A Head Full of Dreams

Last week I went to Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Singapore Concert and it was awesome! Here’s my story…

Getting There

When Coldplay announced that they are coming to Singapore, (almost) everybody that I knew went crazy. It’s a shame that Indonesia did not make it to their Asia tour list, but Singapore is an easy option for us Indonesians. Concert tickets were not as expensive and there are many ways to get there.

Then there’s another problem. Obviously, tons of people were aiming for the tickets so it was sold out instantly. I didn’t manage to score myself a ticket at that time. Then they announced a second show. Still, I didn’t manage to get one too. However my friends did! And they were kind enough to sell it to me, so that’s how I solved my ticketing matters.

Now getting there. Because I got the tickets rather late than most people, airline ticket prices went crazy when I started to browse for flight tickets. Direct flights were instantly out of the option because the price went up to IDR 3 million when I searched for it. Crazy, right?! So I waited patiently, tried to look for other options (such as going to Palembang first and then Palembang – Singapore… lol), until I finally found the cheapest option that suits my schedule. Guess what, it also involves a full service carrier! YAY!

I finallyΒ flew to Kuala Lumpur, then KL – Singapore using Air Asia, and then Singapore – KL using Air Asia but then managed to score a promo ticket for my KL – Jakarta trip with KLM. It’s been a while since I last flew with the airline and I have to say that my experience was very much enjoyable! Well I was super tired anyway so it’s good to have comfort to end a weekend getaway πŸ™‚


The Concert

Coldplay concert is definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been in my life! It was not the first time I saw them live – I have also been to their Singapore concert for Viva La Vida tour back in 2009. To be honest that concert was more enjoyable for me because Viva La Vida was my favorite Coldplay album (not A Head Full of Dreams.. sorry!), but overall the concert was still entertaining and got me shivers (no, they did not play it… unfortunately). But anyway, they did play Clocks! YAYYY! This girl was happy πŸ™‚

The two hours set was purely entertaining, they were engaging with the audience and made us part of the show, plus the lights and sounds were incredible! I just wish that they would drop the EDM beats a little though.. and go back to their brit-rock roots like back in the days. It was a bit of a weird feeling, dancing to EDM beats in a Coldplay concert haha. Anyway, I still had lots of fun!

Coldplay Setlist National Stadium, Singapore, Singapore 2017, A Head Full of Dreams

A Day in Singapore

After the concert on Saturday, I still had one full day in Singapore to travel around. Although I went only with a friend – Agatha, there were some of our friends in Singapore too that day so we decided to meet up and roam the city together. We explored Haji Lane where our hostel was located, then had quick stop at Orchard Road to buy some snacks (Ben’s Cookies!!!), and then spent the afternoon at ArtScience Museum. We had dinner in Lau Pa Sat where I had a super delicious Chicken Wonton Noodle, and closed off the night by going to New Asia rooftop bar in Swissotel The Stamford.

City Lights from the 71th floor

Btw – I think ArtScience Museum is really cool, have you been? πŸ™‚


30 thoughts on “A Head Full of Dreams”

  1. Setelah konser beberapa hari masih terngiang2 kemeriahannya ya Chris. Waahh kamu sampai sudah nonton dua kali ya. Sahabatku yang nonton sampai nangis katanya. Rasanya ga percaya setelah berbelas tahun suka dengan Coldplay akhirnya bisa nonton konsernya. Dia yg “ngeracunin” aku awalnya suka sama Coldplay.

    1. Aku juga kedua kali masi nangis Den, apalagi pas lagu Yellow hahaha.. merindinggg bangettt entah kenapa dapet suasananya, padahal aku ngga ada “baper” sama lagu itu, tapi pas dibawain nangis aku hehehe..

  2. KLM’s fifth freedom route!! 😍 I am waiting for the trip report Chris! Ahahahah πŸ˜›

    Btw, yesterday I found cheap(-ish, IMO) business class ticket on their KUL-CGK route! Haha πŸ˜› .

    1. Ko aku baru ngeh pas kamu komen di IG, kalo ini fifth freedom ya! Hahaha coool… akhirnya ngerasain juga πŸ˜€
      Puas banget aku, kursinya berasa lega, pramugari nya cukup ramah (maklum kebiasa naik budget airlines yg pramugarinya sekedarnya aja hahaha), entertainment nya lumayan lah ada film2 baru, dapet snack vegetable pie yang menurut aku cukup enak juga.. seneng deh pokoknya! Oh ya satu lagi mereka punctual banget yah, dibilang berangkat 4:20 bener2 jam segitu udah take off lho.

      Wahhh jadi mau ke KL nih Ko? πŸ˜€

  3. Waaaa keren banget Chris! Adek gw juga dtg ke konser ini, dia dpt tiketnya juga via temennya yg beli duluan, katanya beruntung banget ditawarin hahahaa. Pingin liat konsernya Coldplay one day!!

    1. Wahh berarti sama dong kayak aku ya, belinya gak repot udah ditawarin temen πŸ™‚ hihihi. Moga2 kesampean Gy! Pasti bakal seneng banget deh πŸ™‚

  4. waw, pasti konsernya ruame dengan pengunngunjung, pesen tiket gimana kayak gitu, kalau udah kebanyakan pengunjungkan, bisa-bisa gak kebagaian tiket biasanya??….

  5. udah mabrur ya Chi hahaha aku pengen lagi nyari yg di Brussels summer ini tp keknya biarlah kenangan nonton COldplay di Melbourne jadi kenangan huahau bisaan:))

  6. Hiiii saya baper hahaha.. Mau beli tiket konser SGnya tapi habis, sekalinya ada yang jual kog ya mahal sekali, lihat harga flight juga mahal sekali, yang BKK dan Manila juga out of budget huhahaha.. Sedihlah hati ini hikssss..
    I think ArtScience Museum is really cool, have you been? –> Belum tapi mau kesana kalau ke SG lagi, sepertinya keren.

    1. Eh iyaa orang2 yang pada jual nggak sopan banget naikin harganya ya Wien, tiket pesawat juga gak sopan, aku sampe harus lewat KL dulu supaya lebih masuk akal. Moga2 kedepannya bisa kesampean nonton mereka yaaah… sekalian jalan2 tentunya πŸ™‚

      Iya, ArtScience Museum wajib banget kalo ke SG lagii, gak nyesel deh!

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