The first weekend in 2017

The first weekend of 2017 is a good one, I can say. Here’s how my weekend goes :


On Saturday I met my high school best-friends as they were on a playdate. Playdate here is a new term that I just got used to, which sort of shifted our regular weekend brunch sessions to a brunch with babies and toddlers involved. Being the only one single in the group, I have the privilege to call myself ‘the cool aunt’ and had a lot of fun being surrounded with their giggles.

I did not stay long though, because I had another event to attend;ย a baby shower for my friend from the UK. She was my almost-housemate in Bournemouth and I’m so excited for her as she is entering a new phase in life. Why almost-housemate, you may ask? It’s because she and I lived in the same road, with only 5 houses apart :D.

Anyway, after the baby shower I went for a reflexology massage in Kokuo Pondok Indah which I’d gladly recommend! I am a sucker for massage sessions so perhaps I’ll write a post on my favorite massage places soon?

Then, later that night I watched Arrival with my mum and brother. The sci-fi movie is much anticipated and highly talked about here in Jakarta, but I don’t find it that special. I mean, the movie might win an Oscar for best picture for its stellar cinematography, but storyline-wise not really my kind of movie. But, I can say, Interstellar fans must really love this one.


Today started with a brunch session with Dixie! Yay! Finally we met in person and not work related, hehe. Brunch with her was so much fun, and I realised that we have a lot of things in common! Fingers crossed for our plans this year and lets repeat the session in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

After brunch with Dixie I went to visit my friend who just gave birth in a hospital near my house. Then, I went back to Pondok Indah to do some quick errands. Sounds busy? Not really, because I was still home before 5 PM and managed to take a quick nap, freshen up, continue reading Desi Anwar’s Faces and Places, browsing for new music on Spotify, and finally had the urge to blog – hence this post. A good way to end my weekend, I shall say ๐Ÿ™‚

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I hope you had a great weekend and easy work week ahead. Cheers! x

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