My December.. So Far.

Hello! πŸ™‚

Ah,it’s been a while since my last post, isn’t it?Β I wanted to post as usual but somehow never make it for various reasons.. either I was too tired to open my laptop after work, or too busy doing stuffs offline (excuses, excuses, hehehe).

Anyway so what have I been up to this month?

Last weekend, I went to Bandung with my family…Β 

To attend my cousin’s wedding. We went early Saturday morning and had a smooth 3 hours drive (which I believe was pretty normal), and arrived in Bandung just in time for the holy matrimony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I could see that my cousin was very happy, which warmed my heart and made me happy too.

We left the church slightly after the ceremony was over and made our way to Jl. Serayu to had a quick late lunch at Batagor+Cuanki Serayu. My oh my it was sooooo good! I’ve been craving for a good Batagor and this one did not disappoint at all!


And then there’s the reception. It was held in Bumi Bandhawa Hotel, a quaint hotel located rather up north of Bandung. The hotel was so pretty and it was perfect for a small, intimate garden wedding reception. We also stayed there for a night and got to spend time with family. Btw, this was the view from my room. So pretty,right?!

Bumi Bandhawa Hotel

I had numerous dentist visits…Β 

Ah, this was the not-so-happy part of December. So earlier this month before my trip to Bandung I had a toothache and went to the Dentist in a small clinic near my house. She checked my teeth and found nothing serious, so she suggested to get a panoramic x-ray to be able to see my whole mouth. That had to be done in a hospital. So I went to Hospital A, still nearby my house and got a panoramic x-ray. The result? I had 4 wisdom tooth that had to be removed because their positions were out of order. Since I was still experiencing pain, I was given antibiotics and was told to come back a week after to consult about the tooth removal.

The next week, I visited another dentist in Hospital B (I chose a different hospital to get second opinion). She said the same thing, that all four of my wisdom tooth must be removed. But here comes another problem.. the procedure won’t be covered in full by my insurance and it cost me the same as a 2x trip to the US! 😦

So… last Saturday I went to another dentist in Hospital C, a public hospital. I hoped that the cost would be cheaper in this hospital. When I met the dentist, she said that there was another way! She said that I don’t have to do a surgery to remove the 4 tooth, instead what she suggested is to remove the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth, to make room for the wisdom tooth to grow in the right position. Because she said that the wisdom tooth’ positions were so close to my nerves so it was risky. Ok, I thought that was a better option. Cost-wise it will be more affordable, risk-wise it will also be less risky. But… the problem did not stop there, because she said the hospital don’t have the proper equipment! ??!>!@!#@$@%~! Oh well… it looks like I have to visit another dentist, another hospital now. I think I will wait next early next year though, because for now I’m tired of seeing dentist and I don’t want to spend my Christmas and New Year’s break with swollen cheek :))))))

This long-weekend, I spent more time with family…

Though we are not traveling anywhere,spending time in Jakarta is not bad at all! On Saturday night we went to Grand Indonesia mall to have dinner and decided to park in Pullman Hotel to avoid traffic. We walked from the hotel to the mall and I could capture some interesting shots of Jakarta at night, like this one


On Sunday I met R’s family at Car Free Day and then had lunch with my grandmum in Bintaro area. Then after my grandmum left, my mum, my brother, and I had a reflexology massage and watched Headshot :D.

Well I must say that Headshot is ultimately not a family movie, I agree it’s an odd choice of movie to watch with your mum, haha. But there was no other choice and I was curious about the movie. Overall, the movie was interesting to watch if you’re into action and liked The Raid. As with any other action movie, ignore the storyline and just “enjoy” the action scenes.

Now today I’m going to meet with my friends to visit one of us who recently gave birth. Glad that I finally have a relaxed time to blog and finish a couple of drafts as well.. Yay!

I’m thankful for the short break and the chance to spend it with my loved ones.Excited for the rest of December! What are your plans for this holiday season? Hope this month will be lovely for yous xx

21 thoughts on “My December.. So Far.”

    1. Kemarin sih awalnya ke klinik gigi tapi alatnya ngga tersedia.. akhirnya nanti awal tahun mau ke ladokgi di benhil, moga2 beres disitu πŸ™‚ selamat liburan juga yah!

  1. ke dokter gigi itu emang bikin kantong bolong, tapi aku punya gigi yang rapuh bgt, dikit2 bolong ato tambelan copot atau harus perawatan syaraf atau yg terakhir, pasang crown, itu juga katanya aku dikasi harga yg paling murah, yg paling murah aja rasanya pengen miara nifler (karena miara tuyul udah ga jamannya lagi hehehe)

    1. Iyaa ya gigi tuh bikin kantong bolongg banget 😦 gigi aku juga lumayan masalah dari kecil, dulu bertahun2 udah pake kawat, kirain begitu gede udah beres.. ehhhh taunya :))))))

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