3 Cities I Would Love to Revisit

Previously I have talked about 3 cities that I don’t think I want to revisit. Now this time I’m  going to share to you 3 cities that I would love to revisit and the reasons why.

  1. Taipei
  2. Bangkok
  3. San Francisco

Are you surprised that no UK cities made it on the list? Hahaha. Well, it’s because at this point in life – where I really really really miss the UK – I would never say no to a chance to go back to any cities in the UK! Yes, I miss it that much :’)

Okay, so let’s explain the cities on the list one by one.


I visited Taipei in 2014 on a solo backpacking trip. I did not have much information about Taipei before going, the decision to go there was simply made because I found a cheap airline ticket and I thought the food would be delicious!

Long story short, I went. Although it was a solo trip and spent most of my time alone, I have some Taiwanese friends who lived in the city and I got to spend some time with them as well. Meeting them was certainly one of the highlights of my trip.

Other highlights include the delicious food, interesting people I saw, and also the fact that you can easily hike in the middle of the city! how cool is that?

But, what I love most about Taipei is that the city has a perfect mix between modernisation and heritage. Even though I’m not normally a history aficionado, during my trip I visited historical spots such as Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall and the old town district – Tamsui, which I happened to really love. It was interesting because I got to learn new things during my visit 🙂

Me in Taipei


Remember my trip to Ho Chi Minh City? well, during the same trip I also had the chance to visit Bangkok. In contrary to what I feel about Ho Chi Minh City, I love Bangkok and would love to go there again!

Pouring some blessed water in Bangkok (I forgot the name of this temple hehehe)

I spent 2 nights in Bangkok with my Thai friends from university, it was indeed a fun girls trip :). During that 2 nights, the 4 of them took me around town and despite the short time, the managed to take me different parts of the city.

I visited the temples, ate delicious Thai food, rode a water taxi, went to a shopping mall, and last but not least….. had Thai massage – the best massage ever!!! 😀

Overall, I think Bangkok is indeed similar to Jakarta. The humidity, the atmosphere, and all that. But, I do believe Bangkok has a lot of interesting spots that I have yet to see, that’s why I really want to go back again if I had the chance. I need to explore more and see more parts of the city.

San Francisco

When I was in elementary school, my dad had to undergo a heart surgery in Monterey, a city near San Francisco. Me and my family spent around 3 weeks in the area – from his surgery preparation until his recovery, and we visited San Francisco quite often during that time.

I never came back until 3 years ago, during my trip to the US. I went there with R on a day trip, we took the midnight bus from Los Angeles – arrived in SF very early in the next morning, spent the day there and left for LA just before midnight.

It’s a very short trip, I knowwww! But we still managed to visit the basic tourist spots – Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf.. all by walking (well.. except for the ride back from Pier 39 to Union Square where we took the cable car hehe).

In Pier 39

You see, that’s what I love about SF. The city (well at least the downtown) is very walkable! I know I haven’t explored much so I think I should visit SF again whenever I’m back in the US. I heard the city has a good coffee scene.. I’m curious! 🙂

So, those are the cities that I would love to revisit. Have you been to any of those cities, what do you think about them? Also, what cities are included in your list?

24 thoughts on “3 Cities I Would Love to Revisit”

  1. Aku ingiiinn banget suatu saat bisa mengunjungi Taipei. Sederhana, karena pernah dapat beasiswa kesana, tapi aku mengundurkan diri. Kalau kota yang berkali2 ga bosen kukunjungi di Indonesia itu Jogjakarta, Manado dan Medan. Alasannya simpel, karena makanannya enak2 disana haha. Eh Surabaya juga tentunya, selalu bikin kangen. Kalau di LN, Perancis mungkin ya, makanannya enak2 dan desa2nya keren.

    1. Semoga kesampean ke Taipei Den.. mungkin bisa mampir kalau kebetulan pas mau mudik hehehe searah kan ya? 😀
      Aku malah udah lama bangeet ngga ke Jogja, padahal deket ya dari Jakarta. Denger2 sekarang udah semakin bagus dan menarik, jadi pengen…

    1. Kayaknya pake deh, tapi kalau ada visa AS, UK, Australia atau Schengen (kalo ga salah) tidak perlu apply lagi tinggal isi visa exemption form gitu sebelum berangkat. Aku masih ada visa AS jadi waktu itu pakai cara itu pas kesana 🙂

  2. gua juga pengen bagnet balik ke bkk…. bkk itu sangat menyenangkan karena makanan enak2, bisa belanja2 pula… dan semuanya murah murah… hehehe

  3. So curious about Taipei! My sis went there last year and it looks really cool (plus secretly, my real reason is to try the bubble tea muahahah..they say it’s theeee best!).

    I didn’t really like Bangkok but loooove the food! I could probably eat and breathe mango sticky rice for the rest of my life lol

    1. Hahaha it was one of my reasons too! and trust me you won’t be disappointed with the bubble tea! 😉

      OMG mango sticky rice.. tell me about it! I’m drooling right now, Gy! :p

  4. Been to Taipei long time ago it’s ok not my cuppa tea. And believe it or not I’ve never been to Bkk, and for some reason Bkk is not really in my wish list, I still love to go to Bali rather than Bkk😛🙈 And would love to revisit SF again of course! Spent 2 years over there, never bored with the city👌🏻

    1. Wah, funny how my ex-boss is your opposite, he would always go to Bkk on a long weekend and very rarely go to Bali. hehehehe 😀

      I can’t waiiit to go to SF again, next time I’ll try to stay longer! ❤

  5. There are so many cities I would love to revisit hahaha.. But the top three are melbourne (love love love the food and the environment), vatican (cause the last time i didnt get to enter vatican museum 😦 ), and istanbul (didnt get the chance to see its beauty on a sunny day). I love taipei and bangkok too! They have two things in common that i really love: the food and mangoes! Hahaha.. Mango shaved ice for taipei and mango sticky rice for bangkok 😀 *drool*

    1. Melbourne!! I spent a month there for student exchange back in 2003 but I never come back.. just haven’t had the chance again. It’s my favorite Aussie city I think. Btw kita sama banget pecinta mangga jugaa… duhhh lagi nggak musim nih :p hahahaha

  6. There are many cities I’d really love to revisit, these are my top three at the moment: Yogyakarta (half of my roots is there) Berlin (laid back, underground & relax vibe) & Clermont-Ferrand (this city is so French in my memories).

    And I’d love to come back to BKK too, been there in the late 90es, I am genuinely curious how this city with a very long official name has become. One thing I am sure of: the food stays delish! 😀

    1. I want to visit Jogja soon, probably at the end of this year 🙂
      BKK, the last time I went there was very similar to Jakarta but cleaner and more organised hehehe. I was amazed at the BTS, comparable to Singapore’s MRT, something that Jakarta is yet to have…

  7. I looooveee Bangkok. Been there three times, and always a delight. Bangkok is very similar with Jakarta in many ways, except that they have BTS! I’ve been observing how Bangkok have been developed in course of ten years.
    Never been to SF, but I think once I set my feet I wouldn’t want to leave.

    How about for the next post, 3 cities I wouldn’t mind to move in to?

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