Dream Concert

This week I had the chance to watch Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids – a Netflix original movie on JT’s last show in Las Vegas during his recent world tour.

Boy… I went crazy watching it! I was in awe, I cried, and found myself dancing even though I only watched it through my 13″ laptop screen.

So obviously seeing Justin Timberlake live is one of the items on my “dream concert” list. I’ve been very fortunate that I can cross seeing Belle and Sebastian live (YAYYY!!).. but what else are there on my list? Here they are…

Of Monsters and Men

I think it will be awesome to see them at Β LA’s Greek Theatre… no?


Imagine seeing her live at Royal Albert Hall… Ohhh I got shivers!

Death Cab For Cutie

With this also comes The Postal Service – but I know my chances are gone because I was in the US too late when they had their 10th-anniversary concert back in 2013 ( I went there in September, their concert was in July. Hiks).

I guess that’s just the top 3 on my list. In reality, there are tons more (of course!), but the list can go on forever so I’ll just stop here. Oh wait let me add one more on this. I really wish that I can go to Glastonbury because I missed it when I was living in England. I’ve done Coachella so why not compare it with Glasto? πŸ˜€

So.. what’s on your dream concert list? let’s make it happen!

15 thoughts on “Dream Concert”

  1. Huu, aku pengen juga nonton Adele Chris. Kapan hari dia tur kan dan ada konser di Amsterdam, masa ya dalam waktu kurang dari semenit semenjak tiketnya dijual, tiketnya langsung sold out dong! Nyebelin banget! Ahahahah πŸ˜†

  2. Gw nonton Justin sebagai penonton yg ga nge fans2 bgt, giliran sampe disana dan liat performance dia, sialll nih orang keren abis ya Chi beneran emang, mau banget nonton lagi dan lagi πŸ™‚

    1. KOC dulu pernah ke Jakarta lho Nonn, aku sempet nonton. Kereeenn bgttt… ih kebayang ya KOC tapi nonton nya di Skandinavia.. *ngayal dulu bole kan* hehehehe

  3. Tetep Bon Jovi, pengen nonton Coldplay lagi di Belgia, tapi kok sayang uangnya haha! Pengen nonton Adele, juga Justin. Sama Backstreet boys haha kenangan masa muda. Itu dulu deh meskipun listnya masih panjang.

    1. Wah nonton BSB pasti seru bgt Den, kenangan masa muda banget tuh… bisa nyanyi sepuasnya dan joget2 hehe. Aku jadi inget 1 list aku, Spice Girls!! Duuh kapan ya mereka reuni hehehe

  4. Justin pasti keren banget chi..walau ga ngefans sih. My dream concert : The Cardigans, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, No Doubt/Gwen Stefanie and Dido. Dua pertama (The cardigans and Bon Jovi) udah terpenuhi….senangnya luar biyasakkkkkk… hehehe ampe norak banget2. Nah coldplay nih pengen banget sama dido n no doubt..kalau sampe terpenuhi semua gue mau sujud sukur dehπŸ˜‚

    1. Moga2 kesampean yaaa.. Coldplay kayaknya bisa laahh kan mereka masih sering nge-tour Jo, kali aja nanti ngejar Coldplay sambil mengunjungi adikmu hihihi amiiiinnnn

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