Baby Shower

Last Wednesday my friends and I hosted a baby shower for my highschool friends. Yes, friends – there are three pregnant ladies in our group so we decided to host a communal baby shower.

Like most baby showers, there was a specific theme. This time it was “It’s Raining Babies!” and although we did not go too all-out on the decor, we managed to have a simple backdrop. Since I was in charge for decoration, I made a DIY raindrop-style backdrop from colorful origami papers glued to sewing thread. Then I bought cloud-printed balloons and organise them together in the wall.. like this.

It’s not the best backdrop, I should’ve used a thicker thread, but it serves its purpose that day, as a cute photo background :)))))

Rainbow rain backdrop by yours truly 🙂

Then there were games. My other two non-preggo friends were in charge for the games. Here are some games that we played.

Guess the Price
What we used: Baby items, phone
What we did: We gathered several baby items and asked the preggo ladies to guess the price. We had pampers, baby oil, baby wipes, and baby rash cream. Whoever had the best estimate wins and get 1 point. The one with most points in the end, wins the game.

Make The Baby
What we used: Play-doh
What we did: We asked the preggo ladies to make a baby out of play-doh in just 1 minute. Whoever can make it most similar to a real baby wins the game.

Colorful “babies” lollll

Baby’s First Picture
What we used: Pen + Paper
What we did: We asked the preggo ladies to put a piece of paper on their forehead and draw their baby’s first picture without looking at it, in just 1 minute. Whoever can draw it most similar to a real baby wins the game.

So those were the games we played that day. Since it’s not my first time organising a baby shower, we had done some games before but I personally think that those three are the most interesting and fun ones.

Oh, of course, we had some presents too. What’s a baby shower without one?


I had a great time! Here’s one group picture in front of the backdrop, posted earlier on my instagram (pssst: do follow if you haven’t! :p)

Yes I’m the only one single, so please don’t ask me “when are you getting married?” Hahahaha…

What’s your baby shower story? Did you had one or have you organise one? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

16 thoughts on “Baby Shower”

  1. Hua seru. Yang bagus dari kebiasaan baby shower di luar…yang hamil ditanyai dulu butuhnya apa. Dan kompakan dengan teman yg datang jadi belum pernah ada hadiah dobel-dobel (dibandingkan hadiah kelahiran bayi disini..hadiah tempat pup bisa dapat tiga!!). Bumilnya happy karena ga perlu repot belanja…

    1. Iyaa kemarin ini juga si bumil udah ada semacam registry list gitu jadi kita beli kadonya tinggal milih dari list, simpel dan praktis yah hehehe

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