Vendor Drama

I’m not even planning for my wedding (yet), but I’ve already encountered vendor drama as I am now planning for my engagement party.

You see, because of various reasons me and R have decided to be engaged first this year and will plan on getting married later. By later I mean no date have been set, we decided to take it one step at a time.

So what will happen in September is an engagement party, started by a traditional Indonesian ceremony (yes we have a custom for this!), and for my non-Indonesian readers, this is where traditionally the boyfriend’s family will come to the girlfriend’s house to ask if they can have me to be engaged to the boy, and when the family said yes, she would be asked too if she agrees with their approval and basically agree to be engaged to the boy. Then his family (potentially mother/aunt) will give her a ring/jewelry to symbolize that they are engaged. Then the event will continue with lunch while the two families are getting to know each other better. In most cases, the two families will start to talk about the wedding but not in my case.

Then, after the traditional ceremony ended, me and R will invite our friends to just hang out and celebrate the fact that we are now engaged. Now for this part, I’m still considering whether I want to have a full-blown decorations like those covered in popular wedding sites, or just a low-key one. Most probably the latter hahahaha, you know me 😉

Not much is needed to be done in terms of preparation, really. I’ve booked the restaurant and just need to finalise the layout, food, etc. My cousin will help me in a simple decoration for the traditional event.I have found the fabric for my kebaya and have booked a tailor which conveniently happen to be my neighbor (score!), I have booked a photographer who happen to be my friend from the blogosphere and whose photographs I long admire (hello Dixie!), and I thought I have found a make up artist whose style I like too.

Because I don’t really like to create bad publicity and somehow can still tolerate, I won’t be telling you the name nor give link to her profile. But I do have a story to tell..

So there’s this make up artist who I found on instagram. I think her style suits mine – simple, natural, not heavy. I messaged her last month and asked for her pricelist. After receiving it, I think it matches my budget and after several considerations I messaged her again and told her I want to book her. She said she will still be available on my preferred day, so I asked her about her booking policies. She said I need to pay down payment 30%. At that point, she hasn’t given me any further instructions. She said she needed time to get confirmation from her hair-do artist.

Our messages were mostly short and she often replied more than 24 hours. Which was still ok to my standards. But around 2 weeks ago I asked again if she already sorted out her hair-do artist, she gave me a name, asked me for my address and schedule. I told her that I need her to be at my place early in the morning (I mentioned the specific time), because the event will start at 11 AM. Then there was nothing.

Because I started to feel worry, I wanted to do the down payment so I can feel more secured, I asked her again yesterday. Has there been a decision on the hair-do artist? Where can I transfer the down payment? and you know what…. she asked my schedule again! did she not take notes the first time? You know I wanted to pay the down payment but she never gave me her bank account…. what can I do?

I started to sense that something is not right. I’m not saying that she’s a scam but she definitely has poor management. I started to browse for a back up make up artist while waiting for her to reply… and when she finally replied this morning, she cancelled on me! Funny enough she said she has work outside of town that day, when a month ago she said her calendar is free. Really funny.

So yeah, it looks like I’m back to square one on finding a make up artist for my engagement party. It’s unfortunate because I really like her make up style, but I guess we’re not meant to be working with each other.

47 thoughts on “Vendor Drama”

  1. Waahh, aku kelewat cerita tunangan. Selamat Christa, semoga lancar pada saat hari H tunangan nanti. Berarti R akan datang dengan keluarga besar ya. Bisa membayangkan, pada saat adikku ada acara tunangan seperti ini. Pada saat aku, ga ada haha. Ah Dixie! Foto2nya kereenn! Semoga lancar semua ya Christa persiapannya.

    1. Amiiin, makasih Deny. Iyaa akhirnya R akan dateng, rombongan 😀

      Aku seneng bgt pas tau Dixie memutuskan untuk jd fotografer profesional krn emang udh suka foto2 nya, langsung deh booking 🙂

      1. Sudah disampaikan salamnyaa hihihi dia tau kok temen2 blog aku (alias aku suka ceritain dia mah ngangguk2 aja kalo lagi skype hahahaha). Sehat selalu yaa bumil! 🙂

  2. Hehe similar drama yg dialami esther akhir taun lalu buat kawinan Adiknya. Udh deal dan udh kasih DP lho eh malah di cancelled ama MUA nya. Si esther sampe kesel banget. Akhirnya DP dibalikin dan dikasih kompensasi sih dan untungnya dpt another MUA yg akhirnya si esther suka ama hasilnya.

  3. Oh what a shame 😦 I hate it when people have bad management especially when she has a business like that. Hope you find the right one soon Ta!

  4. Wuaaa Christa, ikut berbahagia dengar berita pertunangannya, semoga semuanya lancar dan menemukan make up artist yang bagus, sesuai karakter Christa, dan manajemen yg lebih baik.
    Happy for you both. 🙂

      1. Amen.
        hahahahahah, sama gak bisa tapi kalo nih yah kalo kepepet kata temen2 yang lain, tutorial di youtube banyak, walau kayanya kalo aku bisa salah tarik kalo semisalnya mau buat alis atau apa. kekekek

  5. haha aku ngerasain drama kyk gitu sebulan sebelum resepsi yang d jakarta ta. hair-do artistnya tiba2 ngebatalin, akhirnya mesti cari yang lain. malah pas tanggal resepsiku banyak banget yg nikahan. nasib!!

    1. Yaampunnn aku gak kebayang kalau ini kejadian di acara nikahan pasti aku bisa panik hehe.. kalau acara2 gini rada panikan soalnya :p tapi temenku bilang pasti bakal ada aja kejadian gini, kita musti sabar2 dan tetep chill ya sebagai bride, jangan sampai jadi bridezilla hehehe

  6. Unreliable bener ya Christ. Betul kamu bilang, ini mungkin poor management aja tapi bisa mempengaruhi bisnisnya dia. Ah, I hope you’d find a new MUA. Good luck with the preparations.

    1. Iya such a pity kalau ini kejadian terus menerus, padahal aku lihat dia ada potensi soalnya walaupun kayaknya belum banyak klien tapi rapih make upnya. Thank you Lorraine 🙂

  7. Waiiit, engagement party? Congrats!! I remember the craziness hahaa. Thankfully I knew the MUA personally, so it wasn’t a big deal, heard that she got super famous now though, her rates must be pretty high nowadays! lol

      1. Ah iya bener juga aku harus latihan nih kalau buat udh pindah kesana, mana bisaa sering2 ke salon di LA :p thanksss Deb 🙂

  8. Christa, thank you for the shoutout! Can’t wait to shoot your engagement party. Semoga persiapannya lancar yaa dan abis ini ga ada drama vendor lagi 🙂

  9. Apaaaaaahhh? Aku kok jadi ikut berbunga-bunga dengernyaaaaa, congratulations Ta! Yaiyyy!! Sabar-sabar yaaa, vendor2 gitu emang suka ajaib2, coba cari lagi pelan2 yg terpercaya, semoga lancar jayaa semuanyaaa :*

  10. Aku baru aja kena vendor drama juga. Tapi saking keselnya aku biarkan namanya keluar hahahahah 😦 smoga kita gak kena drama-drama lainnya yaah

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