15 fun facts about me

Hello friends!

So, Lorraine of Chez Lorraine Blog recently started to participate in a 15-day writing challenge. Ever since, my fellow blogger friends have joined her too. I somehow missed the initial post because I have not been as active in the blogosphere as I used to be, due to some on-going offline events in my life. Thus, I don’t think I will be able to participate in the full challenge, but surely I want to let you know 15 fun facts about me! Thanks Lorraine for the idea πŸ™‚


Not sure if I have written some parts of this somewhere in the blog.. but anyway, here goes!

  1. I don’t (and can’t) eat spicy food. Not even KFC’s spicy chicken. Just early this month I had a friend visiting me from Thailand and she asked me to take her buyingΒ sambal,Β in which I was zero of a help. I mean I drove her and took her to the supermarket, but when we faced an aisle full of different kinds ofΒ sambal, I could only tell her to choose based on the packaging.. ha ha
  2. I still sleep with a puppy soft toy that I call “Berandal”. I got him since I was 6 years old, in replacement of my old dog with the same name that ran away 😦
  3. I never had another pet since, even somehow as I got older I became awkward against pets especially dogs.. not sure why but that’s the case until now
  4. I don’t like to add sauces/dips to my food. Thus, I eat satay and siomay without the peanut sauce
  5. I used to be in my high school’s softball team
  6. I almost became an in-line skate athlete when I was in elementary school. My parents always took me to regular practices and all that, but I had an accident on my first race and I had to wear neck support for sometime which lead to the end of my in-line skate career πŸ˜€
  7. I wish I can sing. My mum’s side of the family is a group of musicians and music is a big part of our family gatherings. Too bad I did not inherit the talent
  8. If I could sing, I would certainly build a career as a singer. I could imagine myself going to auditions and rehearsals and releasing my own album!
  9. I am a sweet tooth πŸ™‚
  10. My favorite dessert is anything with Oreo / Cookies and Cream
  11. I love doing groceries shopping, I think it is therapeutic
  12. I prefer the beach than mountains
  13. I don’t like rain
  14. These days I tend to get short memory loss, ouch. Not sure if it’s because I have too many things going on in my life or there is something more serious. I hope it’s not the latter though
  15. I don’t like silence but I enjoy being alone in the crowd.. hence I love to travel solo as I will do by the end of this month πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “15 fun facts about me”

    1. Kayaknya sekarang kalau disuruh lagi udah jatoh juga deh Gy.. hahaha.. aku juga rada amazed dulu sempet bisa :))))))) sayangnya pake jatoh terus kapok, hilanglah kemampuannya hehe

  1. Hhm… it’s shorter than usual. But it’s nice to know.

    Btw, you don’t eat spicy food. As I know Indonesian is used to eating spicy food, specially Javanese.

    It sounds good to know that you enjoy being alone in the crowd..

  2. Christa, tosss yg bagian ga suka saus. Akupun kalau makan ga suka kalau ada saus2nya. Jadi kalau makan siomay seringnya ga pakai bumbu kacang. Kalau makan pecel, bumbu pecelnya aku pisah. Kecuali kalau beli ya pasrah disiram ke sayurannya. Apalagi kalau makan yg berkuah, wajib nasi dan kuahnya dipisah. Ga terbiasa makan nasi dan kuah jadi satu.

    1. OYAAAA seneng banget lho aku taunya. TOSSSS!! Hehehe selama ini selalu harus menghadapi orang2 yang bingung setiap aku makan ngga pake saus hehehe.. Apalagi kalau jajan somay, wah udah kenyang deh ditanyain “yakin ngga pake bumbu mbak?” sama abangnya :))))))

  3. Hahaha, I don’t like rain too. And I am not that attached to sauce also. If my food doesn’t come with any sauce, I would be totally okay with it, haha πŸ˜† . I can’t eat spicy food too, but KFC’s spicy chicken are still okay to me πŸ˜› .

    1. High five! πŸ˜€ Btw.. I just realised that I actually can handle the spicy-ness (is that even a word? hehe) of Indian curry! I just need to drink lots of Lassi afterwards haha.. but still I can’t tolerate Indonesian spicy :)))))

  4. I joined the challenge too but in my motherhood blog. such fun fact! I never knew there’s anyone who find grocery shopping theurapeutic. Usually it’s just shopping for clothes :)) Why don’t you use dips or sauces in your food? I used to not eat spicy food but I married someone who loves spicy food so it influenced me to love it too

    1. I just found out abot the blog Ndin πŸ™‚ Hehehe I don’t know why but I love walking through the aisles and scan through different types of brands and packagings..
      And for the food, I somehow think that if my food is meant to be eaten with sauce, it would have been cooked with the sauce, not adding the sauce after the “finished product”.. not sure if it makes sense at all but I’ve been like this my whole adult life hehehe
      I’m going to marry someone who love spicy food too, but since I have sensitive tummy I think I won’t be influenced as much πŸ˜‰

  5. Banyak yang ikut2 beginian nih yah, yang beredar dalam list bacaan blog lu ini ada 2 versi. Ada yang dari Mbak Yoyen sama 1 versi lagi semuaaaaaa orang nulis dengan judul yang sama hihihi…

      1. Nggak Ta hahaha soalnya udah terpampang semua di blog yg udah mau 9 tahun ini hihihi, kalau ditulis lagi kaya jadi rangkuman aja hahahaa

  6. For future reference boleh cobain @rajarawit (bukan endorse tapi enak menurutku) kalo yang botolan itu ada sambel terasi ABC kalo nggak salah (apa indofood ya?) itu enak juga.

    1. Wahh thanks Ngel, nanti kalo ada temen dari luar lagi aku bisa cek itu.. btw kita kemarin akhirnya beli sambel terasi ABC lho! Yay berarti enak beneran ya, aku tanya temenku dia bilang belum dicobain soalnya hehe

    1. Hahahaha aku udah biasa dapet komen begitu Tje, akupun gak tau kenapa awalnya bisa begitu.. tapi seumur2 ngga pernah suka makan pake saus πŸ˜€

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