3 Cities I Don’t Mind to Move In to

The idea to write about this came from a comment by Dita in my previous “3 Cities” series. Well actually no.. it’s not a series in this blog, but I just happen to wrote about  3 cities that I don’t want to revisit and also  3 cities that I would love to revisit. Do have a read if you haven’t! 😉

Okay so now let’s talk about 3 cities that I don’t mind moving in to. If I could choose to live anywhere in this world.. my top 3 have to be :

  1. London
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Shanghai



Ah, need I say more? I know it is expensive and I know it is crazy hectic but I used to imagine myself as a Londoner when I lived two hours away, in Bournemouth. Hahaha the two are very different; London is busy with its hustle and bustle, while Bournemouth is a lot more laid back. I loved living in Bournemouth, but coming from Jakarta where it’s pretty busy as well, I could not help to imagine how living in London would be.

Perhaps I’d get lost in tube stations. I’d have to walk fast from station to stations, while not forgetting to grab a cuppa from a local coffee shop.Perhaps I’d enjoy having Sunday roast in a local pub. And when the weather is nice and warm, perhaps I’d do what the other Londoners do – soak myself up in the sun while eating a sandwich from Pret a Manger 😉

So because England in general has a very special place in my heart and I did not get to live in London previously, I would definitely say yes to a chance of moving to London. Who knows, maybe one day?

Los Angeles

Could this be my backyard one day? :p

In total, I have been to LA three times – once as a kid with my parents and twice by myself as an adult. I always loved my experience, especially when I came back as an adult. Well, having been there after I lived in Bournemouth, I could not help to think that LA and its surroundings (Orange County to be exact) is very similar to Bournemouth in many ways.

Just think of the beaches, summer breeze, pier and ice cream stalls.. Both can easily be found in Bournemouth and also in LA. Plus, both cities are also very multicultural. Bournemouth with its university have welcomed international students from all over the world. And we all know what LA is like. It has Korean Town, China Town, Little Tokyo.. even Little Armenia! How cool is that?

Of course I know that traffic in LA can be horrible, but since I came from Jakarta I believe it will not be a problem for me. 😀 Well, it is also happen to be very convenient that my boyfriend – R lives just one hour away from Los Angeles. So if all goes well, I might be moving there in the foreseeable future, and I have no complaints at all 🙂


Image from: http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-guide/shanghai

Last on the list, Shanghai is another city which I don’t mind moving in to. Funny enough I haven’t actually been to Shanghai – my knowledge of the city is only based on what I read online, and particularly from a book called My Favorite Wife by Tony Parsons which I read long time ago.

In that book, Shanghai was described as a perfect mix of modernisation and cultural heritage. Though I don’t remember clearly about the plot of the book now, but still the idea of Shanghai still interests me.

Since we all know that China is booming, I guess it will be nice to actually live there for a year or two, to gain work experience and immerse in the culture. Perhaps I could learn Chinese a bit? Hehehe. Not sure if I can make this a reality but I think I won’t mind moving there. P.S: It has Disneyland now!! 😀

There you go, top 3 cities that I don’t mind moving in to. What do you think about those cities? Just for fun, what cities are there on your list?

43 thoughts on “3 Cities I Don’t Mind to Move In to”

  1. Sayang blom berkesempatan ke London pdhl dari jaman kuliah diajakin temen karena mrk kuliah situ , pas LA juga ada oom yang mau menikah tapi terpaksa gak bisa datang karena lagi2 alasan yg sama kuliah hahaha…masalahnya kalau bolos ketinggalannya setahun hu hu….skrg blom ada lagi kesempatan kesana 😦

    Kalau Shanghai udah pernah (mentang2 deket) hahaha, emang bagus banget karena perpaduan budaya Barat dan Timur, senenglah lihatnya apalagi pas naik Shanghai Bund cantik kotanya! Pengen sih suatu saat kesana lagi kalau ada kesempatan 🙂

    1. Semoga nanti ada kesempatan kamu ke London/LA dan aku ke Shanghai yah hehehe 🙂 iya kebayangnya Shanghai tuh cantik perpaduan barat timur dan modern tradisional hehe.. Penasaran akunya

  2. Kl ada kesempetan sihh #1 on the list pgn banget tinggal di Melbourne hahaha.. *tetep* duh waktu itu sebulan setengah disana aja rasanya betah banget ga mau pulang.. #2 will be Kobe karena kotanya ga crowded n kota banget kaya Osaka, lebi kerasa “relaxing” tp ada pusat perbelanjaan dan mall juga *ini penting*, masih daerah kansai juga jd utk jalan2 ke kota tetangga masi deket n affordable.. #3 would be Singapore! Yah walopun panas tp kotanya teratur, transportasi juga gampang, makanannya enak2 dan yg plg penting deket sama Indonesia plus ada pswt direct ke bandung haha.. Kl mau plg bs tgl pulang 😀

    1. Ahhh aku jg suka Melbourne Phi, waktu itu ngapain disana? Aku juga sebulan, pertukaran pelajar gitu. Enak yaa kotanya 🙂

      Eh iya bener Singapore jg lumayan, nomer 4 deh di list aku hahaha.. Deket Indo soalnya tp banyak taman kota dan bisa jalan2 😉

  3. Me too!! I love London!! My favorite European city!! Hahaha 😀 . Belum pernah ke LA atau Shanghai jadi masih nggak tahu dengan dua kota ini 😛 .

  4. I can imagine the busy city life from all of the three cities! I imagine myself to live in a more laid back city, somewhere in Hokkaido or a small city in Iceland (without the cold if I may) 😀

      1. Iya Mbak Eva. Suka tinggalnya emang di daerah yang sepi-sepii. Hihihi. Rasanya ayem gitu hidup. 😀

    1. Hahaha kata org2 big city girl nihh.. Kebiasaan di Jakarta soalnya :p wuihhh Iceland juga asik bgtt yah. Atau negara2 Skandinavia lain deh, kayaknya tenang dan kualitas hidupnya bagus hehe

  5. Semuanya kota besar ya 😄 aku lebih suka kota kecil kayak kota pelajar gitu jadi kalau bisa gak tinggal di kota besar bgt. Cuman gak tau deh hahaa, belon bayangin 😄

  6. Sama kayak Noni, utk tinggal/live in aku lbh prefer small city, mungkin krn uda emak2 gini ya😛 Ldn is ok for holidays, or kl msh single or no kids. I can’t stand the crowd every where, dan birokrasinya. Lived in UK for 4 yrs got me enough of British rules etc😜 Same as LA, too city like for my taste. Shanghai, never been there so can’t say.
    I woud like to live in: Oslo or Bergen, and somewhere in France in the countryside. And if I was single, NYC is my choice👌🏻

    1. Ahh Scandinavian countries sounds nice ya Ri 🙂 NYC is on my list too, nomor kesekian.. Top 10 deh hehehe. Tapi karena aku blm pernah visit jadi kepengen visit dulu, hopefully sooonn bisa visit 🙂

  7. Londooooon! 😀 😀
    Dan aku belom pernah ke tiga kota itu. Jadi cukup membayangkan dari deskripsi Christa aja dulu. 🙂
    Tapi kalo London begitu, ujung2nya memilih tinggal di Bournemouth deh. 🙂

      1. Nah itu dia, bagus malah, macam2 Depok atau Bekasi ke Jakarta? Ah Bekasi jauh banget yah gosipnya. 😀 😀

  8. I have a friend who is originally from Los Angeles. She said she loathed the city LOL I guess to each their own. Not that I ever say I despise Jakarta, but maybe I wouldn’t want to go back living there either with all the traffic jam, pollution and the likes, but the food, oh the food!

    1. Lol perhaps she’s from downtown? I wouldnt wanna live there cause it’s too busy, hopefully I can live somewhere near the beach hehe. Ah well, pinggiran LA juga gapapa (tiba2 keinget biaya rent hahahaha)

    1. Hahahaha iya nih kaget sendiri ternyata pilihannya kota besar semua yaaa :p btw katanya NZ sih buka kesempatan imigrasi siih hahahahaha *kompor yah aku* :)))))

    1. Hahahaha iya nih baru sadar Feee kota besar semua :p kayaknya desa2 di Eropa cantik ya pasti alamnya kayak tempat yg kamu foto2 lavender itu.. Huaaa 😍😍😍

  9. I was live in LA for couple months before moving to OC which is totally fine since I just came from Jakarta. As you mentioned, it couldn’t get any worse. But for me once I moved to OC, I don’t wanna go back to LA anymore hehe.

      1. OC is more preferable to raise family and it’s near to Newport beach! But LA definitely has more options for jobs so it really depends. Good luck for everything!

  10. Belum pernah ke 3 kota diatas.. tapi kalau disuruh milih, mungkin bakal milih ke LA. Kalau aku sendiri, belakangan lebih memilih di tempat yang gak terlalu ramai. Pusing sama riwehnya Jakarta, walaupun pas lebaran kemarin, seneng bangett jalanan lancar, haha..

  11. Ga sangka, Christa mau tinggal di Shanghai 😀

    Aku mau tinggal di NZ atau SF satu lagi di Finlandia atau Oslo,Norwegia si 😀

    1. SF yukk jadi deket! *apeu* hahahaha tapi skandinavia juga menariikkk. Iya Shanghai sih lebih ke sotoy tingkat tinggi, bisa bahasa Cina aja nggak hehehe tapi kayaknya seruu 😀

  12. Aahhh belum pernah ke tiga2nyaaa … Dulu ke Cina pun bukan ke Shanghai, tp ke Guangzhou ama Guilin.
    Tp emang pengen ke Eropa aja ah, siapa tau ada kesempatan ke Jerman atau Inggris huehe … 😀

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