Hong Kong Travel Diary (2)

This is part two of my Hong Kong Travel Diary series. Read part one here 

Day 2 – Saturday 10th September 

Our first agenda for that day was to meet my best friend Jinitya and her little family for brunch. As she was staying in Wan Chai area as well, we decided to meet around the area and found a place to eat. But first, coffee.

Today’s coffee was from The Cupping Room Wan Chai which conveniently located in between Cue Hotel and the hotel where Jinitya and her family were staying at. As usual I ordered latte, which was good, but unfortunately still failed to match Omotesando’s latte which I had the previous day.

Latte to-go!

After meeting Jinitya, we quickly agreed to eat in a small traditional restaurant which name remains a mystery until now because every signs were in Cantonese. The restaurant had a single page of English menu, which consisted mostly of noodles. They were so good, even my family and I came back the next day for lunch hahahaha.

We parted ways after brunch, and then my family and I went to Comix Home Base – an arts centre which is nestled in a restored heritage building. Being an aspiring comic artist, my brother found his playground there, but I also enjoyed browsing through the collection and also admiring the architecture. It’s a must visit if you are into arts and architecture.


Then without we realising it, it was past 12 and we felt hungry (again! :p). So we went to Hong Kong Islamic Centre to eat the famous Halal Dim Sum. It was indeed delicious!

Dimsum Galore!

We waited there for a while because it turned out to be raining quite heavily. Oh well, raincoat to the rescue!

OOTD :)))))

Our next destination was Tsim Tsa Tsui area. This time we took star ferry from Wan Chai station. I expected to see nice view, but since the rain has just stopped, it was cloudy and rather foggy… so there was not much to see.

Gloomy HK

We spent the afternoon around Tsim Tsa Tsui and Mongkok area, to explore the markets and shops (psssst.. ever heard of sneakers street? :D). It wasn’t the best decision because those areas were super crowded during that time. And I’m not joking. It was so crowded until I felt a bit dizzy and did not really got to enjoy my surroundings. Guess what, I even went out empty handed as I could not shop in such circumstances. Oh well, it’s good for my wallet anyway :p

Afterwards we went to Hong Kong observation wheel to get a glimpse of HK’s city lights. It was not too tall so it’s not scary at all, overall a nice touristy experience.

Hong Kong at night

Last but not least, we stopped by McDonalds NEXT just before heading back to the hotel. I’m going to write about this in a separate post because it’s just too awesome. Haha.

Until next posts! Hope your weekend is wonderful x


23 thoughts on “Hong Kong Travel Diary (2)”

  1. I had a little throwback here on your Tsim Tsa Tsui’s bound. Berhubung temen2 gw pada gila belanja, jadi pada ngeborong, bahkan ada yg dibentak penjualnya karena nawar terlalu sadis (yg di bagian pinggiran). Pas bagian sneakers nya gw udah seneng banget, tapi malah nggak beli. Pulang dari sana nyesel hahaha. Hong Kong nggak bikin gw pengen balik lagi banget sih, tapi kalo seneng being clueless on direction/lost in translation, kayaknya Hong Kong adalah salah satu tempat yang paling tepat 😆 Beruntung waktu itu ada temen yg jago bahasa Mandarin, jadi selamat di MRT dan jajanan yg halal hihihi.. Ditunggu cerita selanjutnya Ta.. Ini tetep loh gw nungguin cerita engagement party-nya, hopefully masuk web thebridedept hihihi 😀

    1. Sama Nad aku juga ngga jadi beli sepatu apa2… sekarang rada nyesel sih hahahaha :))))))) Dan sama banget, aku ngga terlalu pengen balik lagi karena ya gitu gak suka terlalu hectic, cepet, bikin pusing hahaha…

      Cerita engagementnya ditunggu yaaa masi mengumpulkan niat nulisnya.. hahaha.. jangan lah masuk bridedept.. malu akuuu :p

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