Hong Kong Travel Diary (1)

We made it to Hong Kong!

After more than 6 months planning, I finally made it to Hong Kong. Unlike my past holidays for almost the past 10 years where I normally went with friends or by myself, this one was really special because I went with my family plus R too <3.

It started with a plan to take my mum and brother for a holiday. Then I decided to set Hong Kong as the destination because it’s not too far and (I thought) not too expensive, plus they have Disneyland which we haven’t been to.

Lucky the universe seemed to conspire and last March I scored promotion tickets from Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Yay! And then when R finally decided to come to Jakarta this September, he managed to find a multi-city ticket with a good deal so he could stop by Hong Kong before reaching Jakarta. All seemed good, I was happy that he got to join our family holiday.

Arriving in Hong Kong

So we left Jakarta to Hong Kong via Singapore on the 8th of September. Meanwhile, R left Los Angeles to Hong Kong. He arrived there earlier so he managed to check in to our hotel first, and later picked us up together with Indit, our friend who lives in HK at the airport when my family and I arrived. There was nothing much to do because we arrived quite late, so we only had dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant then went straight to the hotel.

Our Hotel

We stayed at Cue Hotel Hong Kong which is located in Wan Chai area. I am very much satisfied with the hotel because it is easily reached, only a few minutes walking distance from Wan Chai MTR station. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of the room before we occupied it, so I just going to share a picture of our room which I found on the internet.


Image from: http://www.tripadvisor.com


But trust me, our room exactly looked like that when we first opened the door. Nice, isn’t it?  The hotel was clean, staff was helpful, I loved the minimalist design and they also provide L’occitane toiletries in the dorm rooms (where R was staying). Can you imagine that? So fancy! One plus thing is that they provide family room for 3 adults which was perfect for me, my mum, and my brother. Very recommended hotel, I should say.

Day 1 – Friday 9th of September

On Friday we went to Disneyland!!! At first, I was so excited, I wanted to spend a full day there so I did not have other things to do in my itinerary. But then I realised that Disneyland Hong Kong, unlike the one in LA, opens rather late (to my standards) at 10:30 AM. So we started the day by having a cup of coffee to-go at Omotesando Koffee near our hotel. The latte was by far the best I’ve tasted! And I really love the fact that the barista asked me if I liked my latte to be nutty or fruity. No other baristas have asked me that kind of question before.


Best latte everrrr 😀



Then, we had breakfast at Australia Dairy Company near Jordan MTR station. Now this is funny. Unlike the name, the small restaurant has nothing to do with Australian food! Yet, it serves traditional Hong Kong style breakfast. It is much talked about by food and travel bloggers, so we decided to give it a try.

There was a queue of approximately 15 people when we got there, but the queue moved rather quickly. The restaurant is so small, so are their tables. We had to squeeze in a small table for 4. I pity my brother and R because they had to fit their long legs in such tiny table! The menu was all in Cantonese, but my initial research told me that the servers understand simple English and I also took note of the most commonly ordered menu: toast with egg and milk tea. And that’s what we ordered.

The food came out quickly but as we were eating, we realised that everybody in our surroundings ate so quickly as well! It seemed like they were rushing. The servers also moved at high speed compared to usual servers in other restaurants, and somehow it made me feel pressured to finish my meal quickly… hahaha. Overall, I loved my breakfast but I don’t think the place is that special for me to come back.

Afterwards, we went straight to Disneyland. We took the MTR and it took us around 45 minutes from Jordan MTR station to Sunny Bay station. I was excited all the way.. until we reached the destination and found out that it was raining heavily outside :(.


At least I found Churros!!! 


But the show must go on, we came prepared with our rain coats and decided to go through. There were not many people in the park as the rain kept falling. Some rides were closed as well, it was not the ideal Disneyland moment and to be honest I was disappointed… hahaha. I told R, if I were a child, I’d probably cry already :p.

After the rain has stopped

The rain finally stopped later in the afternoon so we had time to take pictures with some pretty lights, and because Disneyland Hong Kong is not that big, we finished exploring the park before sunset and then head back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped by a McDonalds which happened to be very interesting and had dinner there. I’ll share stories about this McDonalds in another post.

Futuristic McDonalds :p

Now I’m going to end this post here. I’ll be back with stories from day 2 and 3 in the upcoming posts. Until later! 🙂




24 thoughts on “Hong Kong Travel Diary (1)”

  1. Duh sayang banget ya pas ke disneyland pas lagi ujan, tapi gak apa yang penting dah have fun juga disna,hehe
    btw tempat sarapannya lumayang banyak yg ngantri, kalo aku dah gak jadi makan disana, masa mau makan aja mesti nunggu,hihihi

    1. Iyaa Adhya itu sedih siiihhh ujan deress hampir seharian penuh :(((( tapi tetep ujung2 nya dibawa happy, namanya juga lagi di Disneyland hehehe. Kita juga rada kaget pas liat antri, tapi berhubung udah jauh2 dateng jadi jalanin aja, itung2 nyobain hehe.. Btw kamu apa kabarnya? sehat selalu kan yaa Bumil.. belum sempet main ke blogmu niihh..

      1. bumil alhamdulillah baik,bentar lagi nih dah mau bongkar muatan,hehe mohon doanya ya Christa 😀
        btw selamat untuk pertunangannya, semoga langgeng selalu 😉

    1. Churros itu kayak donat sih adonan nya, rasanya manis pakai gula dan bubuk kayu manis. Kebetulan itu di Tomorrowland lagi tema Star Wars makanya dapet packaging begitu 🙂

  2. So unfortunate that it rained on the day you were in Disneyland 😦 .

    Nonetheless, Hong Kong sounds fun!! 🙂 I need to go back there some time, hahaha 😆

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun Christa! Too bad it was raining, I think I would be sulking if I were you lol. But Disneyland is the happiest place on earth right? So rain or shine it’s bound to cheer you up. I heard about this “Australia” breakfast place, it is quite popular amongst food bloggers, but seeing your review, there’s nothing I hate more than being rushed while eating ugh!

    1. It was not my best Disneyland moment to be honest but it was fun still 🙂 Yaa.. I know right.. being rushed while eating is not the best feeling in the world! But at least I gave it a try so I’m not curious anymore :))))))))

  4. Ta, nggak sabar nungguin cerita sampai engagement party nya hehehe

    Anyway, nyobain roller coaster indoor nya nggak? Gw lupa namanya apa, theme nya kayak spaceship gitu, nggak jauh dari areanya Toy’s Story. Eh masih ada nggak sih? Hehehe. Sama nyobain honey mustard popcorn nya nggak? Itu enak banget, dan kayaknya cuma ada satu spot di Disneyland HK 😀

    1. Hehehe sedang dicicil nih tulisannya Nad :p

      Nyobain dong.. Space Mountain kan? itu hal pertama yg kita coba, abis indoor.. yg lain ujan kan hahahaha. Seruuu sih ituu. Yaaahh Honey Mustard Popcorn nggak cobain 😦 makannya churros aja, males jajan2 pas ujan gitu.. hiksss

  5. Jadi ingat waktu ke Disney Sea Jepang , aku beneran nangis lho karena gak bisa foto sama Mickey Mouse 😦 Dan temen-temenku serta para petugas di sana cuma bisa terkejut dan terbengong bengong karena mereka bilang meskinya kita gak boleh nangis di sana karena Disney is the happiest place in the world katanya 🙂 Sebenarnya alasan aku nangis waktu itu simply cuma karena tiba tiba lagi homesick, dan pas tinggal beberapa orang lagi yang ngantri foto di depanku, si Mickeynya diganti dengan Minnie. Jadilah itu nangis sebagai pelampiasan homesick dan gagal foto…

  6. suka tiba2 sedih ya klo lagi di tempat yang dipengenin tapi ujan deres, atau kalau di kasusku kemaleman jadi gak keliatan pemandangannya, haha *sedih kok malah ketawa :D*

    wih, baca komennya adhya, selamat atas pertunangannya. semoga lancar terus sampai pelaminan ^^

  7. Christa, baca ini aku jadi beneran penasaran sama latte nya! I’ve written down the name on my must-visit list just in case I get the chance to go to Hong Kong one day 😀

  8. I am not into any amusement park, Christa, but Disneyland with heavy rain like,,,em,,yes disappointment. I feel the disappointment. Hug.

  9. Your HK Travel Diary sounds wonderful! My HK trip was just as magical and I can’t wait to go back 🙂 Now I have new places to go to added to my list thanks to this post…big thanks =D

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