Hong Kong Travel Diary (3)

This is part three of my Hong Kong Travel Diary series. Read part one here, and part two here

Day 3 – Sunday 11th September

We were so tired from the previous days, hence we decided to take the day easy. I know I was scheduled to meet Nisa – a fellow blogger, on the afternoon, but there was nothing else scheduled in particular that day.

My mum and brother decided to sleep longer, and while waiting for them to get ready me and R had a stroll around our hotel. Our morning walk led us to Marks and Spencer grocery store and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s not like I used to shop at M&S when I lived in England.. lol I couldn’t afford it :p but I was excited to find out that they sell crumpets :)))). I bought 2 packs to bring home and still have some pieces in my freezer now lol.

After they were ready we took the bus from the bus stop in front of our hotel to Repulse Bay. Lucky us, it was sunny! I did not swim, but at least I got to enjoy some breeze and pretty view.


Without us realising, it was time for lunch. R had an idea to go back to that “mysterious” restaurant in Wan Chai because he still could not get over the noodles. It seemed like he was not the only one, so we ended up going there again for lunch.

After lunch we took the Tram ride just for a sight seeing. Mum seemed to enjoy it a lot, we got to see other parts of Hong Kong that previously we did not get to see because we always took the MTR underground.


Then it’s time to meet Nisa in Mongkok area. While me and R  met Nisa, My mum and brother spent some time shopping, so it’s win – win for all! Hehehe.


I met Nisa with her adorable son – Bazyl. We had dessert in a cafe (forgot the name now hahaha), and had a good conversation until it’s time for us to part ways. Meeting her reminded me of why I love this blogging community, I love the fact that I got friends all over the world and so happy that we had a great time offline just like we were talking though our blogs online :D.

Afterwards R and I met my Mum and brother at Harbour City. We spent some time  doing window shopping while waiting for Symphony of Lights that was scheduled at 8 PM.


Then, before going back to the hotel, we had a nice dinner in Jamie’s Italian to celebrate a special kind of event. I’ll share the story in my next post 🙂

18 thoughts on “Hong Kong Travel Diary (3)”

  1. Aaaaakkk ada M&S!!!! Ada crumpet!!! 😀 Seneng banget ga sih kalau nemu hal2 UK pas travelling hahaha. Pingin nemu Quavers ama Prawn Cocktail & Salt & Vinegar Walkers euy, gak pernah kliatan hihihi ada gak ya di M&S HK :))

    1. Cuma kamuu ya Gy yang ikutan excited sama crumpets hahahaha… Eh kalau kamu lagi ke SG, di Cold Storage banyak barang jajanan UK lho.. sebenernya mahal sih jatohnya tapi gapapa lah sekali2 ya :)))) hihihi

      1. Iya Chrissss tauuu gw klo di Cold Storage bisa lamaaaa banget apalagi di bagian snacks tp mahalnya ituu. Masih nyari Jaffa Cakes nih, pernah liat gak di Asia? Huahahaha kita ini gabisa2 move on bgt dr UK :))))

  2. Aaaaak. Gue pengen banget ketemu Nisa pas di sini gabisa-bisa. Semoga bisa ketemu di sana ya.
    Penasaran sama crumpetsnya deh. Huehehehe.

  3. I am sooo curious to try out Jamie’s Italian in Asia, 😀 . In Europe, the control seems to be really good where the food quality between restaurants is pretty much the same 🙂 .

    M&S is indeed a nice (and posh) place to do grocery-shopping! 😀

    1. I’ve been to Jamie’s Italian in London and somehow I think the one in HK tasted better (????) maybe I was just very hungry Ko.. hahahaha. Yep M&S is posh indeed that’s why I could not afford to shop there as a student 😛 hahahaha…

  4. Kalok denger kata Hongkong aku langsung inget shopping sama Disneyland, Mbak. Wkwkwk. Eh jauh gak sik Disneyland entuh? :p

    Huaaaa.. Bisa ketemu sama Mbak Nisa yak. Kalian berdua ketjeh!

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