My 30th Birthday

I turned 30 last Sunday, and it was the best birthday I’ve had in several years! So, here’s the story…

For as long as I can remember, my birthday eve was always spent at my aunt’s house with my extended family (except the one year I spent in England), and this year was no different. When the clock stroke midnight, everybody wished each other Merry Christmas, and a happy birthday to me. We then sang happy birthday and I blew my candles. We ate some cake, spent some more time, until finally it was time to go home.

At home, before bed, my brother gave me a gift, along with a card from R. It was a cute card with a beautiful message, and little did I know it was a start of a series of surprises.

When I woke up the next morning, I facetimed with R until my mum and brother came knocking on my room’s door. They brought another surprise, and it was my favorite pie everrrr! So, because I think turning 30 is special, I asked for my brother to buy me a specific Strawberry Tarlettes from Le Gourmet bakery in Pondok Indah Mall. It used to be my favorite since I was in school, and I was devastated when I found out that they discontinued the Strawberry ones while keeping the Mix-Fruit one. I asked the bakery if they accept custom order – they did! There was a hiccup though, and I thought I could not have the Tarlettes…. so I was very much surprised when I received them. YAY! piesΒ for breakfast! :p

I had sometime to relax and munching the cakes, until it was time for lunch. My family had a tradition to spend Christmas lunch together with my dad’s side of the family to celebrate both my birthday and Christmas for my mum. We had lunch in a neighborhood restaurant in Bintaro – nothing fancy but had great food and cosy atmosphere. I received presents (something that I haven’t had in while), took lots of pictures, and cut another cake!

A happy 30-years-old!

After lunch my mum, brother, and cousin went to Pondok Indah Mall (a.k.a our second home, lol…) to watch Rogue One. I’m not a fan of the series so no comment from me, but before the movie, R’s cousins came over and brought me a cake from R! What a surprise! We sang happy birthday and I blew my candles… for the fourth time today πŸ™‚

As the day was about to end, we went home and again I was made surprised! Our security guard gave me a bouquet of roses that was delivered earlier today when we were not home. Guess who they were from? ❀

FullSizeRender 5.jpg
Roses ❀

It’s been a while since I received that amount of love and I am beyond blessed. Thank you R, my family and friends for all the love. Such a great start to my thirties πŸ™‚

I hope you had a nice Christmas/Holiday/Break with your loved ones and wishing you a super-duper-happy new year! Best wishes, dear friends xx

45 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday”

    1. Hahaha iya Puji… Tadinya mau dikasi nama Natalia sama suster tapi kayaknya mama-papaku mau yg rada internasional hahahaha :)))) itu sejarahnya :p thank youuu :*

  1. Lovely surprises!! Merry Christmas to mom, and happy belated dirty thirty for you, Ta! May the Force be with you — pulang nonton Rogue One, cuma ini aja yang ada di kepala hahaha. Semoga apa yang diinginkan dan dicita-citakan segera terkabul, amin πŸ™‚

  2. My wish for you is to be happy, enjoy life, follow God’s will in your life, and that you have continued success in all you do. God bless you and your family and friends! And met natal juga ya sayang πŸ™‚

  3. Happy belated birthday Christa! Sehat dan bahagia selalu. Usia 30an sangat menyenangkan. Selamat datang dan menikmati taman bermain yg sudah dipersiapkan di rentang usia 30😊

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