Not an Ordinary Friday Night

It started as an ordinary Friday night. I left the office not long after 6PM, with a plan to meet my long-lost friend from college, A.

Back in college days, A was the kind of friend who would say yes to any meet up invitations. Together with another friend, we used to go from gigs to gigs, roaming freely, most times without plans at all. But things have changed. D, our another friend, is now married with 1 kid and lives in the UK. A got really busy with his business, and myself? I became boring and don’t go out as much, hahaha :))))).

So I was really looking forward to meet A. At first we made a plan for dinner in Pondok Indah Mall, nothing special, just a good place to catch up. But as I was entering PIM’s parking lot, he called me and suddenly offered a change of plan. That is, to go to Tame Impala’s concert in Senayan. Got two free passes, he said.

I hesitated at first, but that lasted only 5 seconds. I said yes and went out from the parking lot, made my way to his office in Kebayoran, parked my car there and let A drove me with his car.

As we were driving through Jakarta’s notorious Friday night traffic, we shared stories, him with his dates, me with my relationship with R. Without us realising, one hour did not feel like long, and we reached Senayan just as Tame Impala has finished their opening song. Too bad we did not see Barasuara as the opening act, but what can I say? It was an unplanned situation! šŸ™‚

Tame Impala Jakarta

Obviously we did not get a good spot on the concert, it was full already. But whatever, it was still enjoyable. It was my second time seeing them live after last year’s Coachella – they still delivered a good performance. Bonus for me – they played “Eventually” which is one of my favorite song of theirs. Yay!

So what started as an ordinary Friday night turned out to be not ordinary at all. I had fun! Totally random, just like the old days. We were missing D, of course. But as life goes on, friendship remains, even though things were not as they used to be.

Thank you for the fun night, A!

25 thoughts on “Not an Ordinary Friday Night”

  1. I’m very much impressed with Tame Impala because live on stage they are all talented musician, but during the recording it was Kevin Parker the man for him self.

    1. Iya Man apalagi kalau sambil melakukan hal2 yang dulu kita suka lakukan.. kayak nonton konser terus makan malem di pinggir jalan sampe pagi ngobrol2 hahaha berasa muda kembali šŸ˜€

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