Me and Mama

Growing up, I used to argue a lot with my mum. Our arguments were mostly caused by unimportant things. I can’t even remember them anymore! When we argued, my dad used to calm us down. He would talk to me, telling me to make up with mum. Sometimes, when he thought I have crossed the line, he would be mad at me, and told me to apologise to my mum straight away.

As time goes by, especially with my dad’s passing, my relationship with mum got better. A lot better. I know I was a difficult teenager (sorry ma!). But now, we talk a lot, and spend a lot of time together… and I’m thankful for that.

Because I still live with her, almost every day I would spend some time to talk with her after I got home from work. Even when traffic’s that bad and I got so bored while driving, I like to call her and just ask her to chat with me, accompany me during the traffic. We talk about everything, mostly random stuffs.

Of course there are times when we still argue. Funny, I think we are similar but also very different at the same time! But still, I enjoy her company and again I’m thankful that I still have opportunities to make her happy.

My first ever 5K race as her birthday present back in 2012 😀
It’s not her birthday, nor that it is mother’s day.. I just wan’t to talk about her. Oh, yesterday we went out together – we had lunch in a nearby mall, and went to Kemang area for coffee, and ended up in another mall for window shopping 🙂

If I can turn back time, I wish I wasn’t so rebellious and I wish I could understand her more during my teenage years. Then again, I can’t re-do what’s done, so what I’m going to do is just spend the rest of my days trying to make her happy.

To close this post, I’m going to share a song from Carole King – one of her favorite artists which she introduced to me. I remember being taken to school with this song playing in the car 🙂 I used to hate it because I thought it’s old school and not cool. But again… If I can turn back time I’d pinch the younger me so hard – Carole King is one of the greatest musicians!!! don’t you agree?

25 thoughts on “Me and Mama”

  1. A sweet and touchy post Christa. Your post reminds me that now I have pre-teenagers and one particularly is arguing a lot with my husband and me. Now I know how exactly my mum feels when I used to argue and being difficult when I was a teenager!

    1. Thank you Ria 🙂 Ah I can imagine! Well I don’t have kids yet but as I grew older and become more mature, a lot of things that my mum said now makes more sense hehehe.. kalo dulu maunya ngelawan aja :p

  2. What a beautiful tribute Christa. I believe your mother loves you as you are, even you being rebellious when you were young. I experience it now with my teen daughter who is seeking boundaries with me. No matter how kesal I am but at the end I realize I love her. I hope you two will enjoy many good timea together as an adult relationship with our parents is something we must dearly cherish.

    I love Carole King too 😉

    1. Thank you Lorraine 🙂 true, I guess that’s what makes a mother-daughter relationship so special.

      Same goes to you, hope you and your daughter will enjoy good times together for many many years! 🙂

  3. What a lovely post 🙂 I was a rebellious teenager too, and now looking back, I regret how I gave her hard times. It’s better now and I hope I can make up for those times when I used to argue and fight with her a lot. Glad that it’s much better now for you, and hope you can enjoy times with her for many years to come 🙂

  4. I got in fights with my mom a lot when I was a teen. Actually it still continues today if I stay within the same compound as her for far too long.😂 we are so much alike, which are short tempered and very sarcastic. 😓

    1. Aku inget waktu baru pulang merantau, tinggal serumah lagi sama mama, berantem muluuu.. hahaha tapi ya akhirnya udah sama2 adaptasi dan udah bisa tinggal bersama as two adults 🙂 masi suka ribut sih kadang2, namanya juga ibu-anak ya hehehe.. tapi gak sebanyak pas masih abg dulu :))))))

  5. Emang remaja ya masa masa nya gitu ya Chris. Rebel. Tp ntar kalo udh dewasa baru nyadar dan nyesel knp kita dulu gitu. Hehehe. Masa remaja emang masa yg aneh :p

  6. Haha, aku suka lagunya juga. Pernah dimainin di salah satu episodenya Eli Stone kalau nggak salah 😛 .

    Untukku, sepertinya sewaktu remaja nggak rebel-rebel banget deh 😛 .

    1. Thank you Wien 🙂 Yaaa she’s awesome ya! dulu waktu abg sih aku kesel, hahaha pengennya denger prambors eh dikasih kaset tua :p sekarang malah aku masukin di ipod hahaha..

    1. I feel that too! aku sekarang kalau lagi argue ujungnya diemin aja deh, terus aku aktivitas sendiri, besok2 juga udah baikan lagi 🙂 kalau dulu kan pas abg kayaknya mau ngelawaannn mulu hahaha

  7. So sweet Christa. Mengingatkan akan hubunganku dengan Ibu yang naik turun sejak dulu sampai sekarang. Tapi kami tahu bahwa kami saling care dengan cara yg berbeda.

    1. Thank you Deny 🙂 Iya betul banget, namanya hubungan Ibu-anak memang naik turun tapi ujung2nya saling care dengan cara masing2 yah 🙂

  8. Oh my, your Mom is the perfect person whom I’d like to take out to Carole King Broadway musical. I love Carole King and would love to take someone’s mom to watch the musical, since I know my mom would not enjoy it (she doesn’t get music, the opposite of her daughter who listens to music awfully a lot).
    I make a promise to be nicer and kinder to my mom this year, but to no avail I argued with her over skype last weekend. Oh well, I’m more a rebel in my mid thirties 😦

    1. Waahh kita nggak tau lho ada carole king broadway musical! aku juga mau ya diajak hahahaha 😉 Btw hope that you can fulfill your promise, this year is still a long way to go 🙂

    1. Iya yahh anak muda merasa paling bener dan merasa semua orang (terutama orang tua) nggak ada yang ngertiin hahaha… aku dulu gitu sih :p

  9. Your this post reminds me about my mum.

    You know, last year, I visited my mum who lives in the village with my dad. It was a great time to see them, especially my mum. Eventhough she’s quite talkative which then made me I argued with her, but when we’re separated far away, she’s the figure that makes missing her.

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