Our (Online) Movie Date!

Being in a LDR requires us to be creative in finding ways to “keep the flame alive”. Hahaha. R hates it when I say that, but I feel like every once in a while we need to do something out of the ordinary, don’t you agree?

Recently I found a video chat service called Rabbit (how cute is the name!), which allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, and browse the web together with your friends regardless of their location. In my own words it’s a video chat + screen sharing service.. which I think is really cool, especially for us long distance couples.

At first we found it quite hard to have an agreed schedule to do this.. because we are so used to mobile communication (facetime + imessage) and rarely use video chat with our laptop/desktop. So finally two weeks ago we managed find a time to sit down and tried Rabbit. It was Saturday afternoon in my place and Friday night at his.. and we both have cleared our schedule so it was perfect.

It has been a while since I saw R in person also a while since I saw him online with a big screen, so to be honest I felt nervous … hahaha like going-on-a-first-date-nervous. It was exciting! *blush*

We quickly browsed Netflix and agreed on a choice of movie.. like you can see in the picture below.  We thought it was good to do something romantic every once in a while, so we chose a sappy romantic comedy based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel 🙂 …. okay okay I have to admit I gave a lot of influence to the decision 😉

Rabbit time!
Rabbit time!

Anyway.. Rabbit was awesome! Since we both were new users, we had to register first. The process was easy and did not take long. Even though I was aware that they are still in development process, I did not find any glitch and issues.. all worked just fine. We are yet to try their mobile app though.. but since we are using it for our movie date, I think the desktop version will be enough for us. If you are in LDR, Rabbit should be perfect for you too! Try it and let me know what you think 😉

It’s been two weeks since that date and we are now back to our communication routine… I can’t wait til our next movie date! (ah, what am I saying? just skip the online date.. fast forward to our offline date please!).

When was the last time you had a date with your significant other? 🙂

29 thoughts on “Our (Online) Movie Date!”

  1. Keren ya, bahkan sekarang kencan menonton film pun bisa dilakukan tanpa harus ketemuan. Indahnya internet yang menyatukan orang-orang yang jauh :)). Kayaknya saya kenal deh film itu, seingat saya pernah nonton di mana gitu The Best of Me :haha. Terima kasih buat rekomendasi aplikasinya ya Mbak, boleh banget nih dicoba kalau pengen nobar tapi pada malas gerak! (haha, itu mah saya banget).

  2. Kalian so sweet… Hepi terus ya!!
    Dulu waktu aku LDR, sebelum pisah aku sama pacar belanja DVD bareng trus janjian tiap bulan nonton satu per satu. Ga barengan sih, waktu itu jamannya belum ada home internet dan no paket data. Setelah sebulan, aku ngajak nonton eh taunya dia udah namatin semua DVD itu, soalnya ga ada kerjaan di kampusnya. LDR movie date yang gagal total 😀

  3. So sweet! And what a powerful technology these days hey👌🏻👌🏻
    Last date…perhaps in Dec 2015 when we went to Bali just the two of us! 🙄🙄

  4. Ini lagi ngedate Chris, seminggu. Travelling date haha. Wah makin canggih aja ya teknologi. Aku baru tahu ini. Makin mendekatkan yg jauh ya. Seru Chris bisa online movie date. Kreatif! Aku dulu selama LDR ga pernah yg namanya video call semacam skype. Kami sama2 ga suka lihat wajah masing2 dilayar haha. Walhasil komunikasi cuman whatsapp, telpon biasa dan email. Klo kangen lihat muka, kirim2an foto *haha caranya jadul 😅😅

    1. Oiya lagi jalan2 yah Den. Have fun!! 🙂

      Wah, aku kebayang pas kalian akhirnya ketemu deg2an nya gimana tuuuh Den.. hahaha aku juga cenderung jarang video call di layar besar, kalau lewat hp palingan facetime audio doang tiap hari, atau ya imessage. Itu aja kemaren deg2an liat muka si R di layar besar hihihihi.. lucu deh kayak abg :p :p

    1. Hehehe iyaa dulu kita pernah juga kayak gini, tapi karena repot kan jadi 2 gadget, akhirnya setengah jalan skype nya dimatiin, terus pas udah selesai nonton balik lagi ngobrolnya hahaha. Sekarang enak banget udah bisa sekalian, jadi bisa komenin filmnya bareng2… yay!

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