What’s Done Is Done

That day, I could not concentrate at work. I kept refreshing my google search app with the keyword “US 2016 Election Results”. My stomach felt funny whenever I saw the result that Donald Trump was leading. In between work and meetings, I somehow managed to refresh my app every once in a while. I exchanged messages with R. He started hopeful, but we both were deeply shocked when our google search showed “Donald Trump won the presidency”.

Believe it or not, tears were falling down my eyes. Lucky it was around lunchtime and I had lunch at my desk while everybody else on my team was out. So no one noticed.

Then I continued my day. When I woke up the next morning, I felt funny. Like waking up from a bad dream, really. “Did it happen?” I thought. Yes, it did. I talked to R and he too felt the same way when waking up the next morning. Something felt not right.

I was kind of confused. I mean I am not a citizen nor did I live there, so why the emotions?

I thought it was just because I was too overwhelmed with the news. Or maybe it was the hormones (lol), or maybe I was exaggerating.

It took me awhile to realise why.

I was sad and felt hollow because I found it hard to believe that someone with such character can be Mr. No.1 in the US.

Let’s not talk about politics here. But let’s just talk about character and personality. How can someone that says things uncensored, says mean things about other people, especially minorities and women (and I don’t want to even start with the actions that he’s done)… can be a president?

What kind of example are we setting the younger generation? That the bully can win? That you can say basically anything without thinking about other people’s feelings or how it may provokes bad actions? It makes me so, so, sad.

And as a young couple that are just planning to build a life together, at first me and R was nervous. We felt uncertain. But then R made a good point. He said what’s done is done. What we can do now is to accept democracy, keep an open mind (like Bernie Sanders said), and pray.

Let’s pray for a peaceful and united America. More importantly, let’s pray for a peaceful and safe world.

I know it does not sound too promising these days… but let’s not lose faith. Let’s love and let love wins! xx


20 thoughts on “What’s Done Is Done”

  1. That Wednesday was the gloomiest NY I’ve ever seen. Some people even compare it with 9/11.
    So much anger, frustration and fear was in the air.

    I’m not scared, but I’m hopeless and disgusted that kind of person will be a world leader.
    However, this shakes things at the bottom. So many comforting hugs from the community, and this point also shifted my point of view to fight for my value harder. It won’t be easy, but it will be wort fighting for 😉

    1. I can only imagine Dit. Huhu. It wasn’t easy in the west too kata si R.

      So true, let’s not lose hope to fight for our values. It’s going to be worth it! 💪🏼

      Semoga kamu terus baik2 aja disana. Hugs!

  2. I think most people did not get the message right. Get the fact straight and compare it with HRC. Americans have voted and the majority won. It is not about Trump personality. It is what the Americans feel what is right with the plan. Search for the concert for Democrat in Cleveland Ohio. Then you will see how HRC was all about and how people really feel about her. Everyone has their personal opinion and I respect that.

    1. I can’t say much about the plan, policy and all that, but to me, personality and character matters a lot especially for someone that will hold the highest office for the biggest nation in the world… hence my disappointment. But anyway I respect democracy, let’s see how his presidency will be and I’m wishing for the best.

      1. Yes democracy has spoken and hopefully the world honor that. Just because nobody caught HRC on tape, it doesn’t mean she is a saint. Both candidates are not the best thus I voted based on the plan.

  3. I feel you Chris, I was so shocked when the outcome was released. However, I do think this has something to do with which candidate resonates more with the “key” voters (the people who actually went to the voting booth and voted).

    One thing to remember, Hillary WON the majority of the votes (by 200K-ish), unlike what is stated in a comment above. Trump won by the electoral votes. That should tell us there are still a lot of people in America that didn’t choose Trump.

      1. A nice piece of article! I agree with him. By “to resonate” in my earlier comment, indeed I meant to resonate with what the people wanted (change, vision, etc) rather than the bigotry. The latter was my biggest no no of Trump; but if this can be put down in the future, as Bernie Sanders said, then this makes me feel much better.

  4. Read an article that Trump said stop to those who support him showing their support by discriminate other people. Well who knows in the future, maybe he’ll change because he can’t run the country when all ppl hate him. Personally, I dislike the guy and also shocked with the news

  5. Yea I was shocked too! This is people voting for a bully and the bully won…woah it was hard to take. But yes, what’s done is done. We have to accept, and pray for the best.

    1. I know.. crazy right! I can’t imagine if I had kids… this things kind of set a bad example for the younger generation to me… 😦 But anyway I’m going to keep an open mind and hope for the best now. After all this is democracy.

  6. Semoga baik2 saja ya Chris kedepannya. Ga ada kejadian yg bikin proses kepindahanmu sulit ataupun kehidupan di sana nantinya. Berpikir positif mudah2an nanti tetep akan baik2 saja.

    1. Amiin. Iya Den aku tetap berpikir positif. kecewanya udh harus berenti, terus2an juga ga bakal ngubah apa2 kan.. skrg gimana supaya maju terus kedepan 🙂

  7. Same here Chris, I was shocked too. The US election won’t directly affect me, but thinking how he could win and the people who support his ideas makes me feel squeamish, as it makes me feel that the world and the people are getting less kind every day. But maybe it’s more complex than that, with the election system and everything. Like you said, what’s done is done. Stay positive and hopeful, and good luck for your plans with R 🙂

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