How Technology Saved The Day

Today’s R’s birthday and it is another birthday we spend apart. At first I wanted to postpone all celebration until he’s in town in the next couple of months (newsflash: he’s coming to Jakarta!! yay!!), but I still felt that I wanted to do something on the birthday. After having done some research, I found several present options and was able to send him something, right on time. Come to think of it again, technology has helped a lot in our long-distance relationship and I’ll share some of my findings/reviews in this post.

I still remember the first time I sent him something, back in 2012.Β I found a bakery in his city called Susie Cakes which can accept online order and does delivery. Perfect, isn’t it? All I did was just purchase the cake online using my Indonesian credit card and after all transaction was completed, the cake was delivered safely to his place the next day.

There was also another year when I went to Etsy to buy him a present. This platform is very useful if you want to send something personalised. It ships worldwide too and you can also filter sellers by store location and/or shipment capabilities.

Of course now that E-Commerce is a lot more advanced, a lot of online retailers can accept international credit card (including Indonesian ones), and can deliver the product you bought to a different location than your address. Some also offer gift boxes and/or special packaging. This year I bought R something from East Dane – an online retailer spesialised in Men’s fashion. It was the first time I bought something from them and I have to say that I’m very satisfied. I opted for a gift box with my purchase and the item arrived very nicely packaged, along with a birthday message too! They have free 3 day shipping and also free returns so it’s good, especially if you are in the US or want to send something to the US.

But the highlight of this year’s birthday is my discovery of a platform calledΒ DoorDash Food Delivery.To those of you in Indonesia, DoorDash is basically very similar with Go-Food, but you can also make your order via website in addition to their mobile app. Last night I chose to order via website and the process was so easy. I typed R’s address and stated when I wanted the food to be delivered on the top – right of the website’s homepage, and chose the kind of food that I wanted. Then they would suggest me a list of restaurants in that area that can cater my needs, so I can browse for the menu that I want. Simply put, the order was done only with few clicks and the food was delivered to his place in about an hour later. The birthday boy was so happy to receive a pizza package for his lunch today πŸ™‚

Pizza for the birthday boy

So that’s a glimpse of how technology saved the day today. The birthday boy was happy, I was satisfied because I felt like my mission was accomplished! πŸ˜€ How’s your recent experience with technology? Do share it in the comment box below.

Have a good weekend!

26 thoughts on “How Technology Saved The Day”

  1. Ahhh, so sweet, kmren-kmren mau coba juga berkirim birthday cake buat teman di Jakarta, tapi batal mulu. Btw, selamat ulang tahun, sehat selalu (buat si R). πŸ™‚

    1. Makasiiih πŸ™‚ Kalau mau kirim2 di Jkt sekarang enak udah ada YesBoss atau GoJek Yun, malah aku lebih rekomen YesBoss semua beres hehe tinggal transfer :p *bukan pesan berbayar*

  2. My recent experience with technology is just go-food ahah. It helps a lot when you’re too busy to cook, not just for the workers but for new mommy πŸ˜€

    it’s amazing how technology can do that and connect people in different location like that

  3. It makes everything easier. Lately I needed to buy something from the drugstore but because the drugstore here close at 5 or 6 PM (so stupid indeed), there was no way for me to go to one after work. So I bought it online and asked it to be delivered to a pick up point in a supermarket. It was very practical!

  4. I’ve had luck with getting pizza delivered long distance but it was a disaster the one time I tried to get chinese delivered. The chinese takeaway kept insisting I pick it up as their driver wasn’t in and I kept tryong to explain I was in another country :p

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