I’ve heard it many times before, but recent happenings made me need to emphasize it again. Choices and decisions is an inevitable part of being an adult.

It started with a job opportunity coming my way. It sounded so promising and made so excited. Then I realized this opportunity comes with a long-term commitment, while I’m not in a position where I can make one.

I was faced with choices – to take the opportunity and postpone closing the distance with R for a couple more years, or keep pursuing ways to close off our distance and not taking the opportunity. In the end I chose to not take the opportunity. I chose to pursue love, something which is very personal, over career.

For a brief moment, it hit me. I felt sad – having to let go the opportunity, and also felt worried. What if career-wise, I would never get opportunities that good?  What if this happened, what if that happened?

The thought scares me, so I told my best friends about it. They reminded me to keep my priorities straight, and think carefully of the bigger picture. Then I realized I don’t need to be worried. While I do want to go far with my career, for now closing the distance with R is my priority. At this point in life, I’m certain it will make me happier :). My friend has a very good quote on this –  “regretting a job is nothing compared to regretting a person”, she said. And I truly believe that.

Well, this is me, adulting.

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Facing choices and making decisions is never easy. I think I’m still in phase one – career vs love. I know there will be more of these things. Let’s say, career vs family, financial security vs personal interest… and many other things. In a perfect world those things will be in-sync flawlessly, but who says we live in a perfect world? I just need to remember my priorities and the things that make me happy. With that in mind, I hope to always decide wisely and feel content with my decision 🙂

46 thoughts on “Adulting”

  1. Christaa 🙂 I understand the feeling. There is one quote too from Chuck Palahniuk which I think fits to these kind of situation: No matter how careful you are, there’s going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn’t experience it all. There’s that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should’ve been paying attention.
    Semangat semangaaat :*

  2. Good job on adulting, however if I were you, I would probably choose a different path. Focusing on your self-improvement is a priority for me, boys come second. But it’s your life and you know what’s best for yourself and your situation. Good luck

  3. Indeed, that is an inevitable part of becoming a self-functioning and independent adult Chris! I agree with your friend, set your priorities straight: i.e., listen to what your heart tells you 🙂 . The thing is, I believe every decision we make leads to wonderful and not so wonderful things. It is just that the “things” are different with every decision and so we can’t have them all. Therefore, it is important to follow what our heart tells us 🙂 .

    1. Totally agree Ko. we can’t have them all and there will always be consequences, but in the end only ourselves know what’s best for us.. 🙂

  4. Yeah there are time I’m thinking, why did I want to grow up so fast. Life as an adult could be complicated sometimes. But don’t get discouraged Christa, always believe that getting married or having a kid not gonna be the end of your career horizon. It’s definitely gonna be harder but with support from your beloved one, it’s do-able. Good luck !

    1. I know… sometimes I want to go back to when life was more simple! Hehehe… Ok Erina, I won’t. Your blog stories inspired me in some ways too, with your move and all.. thank you yaa 🙂

  5. I’ll be like: school vs job vs me vs parents. Actually I know exactly what I want, but I feel my parents push me too harder. I just want to be happy with my choice, but they still don’t understand.

  6. I truly believe when you listen to your heart, it will guide you to good things. And anyway, when a door closes a window opens. Don’t worry Christa, there will be lots of windows of opportunity for you in the future. And good luck for the future! Hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

  7. Horeee no more LDR! Hahaha…

    I’ve done so many of these. From staying in Bandung and reject so many opportunities to move to New York and left a boyfriend. Done.
    But in the end, it’s always gonna be amazing 🙂

    1. Iya dongg cape nihhh cintaku berat di ongkos sama time zone.. hahahaha :p

      Ok will keep that in mind, eyes on the prize – its gonna be amazing 🙂 thanks ditaaa

  8. You are doing well Christa. Whatever you decide, as long as you are 100% sure, it will going to be fine. Remember, life is what you make out of it. One door closes but others open. Good luck with bridging the distance.

  9. That’s just life, you just have to choose and deal with the consequences. I think if one door closes, the other opens. Don’t be afraid to try new things like new career field (if there’s no offer like the one you rejected)

    1. Ah, true, I can always try to find new opportunities in new field.. who knows it might be even better for me in the end 🙂 thanks for the advise yaa!

  10. Menetapkan prioritas dan mendengarkan kata hati, saya sepakat itu. Ambil waktu yang tenang dan mantapkan hati untuk keputusan. Karena keputusan terbaik pun diikuti konsekwensinya masing-masing. Semoga sukses dengan yang direncanakan dan dipikirkan ya!

    1. Betul Nin, untuk membuat keputusan emang perlu waktu yg tenang, awalnya aku sempet gundah, tapi ketika sudah tenang semua lebih jelas 🙂 terima kasih ya!

  11. When you listening your heart, see your priority, and sure about your decision, it will going to be fine mbak Christa.
    Karena semua keputusan pasti ada konsekuensinya mbak. Sukses yaa

  12. this is one of the reason that i hate growing up.. too many decision making to do. haha.. but we have to go thru it tho.. semangattt taa!! selipin doa di setiap keputusanmu, insyaolloh yg terbaikk dr yg di atas jugaa.. hehe..

  13. Selamat untuk pilihannya ya, Christa 🙂 Insyaa Allah itu yang terbaik buat Christa n partner 🙂 Jadi ingat pengalamanku sendiri. Mungkin Christa sudah tahu aku cita-cita banget untuk tinggal dan bekerja di Jepang, kayak pernah aku tulis di blog. Dan tahun lalu udah pernah ada tawaran untuk jadi penerjemah Jepang-Indonesia di perusahaan IT di Jepang. Tapi karena ingat sama ayah bundaku yang cuma tinggal berdua aja kalo aku tinggal ke Jepang (Abang dan adikku udah menikah dan tinggal sendiri), akhirnya aku putusin untuk menolak tawaran itu dengan keyakinan bahwa akan ada kesempatan lain yang terbuka untuk mewujudkan mimpiku di masa yang akan datang dan di waktu yang tepat..Aamiin..Kalau prioritas Christa sekarang adalah untuk mengakhiri LDR, kalo prioritasku untuk saat ini adalah menemani kedua orang tua insyaa Allah 🙂

    1. Terima kasih Inong, dan makasih juga udah ikutan berbagi ceritanya 🙂 aku ikut meng-amini doamu, moga2 jalan kamu utk mencapai cita2 juga tercapai dengan baik yaa.. intinya kita ga boleh patah semangat ya, mungkin lagi belok dulu, nanti ujung2nya sampai tujuan jugaa (amiiin) 😀

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