May Book Haul

Jakartans – Did you managed to go to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta 2016?

Well I did, twice! ๐Ÿ˜€

The first time was on Sunday ย the 1st of May, we arrived at approximately 9 PM andย left the building just as they were closing at 11PM. 2 hours did not seem like a long time,ย the book fair was hugeee! Oh btw for those who are not familiar with the event, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a book fair held in a convention centre where you can find tons of books with discounted prices. When I say discounted I mean VERY MUCH. Books (mostly English, imported) were sold for as low as IDR 30,000 (~US$ 2). They have a lot of genres as well, ranging from novels – self help – business – health – kids books – cook books, etc.

I felt excited already when I entered the hall, but then I sort of fell a little bit lost because I did not know where to start! hahaha. But then I managed to browse section by section and at the end of the day bought 4 books (only).

Of all 4, 3 are novels – from familiar writers. Tony Parsons – Men From The Boys, Jennifer Weiner – Then Came you, and David Nicholls – Us. I’ve read other books from those writers before so they were an easy choice.

I also bought 1 book from the business section called – The Social Commerce Handbook. Actually, there were other interesting books in the business section but I did not have enough time to browse one by one….

Book haul from first visit

So I decided that I need to come back. But things happened during the long – holiday weekend, I got a wee bit unwell so I had to stay at home during the 4 days holiday (I know… bummer!!), and I only managed to go back to the book fair on their very last day, which was on Monday night two days ago.

The situation was different this time. The books were mainly gone and the remaining were scattered, and I’m not the type of person who is good on digging things on sale section/racks. I could not find anything good in the business section as it was mainly empty, so all I did was just browsing around the sections, hoping to find some “gems”.

Well.. I sort of did ๐Ÿ™‚

I found a Mitch Albom book – The First Phone Call from Heaven in between stacksย of kids books. Then I found A Berlitz Spanish book in the travel books section… moving on I did browsed the novel section for a while and found a book called Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle. The title itself sounded very interesting to me due to some similarities with my personal situation ;), so I decided to buy it… along with Turning Forty, another book by the same author.

Last but not least, as I was inย queuing to pay for the books, I found a Nancy Drew book! Score! I used to read it when I was younger and I lost my collection, so it’s a good find for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Book haul from second visitย 

Now the only problem is… when will I start to read all of them? Hahahaha :)))
Do you read books? What’s your recent book purchase?


40 thoughts on “May Book Haul”

  1. Di twitter kan banyak tuh Chris yg memfoto buku2 yg dibeli dari acara ini, trus aku jadi terinspirasi pengen beli juga. Akhirnya aku catetin buku2 yg bagus. Lumayan juga ya baca blog dan mantengin twitter jadi punya inspirasi buku2 bagus yg pengen dibeli haha. Buku yg barusan kudapat yg aku nitip Dita, 2 dari Eka Kurniawan dan 1 Parent’s Story Adhitya Mulya plus aku baru beli Online buku Anthony Bourdain yg A cook’s tour. Oh sama satu lagi, beli buku panduan ujian menyetir haha.

    1. Nahh itu aku lagi pengen baca bukunya Eka Kurniawan juga Den, di-review sama Andine di IG, jadi penasaran. Wiken kemarin ke Gunung Agung eh habis.. emang kayaknya harus habisin buku yg ada dulu baru beli buku lain hehehe. Ah, mau tes nyetir? semoga lancarrr!

  2. Ai….. Sama nih ceritanya kayak saya. Buku saya juga numpuk tapi bingung mau mbaca yang mana dulu.
    Klo saya nggak terlalu pilih2 mbak soal buku. Buku apa aja ya aaya lahap. Tapi cenderung suka buku2 luar daripada buku dalam negeri ha ha ha……

  3. Aku sempet dateng di hari minggu, udah sepi pengunjung pun bukunya makin sepi. Dan buku untuk kami hanya 2, sisanya buku untuk Kara.
    Tadinya nyari calvin and hobbes tapi kayaknya terlalu ngayal, tapi akhirnya dapet Mutts Comics sama komik superhero kece buat Nuwis.

    Ahhh, semoga secepatnya ada lagi bazaar buku macam begini yaaa

    1. Jangan sering2 tapi nanti aku bangkruut.. ini jatah buku setahun hampir setahun habisss blessss dalam 2x kunjungan hihihi. Tapi seru sih ya kita jadi bisa dapet buku bagus yang terjangkau ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hahaha, this event was pretty much the headline in SocMed recently ๐Ÿ˜› .

    Anyway, I don’t read books for pleasure anymore, sadly. I have used all my reading “quota” for work so in my free time, I prefer to do some other activities! Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. I think almost everybody I know went there too hahahaha.. Ya I understand your case.. I remember when I was still in school, also got tired from reading academic books so I did not feel like reading for pleasure :))))))

  5. Yes I do read books๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป just finished The Anti Cool Girl by Australian author Rosie Waterland, and now am reading Dee Lestari book, something with embun pagi, sorry I forget the right title. Disini aku sering beli buku di Elizabeth second hand book Ta, much cheaper and still in good condition. Happy reading!

    1. I googled Anti Cool Girl and the synopsis sound very interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ what do you think of it? asik dong ya ada toko buku second hand gitu, di Jakarta jarang.. kalo mau ya ke Senin/Kwitang tapi itu buku antik kayaknya hehehe. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. The Anti-Cool Girl is a true story of the author Ta. I like true story about upbringing and hers seemed so rough, drug addict parents, troubled childhood, and now she is quite famous author, her writing I found it very funny and quirky. I follow her IG too, and to see her mother there (still alive) is unbelievable considered how many times she tried to kill herself.
        Ah di Jkt blom ada second hand book shop yang oke gitu ya Ta? Maybe good for business opportunity hahahaa….

      2. Woww kedengerannya inspiring ya ceritanya… Blm ada toko buku begitu, ya palingan musti ke pasar kan hehehe itu sih bukunya banyak yg kuno dan udh gak in good condition, indeed a good business opportunity hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Busyeeet.. ampe 2x? Hahaha. aku malas banget ngantri bayarnya. Capeeek. I got 13 books from BBW though and registered as a member for ths esake of 20% more discount next year hahaha.

    1. Hahaha kebayang sih kalau punya anak pasti bangkrutnya lebih parah dehh.. menggoda sekali buku2 nya yaa ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha kamu nonton serial yg tentara itu juga ya?

  7. Oh I love Us! Seru, lucu dan mengharukan. Dan playlist David Nicholls di spotify kece bgt sih *tetep sales spotify tak berbayar*

    Aku lagi baca 1Q84 nih, so untuk kira2 dua bulan ga akan ada buku baru. 900 halaman cyiin… *elap peluh*

    1. Asikk, aku udah niat baca itu pertama kali. ohh si 1Q84 tadinya sempet mau beli tp mundur teratur inget dirumah aja banyak buku yg belum selesai dibaca hehehe

      Akuuu udah follow si doi, sukakk playlist nya ๐Ÿ˜€ taunya gara2 waktu itu kamu post kan, berhasil juga kamu jadi sales Dit hahaha :p

      1. #lanjutkan!! aku merasa kemampuan baca akhir2 berkurang nihh sebel kebanyakan baca twitter dan artikel buzzfeed hahahaha musti step up my game *pasang iket kepala*

  8. Aku jauh2 ke dari bengkulu ke bbw, ekspektasinya memang banyak buku bahasa inggris, tapi ga ketemu section IT atau Health yg keren bukunya. Novelnya banyak tapi aku ga ngerti sama sekali, mungkin karena aku anak daerah yg d daerahnya ga ada tokbuk yg jual buku non terjemahan. Tapi pokoknya aku senang banget bisa dapat how to train your dragon seri terakhir.

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