Arab Street, Singapore

Earlier this April I went to Singapore for Coldplay Concert. Though only a short stay, it was eventful as I stayed and spent most of my time in a new neighborhood – Arab Street.

My friend and I stayed in Five Stones Hostel which is located at 285 Beach Road. It was packed (probably because of the concert goers), however, my stay was still relatively comfortable. I liked the colorful yet clean interior, the staffs were friendly,  simple bread/cereal breakfast was provided and I could get a good night’s sleep after the concert. All good for me!

The hostel is located just in the corner of Arab Street and Haji Lane. Now my Indonesian readers might already familiar with Haji Lane because it has gained popularity nowadays as an instagrammable photo spot.

We went exploring the neighborhood the next morning before we checked out and spent a good time there. Too bad some of the small shops were closed – not sure if it’s always the case on Sundays or if it was too early and they were not open yet.

However, since it was still early, we could get the benefit of having the place (almost) to ourselves! I mean there were still some tourists (mostly Indonesians… haha), but it was not too packed. Judging by social media posts when I checked the geotag, I believe the area will be swarmed with tourists later in the day.

After our short walk around the neighborhood, we came across a small cafe called All Things Delicious.  The cafe looked cute from the outside so I walked in and asked if they served coffee. They did, and we were intrigued to see their selection of pastries and cakes so we decided to sit down for a while.

Sweets ❤

As usual, I had a cup of latte and decided to try their Sea Salt Brownie (pictured above in the middle). To my surprise, the brownie was really, really good it made me want to cry! Hahaha I might exaggerate a bit, but seriously it was one of the best brownies I’ve had in my lifetime. The texture was so smooth, it has just the right amount of sweetness, and the sea salt icing on top made it unique.

We also managed to chat with one of the owners who was very friendly and seemed very passionate about his little cafe. Too bad that we already had plans for a bigger meal that day so I did not get to try their food selection, but I will definitely be back to try more. It’s always nice to come into a small cafe with good food that gives you a warm feeling, which I believe is getting rare in Jakarta’s cafe scene.

And that concludes my short visit to Arab Street. Have you explored the neighborhood? What cafes/stores do you think is a must visit there?

41 thoughts on “Arab Street, Singapore”

    1. Aku gak sangka kalo lokasinya sangat strategis, kemaren booking disitu karena deket Stadium aja buat nonton coldplaynya. Jadi sekalian bisa jalan2 deh!

  1. Very interested in that brownie lol! I haven’t been back to Arab St in a long time, would love to go back there but perhaps in the morning when it’s not too crowded

    1. Perhaps you can ask your sister to bring home for you Gy, to kill off the curiosity lol lol .. yes I think it’s getting more and more popular esp for Indonesians so it’s better to come early in the morning 😀

  2. Oh, now I’m curious about the brownie! 🤤 I’ve never been to Singapore apart from the occasional airport transit when visiting Indonesia, but would love to 😀

    1. Hihihi sorry to make you drool! :p Perhaps you should spend 1-2 days transit next time and explore the city, it’s small but interesting 🙂

      1. Oh, don’t be! Yes, I’m considering the possibility now. Biasanya mau langsung cepet sampai Jakarta soalnya penerbangan yang >20h itu bener2 bikin capek…

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