Not Your Ordinary Burger Place

A couple of months back, there’s a viral video floating around my Facebook timeline about a new concept of McDonalds, called McDonalds Next. Located in Hong Kong, it was said to be the first in the world, one of a kind.. and this is the kind of news that would excite my brother and I 😀

So it’s very much predictable that we put McDonalds Next in our itinerary. It is located in Admiralty MTR station, which is just 1 station away from Wan Chai – where we were staying. So, we went there for dinner on our second day.

I was in awe the moment I stepped in the restaurant. It is very much different than normal McDonalds we all know! Gone are the bright yellow and red colors, instead the restaurant was filled with industrial grey and posh red with just a little bit of yellow dash. It screams “future” just as I stepped in. So cool!

Fancy LCD Screen 
The Counter

On the left of the main entrance were some self-service monitors that we could use to order. It was fun to play around with – never thought I could be that excited to order something at McDonalds hahaha. The payment system was cashless and the food will be delivered to our table.

While waiting for our food, I had a look around the restaurant. First stop, the salad bar.

Salad Bar


And yes, the salad was actually fresh and delicious!

Next to the salad bar is the revamped Mc Café. You might be familiar with the concept Mc Café already but this one was different as it’s a lot cooler. They have artisanal coffee and a much more scrumptious-looking cakes and desserts. We decided to try the waffles which I think was good, definitely outshined normal fast food dessert. But hey, this McDonalds is no ordinary.

Mc Cafe
They Serve have house blend coffee!

As I walked to my table, I realised how cool the interior was. It looks like some hipster cafes and made me forgot that I was inside a McDonalds. Totally #instagrammable 😀

Dining Area
Dining Area
Dining Area
Charging Station

But wait, how’s the food?

You can order normal McDonalds menu here, and we all know how they taste like. Apart from the much-loved fries, we also ordered a DIY burger (or CYT/Create-Your-Taste, as they call it). Our burger of that night was Angus beef + mozzarella cheese + truffle sauce + mushroom on a brioche bun. I personally really like this option because I can play around and be creative with my burger. They have a reasonable amount of ingredients, sauces and vegetables so there’s room for creativity :D.

The burger was served on a wooden tray and was actually really good! It was way much better than normal McDonald’s burger!! Seriously.

The Burger

Overall, if I lived in Hong Kong I would surely make this joint a to-go place whenever I crave for a good burger. If you happen to visit Hong Kong soon, do include this in your itinerary and let me know what you think 🙂

31 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Burger Place”

  1. Kemarin yg di admiralty ya Chris.. Kalau deket rumahku ada mcd family concept store jadi dia serba snoopy gitu.. Sampe ke playgroundnya. Next time kalau ke sini main ke daerah rumahku Chris.. Hihihi

  2. Biarpun seru konsepnya kayaknya ga bakal mampir secara masih McDonald gitu loh hihihi

    Pas di Jepang beberapa kali liat orang bule masuk McD lalu kita ketawa2, buat aku masih mending beli onigiri atau bentobox di Family Mart

  3. Iya Ta, walopun udah keren tapi masih ada cap McDonalds kayaknya aku ragu-ragu. Cool new concept and branding, though.
    Tapi aku akan tetap nyambangin McDonalds Sarinah Thamrin, nostalgic and always an amusing crowd at 3 in the morning 😉

  4. Woaaah kok keren ya Chris! Gak kayak McD biasanya hehe. Dulu di Prancis McDnya bisa order via mesin gt lalu tinggal ambil tapiii gak sekeren iniii sampe tempatnya segala industrial kece gt! Jadi penasarannnn

    1. Aku juga awalnya penasaran pas liat beritanya Gy, oh iya di Perancis udah ada sejak lama ya.. kemarin ada yg bilang di Singapore, Australia udah ada juga order via mesinnya.. Indonesia nih kapan ;)))))

  5. :O The restaurant did not look like McDonald’s at all, lol 😆 .

    Some McDonald’s here already has the self-service machine though 😛 .

    1. Rightt.. it looked like some hipster restaurant hahaha.. oh cool, I personally like the idea of self-service machine.. no hassle and cashless! Hehe

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