Christa gets a Makeover! 

If you know me IRL, you’d know that I change my hair style quote often. By hair style though, I mean length. Sometimes I grow my hair long, and when I think it reached a certain length, I decided to cut it short. Long-short-long-short. But that’s about it. I never color my hair, and I can’t live without a hair straightener.

That is, until last Sunday.

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this Salon in Darmawangsa Square called The Parlour Hairdressing. A friend of mine had her hair cut there by Winda Rosita and I say she looks great afterwards. She recommended me to go there too, so I decided to try. I used YesBoss to help me  make a reservation for a haircut with Winda Rosita, but I had to wait 2 weeks! Whew, I never had to wait that long for a salon appointment, but funny enough it got me even more curious. What is it so special about the place? I was not in a rush for a haircut anyway, so I decided to wait.

One day before my appointment is due, I received a reminder message from the salon. The following day, I came as scheduled. I was greeted by the cashier lady and after mentioning my name, I was told to wait for a bit. Not long after, Winda came and she looked at my hair while doing a consultancy session. She asked me what do I think of my hair’s current situation and what do I want out of this haircut session with her. I told her how I think my hair is dull and I was bored with my current look. I also told her that I love my current hair length though.. and asked for her suggestion. She looked like she got it and told me to get my hair washed. But before that, time for a “before” picture!

Before the haircut

Now let me ask you, how often do you get a consultancy session with your hairdresser before a haircut? To me it was a rare situation! As I don’t have a regular hairdresser, normally I would just bring a picture of hair style that I like and the hairdresser would cut it similar to that. Not many were successful though.

But, this consultation with Winda got me impressed already. Now time for the haircut!

I have to say, that I always feel nervous whenever I have a haircut. I don’t know why, it just happened. I felt nervous too when Winda started to cut my hair, but it did not last long because I saw how she worked with my hair. She looked really serious about it and somehow I got the feeling that my hair was taken control of! 😀

While cutting my hair, Winda and I had small conversations, ranging from the story of The Parlour Hairdressing, how she likes to make people look good, hairstyling, and my blog as well. It took her around 45 mins until she finally finished and it was time for the blow dry. Now here is the moment of truth for me.

At first, she asked me if I had a decent hair dryer and a blow brush. I thought it was needed for my hair, but I was wrong. She only used it for my fringe! Oh.. what is she going to do with the rest of my hair?, I thought.

Really, what she did was just twisting my hair while using a hair dryer with a diffuser. Diffuser is important so that my hair wouldn’t go big (I am yet to buy it though… anybody uses it too? any suggestion on where can I find it in Jakarta?). And the result?

It was magic!

Before the haircut

I mean, WOW. I never realised that I have those curls in me! All this time, I could not live without a hair straightener because I thought my hair was crazy and hard to style. But like Winda said… I just did not know how to style it properly. Now that I know, I can have different alternatives to style my hair on a daily basis. Depending on my mood, I can embrace my curls or go back to using a hair straightener. But for now, I’m going to stick with the curls a little longer. What do you think? 🙂

Thank you Winda and The Parlour Hairdressing team for a lovely makeover! I’ll see you next time 🙂

The Parlour Hairdressing
Darmawangsa Square Citywalk Ground Floor
Tel: +62 21 72786664

34 thoughts on “Christa gets a Makeover! ”

  1. Woah all so very fancy, a consultation and all! I’ve never done anything like that haha but it looks so good! You look lovely Chris x

    1. Thank youu! Gampang sih cuma di acak2 sambil dikeringin, tapi karena diffusernya belum sampe (baru beli online hehe), hasilnya belum sebombastis di salon nih.. masih gelombang2 aja sekarangg hehehe

  2. Looking good Christa ! Gue sekarang juga ketagihan dikeriting. Kemaren coba sekali sekitar 6 bln yg lalu dan sekarang gue udah keriting lagi untuk kedua kali nya hehe

  3. Keren Chris jadinya. Ikalnya bertahan berapa lama itu? Jadi beda ya ke wajah sebelum dan sesudah *ya namanya juga makeover Den! 😅

    1. Hihihi thank youu :* itu tahan 2 hari Den, sekarang ini aku kalau abis keramas coba styling yg mirip tapi hasilnya nggak sekeriting itu, gelombang doang.. lagi nunggu diffuser nya dateng nih 😀 (aku udh beli online hehe) tapi lumayan yg penting gak usah repot2 catok lagi.. yeayyy 😀

  4. You look great and your hair style is fab👌🏻

    Diffuser biasanya kl beli hairdryer uda attach sekalian, kalo disini sih ada yg gitu. Ga tau kl di Jkt ada yg attach juga or ga.

    The thing is, with me anyway, tiap kluar dari salon is always ok. But after I wash my hair, hasilnya ya gitu lagi ga bisa kyk yg di salon itu. I don’t know how to style my hair plus I have no patience and time😜😜

    1. Thank youuu :*

      Aku akhirnya nemu diffuser yang dijual terpisah Ri, lagi pre-order nih belinya di olshop, moga2 cocok sama hairdryer aku.. kalo ga ya terpaksa invest on a hairdryer with one :p

      Iyaa emang kalau dari salon pasti jauh lebih kece yaa rambutnya, akupun begituu.. sekarang style sendiri dirumah masi wavy2 tapi gak seheboh difoto hasilnya hehehe

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Ah I can imagine, even I still need to use mousse after hair wash otherwise the waves won’t even last a day! But, it’s still worth to try, to have a change of style, no? 🙂

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