Found it!

That sunny Saturday, my mum took me on a fabric hunting trip. We went to a local market, straight to their textile section – where you could find alleys full of textile shops.

The market was busy, I was fasting and already tired from the traffic that we faced coming to the market. I did not have high hopes in finding anything, I was in no rush of finding anything, so I was not fully excited.

We went to the first shop, and while I have no textile knowledge, mum seems to know best. I’ve told her the ideas that I got, and she could translate it to a certain type of fabric. She was busy talking to the shopkeeper about it, while I was just browsing around, looking for the color. 

No luck on shop number one.

On to shop number two, three, and four… I was super tired already and still did not find anything.

I was ready to tell her “let’s go home and go back another day“. But she insisted to take a look to a couple more shops, because we’ve came a long way to be there.

Then, as I entered shop number five, I saw it.

The color. The pattern.

I walked closer to the stacks of textile to touch it, and that very moment I knew.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I have found the fabric for my engagement party kebaya :). 

51 thoughts on “Found it!”

  1. Hi Mba, salam kenal ya. Meluncur ke sini dari guest post di blog Mas Dani, hehe. Kadang gitu ya sesuatu yang kita inginkan muncul sendiri pas udah lelah *tsah :p

  2. Aduh merinding beneran bacanya, pas baca “I have found the fabric for my engagement party kebaya”.. Padahal udah tau masih merinding haha… Lancar2 ya Christa sampai hari H 🙂

  3. Kirain found it apa… rupanya. Semakin mendekati hari H ya Christa. 😀 Moga lancar ya.

    Baca komen di Psr Baru Bandung ya… agak pengalaman gak menyenangkan di sana. :d

  4. Yeayyyy.. Nemuin yg sesuai di hati itu mang rasanya gimanaa gitu.. Congrats yah Chris, lancar2 sampe hari H.. Oot, kl kopdaran, aku ngikutlahh haha.. Kmrn smpt ketemuan sama Jenita.. 😁😁

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