The thing about Salon

You might have read this post about my recent experience when dealing with Make Up Artist for my engagement party. Long story short, I was disappointed with one when I wanted to book her. I ended up having had to find another one that suits my budget (note: it’s relatively easy to find a MUA in Jakarta if you have unlimited budget but that’s not the case for me…).

My friends (including Wien) have been really helpful, I received enough recommended profiles but after spending time to review them all… another friend came up with a great idea that best suits my conditions.

She told me that there’s a very recommended salon nearby the restaurant where I’ll be having the party, so a couple days ago I went and did a test. It turned out good, so I have decided that I will just go to a salon to do my make up and hair do for the engagement party. Ta-da! Problems solved, all settled now.

Funny how I spent so much time researching for a Make Up Artist and will end up getting my make up and hair done in a salon, hehehe. Less hassle, less expensive, and no booking drama because I can just simply book for the hairdresser in advance. Worst case is when my preferred hairdresser turns out to be unavailable that day, but I guess I’m ok with a replacement, really I don’t give that much of a fuss on make up anyway.

Speaking of which, do you go to salon often? I normally go at least once a month for a hair treatment/creambath, and if I’m really stressed or think that I look dull, I opt for extra service like manicure and pedicure. Well one of the perks of living in Indonesia is that going to salon is relatively cheap. I mean you can get the treatments I mentioned with less than $20, and I’m sure that’s not the case in most non-Asian countries.

I remember when I was in the UK, I did not go to salon at all. There was a salon near my house – a small one, yet the rate for a simple hair wash and blow dry was around £20. How could a broke  student like me afford to go? hahahaha. Really, the first thing I did in Jakarta after I settled back in was to get a proper haircut and a full-body massage!

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But yesterday I had a rather interesting conversation with my colleagues over lunch. We were talking about a newly opened salon next to the restaurant that we were in, and suddenly one of my colleague pointed out that she does not like to go to salon! Oh wow. I’m not a salon addict or anything but I did not think that anybody would pass on the opportunity to get a creambath? 😉

So, let me end this rather-random-post with a simple poll. Do you like to go to salon? If not, care to tell me why?

26 thoughts on “The thing about Salon”

  1. Sukaaa, perasaan enak dilayanin, nyaman dipijit dan pas keluar jadi wangi. Apalaagi kalo rambut aku mengembang sempurna, dan kaki bersih karena abis manicure 😻

  2. I dislike to go to a salon (especially in Indonesia) because I tend not to like the crowd 😀 I feel intimidated by beautiful girls in the salon. I know, I am so lame. Nevertheless, I like to get a haircut and I can splurge on this.
    In New York it is a little bit different. My current favorite hairdresser is a make-up artist of Jimmy Page and other rockers. A bit pricy but the haircut she gave me stays good up to 6 months 🙂 So I think my problem is solved.

    1. Woww your current hairdresser sounds very cool! 😀 It’s ok to splurge on a haircut especially when it stays good for 6 months.. not many hairdresser in Jakarta can do that I think, well maybe it’s just my hard-to-tame hair hahaha

  3. Ummm I go to the salon only when I have my sis and mum dragging me there hahaha. I don’t like other people touching my hair…I know I know I’m weird, but I’m very picky and often hates it when they pull my hair (I know they’re doing unintentionally), but I have a regular in Jogja who knows me and I love getting creambath every now and again – but still I prefer to do it myself or my mum does it for me 😛

  4. No, I don’t like going to the salon or being at the salon..😁 I enjoy having massage at home better.. I tried to be like most girls who normally enjoy that but still it’s just not my thing.. It’s boring to me.. But when I have to have a haircut, I drag myself going there anyway cause I know cutting your own hair is not the best idea either😄 except for the fringe..

    1. Ah even I can’t cut my fringe by myself.. hiks. I think I really need to learn, because here I can get it done by Rp.20.000, I’m sure that’s not the case in the US hahaha..

  5. Kalau ke salon ut potong 3 bulan sekali 😀 Maklum, defaultnya rambut pendek..wkwkw.. Jadi lumayan seneng2 aja nyalon. Ehh udah tunangan?? Banyakk selamatt yahh.. Ahh aku ketinggalan ceritanya 😀

  6. I like going to salon, but unfortunately up until now it still just a wish in my heart…Sometimes when there was nothing to do in the the weekend, I intend to go to the salon. But my intention was always defeated by my laziness 😀 #Lazyme:D Since two weeks ago, actually I want to go to the salon to cut my hair and doing massage…But up til now, I still don`t know when will it becomes reality 🙂

  7. Damn. I only go to a salon here to cut my hair. Even then I tried to find the least expensive one (but still with a hairdresser with good enough skill 😛 ). Even I always refuse to get my hair washed because that would add an extra €5, hahaha

    1. Oh wow €5 for just a hair wash seems a lot to me Ko! :p I think I would just wash my hair at home before going to the salon for a hair cut lolll

  8. Ah kak Christa, problem solved ya! Ikutan senang jadinya. Aku jarang ke salon soalnya kurang suka keramaian hahaha.. Biasanya hanya untuk potong rambut (yang biasanya berlanjut ke creambath juga). Kalau khusus massage aku langsung ke tempat massage haha..

    1. Iyaa makasih Wien udah membantuu hehehe.. ah sama sih aku juga sebenernya kalau massage lebih suka ke tempat massage.. apalagi refleksi, duh suka bangeet :p

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