors

It was indeed a memorable night, a great start to a (hopefully) great era of being in our thirties. There will be another 6 celebrations to follow. Mine will be the last one and I wonder what kind of activities we should do… πŸ˜‰

How did you celebrate turning 30, or how do you imagine it will be?

32 thoughts on “Turning30 celebrations : The Yoga Party”

  1. Wahhhh seru banget chiiii….the food looks so delicious. Btw dulu pas pesta lajang sebelum nikah aku n the gank ke salon luluran bareng n makan di resto sunda. Trus ada juga kita karokean…ya gitu2lah jaman itu, cuna itu taunya. Yoga bareng keknya seru emang

    1. It’s not my favorite yet but I’m starting to like it πŸ˜‰ dulu mikirnya gak ada rasa tapi ternyata kalau dipakein yogurt + buah gitu enak jugaa hehe

  2. Belum ada pikiran ke bagaimana saya di usia 30… tapi semoga lebih baik dari usia-usia sebelumnya. Saya masih ngiler dengan hidangannya sih, wow kelihatan enak sekali. Yoga diskip, saatnya makan :lol.

  3. Wah party favoursnya bukan buku tulis, pensil dan permen loli? Sprti jaman diriku SD. Hahahah. Waktu 30 I went to Japan and the celebration was being in a matsuri (summer festival),closed by a kareoke, it was the best…nah kalau kamu rencananya apa?

  4. Makanannya sungguh membuat perut kriuk kriuk hihi… Belom tau 30 nanti mau ngapain ya 😁 mungkin SF trip sama suami. Ya Allah…. Amiin πŸ˜‚

  5. Wah idenya seru juga yaa. Mengingatkan bahwa diusia 30 sudah mulai serius jaga makanan dan kesehatan πŸ™‚ kamu masih lama dong ya Christa waktunya buat mikir ide apa. Aku ngapain ya pas 30 tahun. Aku yang ingat banget justru pas usia 29. Soalnya aku memutuskan menggunakan jilbab pada hari ulang tahun. Jadi ingat banget dan memorableπŸ˜ƒ

    1. Hehehe aku yg paling belakang Den. Abis ini ada ulang taun lagi bulan Juli abis lebaran, terus sisanya akhir taun semua termasuk aku.. belum ada ide πŸ™‚

      Wah, memorable sekali ulang taun ke 29 nya yah Den πŸ™‚

  6. Ini si asli seru banget lo mba.. Haha.. Makanannya kelihatan wuenaaaakk.. Aku belum 30 si jadi belum tahu nanti akan spend birthdaynya seperti apa πŸ˜€ Wih dapat GDL, aku lebih suka sabun batangnya, hihi..

    1. Iyaaa enak bangeet.. hehehe. Aku juga masih bingung mau ngapain ya nanti.. masi pikir2 nih πŸ˜‰ Btw aku abis ini mau coba shampoo nya sama masker hehe kamu udah cobain?

      1. Based on your hobby or interest saja mba. Hehe.. Aku pernah cobain lemon mueslinya. Masker lain atau shampoo belum pernah coba πŸ˜€

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