Zayn – Mind of Mine

Today’s a Friday and it’s a public holiday here in Indonesia. Here I am still in bed with my laptop, just lazily browsing the net while listening to Zayn’s debut album – Mind of Mine.

Yes people, the full album is out! I have been anticipating it since Zayn first dropped the first single – Pillow Talk. It caught my attention because it’s so different than 1D’s songs and no, I’m not a fan of 1D and I didn’t even know Zayn before he said he’s leaving the band.. anyway… I like Pillow Talk, but not as much as It’s You or Like I Would – two songs that he released afterwards.

Finally he released the full album on Apple Music yesterday and I think it’s actually pretty good! I don’t know what genre it falls specifically but to me it’s between R&B/Pop/Electronic/Chill and at times it kind of reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s debut.. (except the electronic and chill though).

To me it’s something fresh and rather different than other mainstream artists I hear on the radio with their repeatable tunes and meaningless lyrics.

I need more time to determine my favorite song of the album but apart from the ones I mentioned, I also like Borderz, Rear View, and Befour.  Btw the album has 18 songs! Quite a number for a debut, and if this kind of music is really his thing.. no wonder he decided to left 1D.

Here, have a listen to Befour and tell me what you think? 🙂

Okay I’m off the net now, going to finish a book that I’m currently reading – Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Good Friday and have a good weekend! x

6 thoughts on “Zayn – Mind of Mine”

  1. Aku juga tahu Zayn dari anak abege di gerejaku beberapa tahun lalu. Waktubitu Zayn masih cute unyu2 (sekarang kok ganteng banget gt ya…gemes kakak, dek!) Hahaha.

    Aku baru denger yg Pillow Talk chi…wowww 18 lagu satu album? Banyak aja ya.

    1. Iyaa banyak banget, maklum masi muda jadi produktif Joo hihihihi 😛

      waahh ini lagi ulang taun dong ya? happy birthday!! udah 4 taun aja gak berasaa… pasti kuenya enak enak deh buatan MommaG 🙂

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