I know my last posts were not the cheeriest, so for now I’m going to share a list of the things that I like. I’ve started to use the hashtag #ChristaLikes on Instagram a while ago and now it’s time to elaborate it further on this blog! Watch this space because there will be more of this kind of post in the future… πŸ™‚

Okay, here are the things that I currently like :

Aice Ice Cream

I found this ice cream brand by accident when my brother and I was attending a relative’s wedding. BeingΒ self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, we tried the brand because we never seen one before. I tried the chocolate flavor, he tried the strawberry one. Both were delicious! It tasted milky but not too much.

favorite flavor!!! (Image from aice.co.id)

I then decided to do some research.. and found out that this ice cream brand can be bought in local Carrefour (unsure if they have it in all branches or just some…), some Indomaret, and some warungs. I think you can also buy it online. Turns out they’re so cheap too, they are priced no more than Rp.5000. Win!

My new travel cup

Because I love to have good latte but I don’t have the luxury to spend much time in coffee shops, I tend to buy my coffee to-go and sometimes I found it hard to drink my coffee on the go (while driving, mostly) and not spill it. Blame the paper cup! :p

Then I accidentally found this cute travel cup in Aksara Pacific Place and it was love at first sight hehe.. I bought it right away. Now I bring it whenever I go and I can enjoy my latte more conveniently. (psst.. you can also buy it here)


Making Playlists

Well this is an old hobby because I used to be crazy about mixtapes/playlists but somehow I stopped making one. Huhu. I used to religiously spend hours crafting for “the perfect playlist” and there was even a period of time when I take requests and liked to make create one for my friends. Ah, good ol’ days πŸ™‚

I recently found out that you can create public playlists on Spotify.. (hello…. where have you been Christa?! :p) I know, I know!!! :p So I’ve started to create playlists again. Yay! I started by creating my engagement party playlist, and just finished to create a 90s love songsΒ playlist. Here here, have a listen, will you? πŸ™‚

And that’s all for the first episode of #ChristaLikes. I’ll be back with more! πŸ™‚ What are the things that you currently like nowadays?

34 thoughts on “#ChristaLikes”

  1. I sometimes contemplating to switch career to a spotify dj πŸ˜€ I love making playlist and mixtape so much.
    And if you want to step up your travel cup game: here is zojirushi travel mug. I bought one for my boyf because he likes his cold brew cold anytime, and boy the ice cube stays intact after 8 hours!

    1. Ditaaa, say no more! Itu travel mug pas aku klik ada yg warna coral pink, langsung minta beliin R buat kado hahahaha.. tinggal tunggu nyampe Indo gimana nih :))))))))))

  2. Aku juga baru tahu dari twitter lho Chris kalau bisa bikin list di spotify trus di setting public. Kalo masalah gini aku memang ketinggalan haha. Suami juga baru nulis ttg music di blog kami plus bonus video dia main piano haha. Dia lagi promo di blog aransemen2 ciptaannya yg ditaruh di Spotify. Hal yang lagi aku sukai : merawat wajah πŸ˜… seneng sekarang lihat wajah lebih bersih.

    1. Waahh seneng ya kalau liat wajah lebih bersih, segar gitu Den.. di share dong ritual merawat wajahnya hehe, apa udah jangan2? aku udah lamaa bgt gak BW huhuhu, abis ini mampir deh ke blogmu sekalian liat videonya πŸ™‚

  3. Nice playlist Chris, More than words 😍😍😍

    Aku lagi suka apa ya? Sekarang ini lagi rajin kumpul-kumpul ide untuk nyusun Christmas Menu.

  4. Ta, playlist nya bikin reminiscing jaman sekolah dulu hehehe.. Gw juga suka bikin mixtape, tapi pake iPod. Jadi kemana-mana bawa kabel AUX supaya bisa dicolok ke mobil siapa aja πŸ˜†

    Aice ini kayak eskrim jadul cap nyonya ya? Eh gw lupa namanya cap nyonya apa bukan, dan ada beberapa lagi merek eskrim yg ga begitu terkenal tapi sebenernya enyak πŸ˜›

    1. Gue lagi bikin yang 2000s nih Nad, jadi nagih kan bikin2 playlist lagi kayak jaman dulu hehehe..

      eskrim cap nyonya apa tuhh.. malah belum pernah denger, belinya dimana? tapi apapun tentang eskrim aku selalu semangat sih hehehe

  5. Aku tau Aice ini pas lagi liburan ke Yogya, Mbak. Pas pulang liburan eh ternyata warung di dekat rumah ada yang jual. Sampe aku cobain satu-satu rasanya.hahahahaha

    Truly Madly Deeply, More than words, ahhhhh sukakk.:)

  6. Hi mba Chris…aice ini bikin penasaran banget karena belum nemu2. Thks infonya nanti kapan2 hunting..Wah playlistnya romantis.

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