My Shanghai Trip

So.. I am back from Shanghai! Actually, I have been back since Monday night but then I had an awful cold so I did not do much but rest.

My Shanghai trip was wonderful, I love the city and definitely will want to come back again whenever I got the chance.

Going to Shanghai has reminded me again of the reason why I love traveling – to experience different cultures and meet new people. This time I also learned another thing, that is to break stereotypes. I mean, I have never been to China before yet I’veΒ read and heard several negative articles about going there. Like, “be careful, the toilet is super gross“, or “people are rude“, “they don’t queue“, and many similar sentiments. After spending 5 days in Shanghai, I can say that most of those stereotypes are not true. Shanghai is a big city, so it is crowded (but somehow I feel it’s not as crowded as Hong Kong!), but it is relatively clean, and has excellent Metro system (excellent means it’s cheap, easy to navigate and clean).

Well I have to admit that there are some gross things I found on the streets but they are nothing I’ve never seen before.. for example smelly public toilets – it’s basically the same with public toilets in Jakarta’s traditional markets or even ITC (I’ve never dared myself to enter toilet in ITC here in Jakarta hehe), so I did not dare myself to enter Shanghai’s public toilet too. Instead, I always chose to enter the ones inside shopping malls which can easily be found, especially above Metro stations. No problem at all! Well there was a moment I had to run from The Bund to the nearest mall in East Nanjing Road because I wanted to pee.. hahaha but that’s just some things that makes my travel memorable :))))


Shanghai’s lights @the Bund


Anyway, I am going to share my daily travel stories in separate posts starting next week after I come back from Singapore. Yes, I am going to Singapore tomorrow for Coldplay concert! YAY! Stay tuned for more stories as I will be blogging more often in the near future πŸ™‚

Wishing you a good weekend, and if you are going to Singapore tomorrow for Coldplay concert too, come say hi if you see me! πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “My Shanghai Trip”

  1. Wow, it was a great experience, going to a city like Shanghai, wasn’t it?

    You want to go to Singapore tmorow again. I envy you Christa. You’re really a person of travelling.

    Eventhough it’s just reading, I’m gladly reading it.

  2. I have only had the chance to be at Shanghai Pudong Airport, but indeed my experience there was not anything like I imagined it would be. It was relatively efficient, and the officers were all very helpful!

  3. Read in one of Naked Traveler’s books that China’s toilet tidyness is very poor. Don’t know if it applies to all the toilets, how can everyone in China are like that…I find myself hard to believe that

    1. Well perhaps it’s in other cities? In Shanghai (at least the ones I’ve been), the toilets are decent, although I didn’t dare to go in public toilets and always the ones in the mall hehehe. Some were even cleaner than Jakarta’s toilets (in ITC or Blok M Square for example) because it’s dry while we have wet toilets here hehe

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