Surprising Shanghai (part 1)

Although long overdue, this series will tell you about my recent trip to Shanghai and why I think my experience is surprisingly amazing! I came there with little expectation but left already wanting to come back πŸ™‚

After spending a day in Disneyland, I checked in Novotel Shanghai Clover, a hotel located nearby. I took advantage of a special rate that I got from and decided to stay a night there to rest and relax before I continued to explore Shanghai for the next couple of days. Guess what,Β I got an upgrade upon check in! YAYY!

The hotel was pretty, my room was awesome and I can tell you that I got the good night’s sleep that I needed. I would very much recommend this hotel if you are going to Disneyland Shanghai since they also provide free shuttle to Disneyland, the airport, and nearest metro station.

After checking out, I took the shuttle to the nearest metro – Jinke Road on Line 2 and went to my first destination of the day. Century Park.Β 

Century Park is the largest park in Shanghai, and they are not joking when they say large. The park is huge! I did not even get to circle the whole area when I was there.

Wait, did I say that the park is beautiful too? It was very much beyond my expectation! The area that I was in had a lake in it so I could relax on a bench and enjoyed the view while having my lunch. It was really a much-needed change from the usual workday lunch-at-my-desk situation!

After Century Park, I went to my hostel, checked in, dropped my big backpack and went to Shanghai IFC mall to see the Oriental Pearl Tower. Too bad it was raining, but luckily it was not as cold as my first day in Disneyland and I came prepared with a raincoat.

While I was there, I also paid a visit to the iconic Apple storeΒ and just contemplating whether to buy that new iPhone 7 Red or not… (nah.. I did not :P).

And then my day ended with a warm dinner in a restaurant nearby. I did not know the name, but it has a bilingual menu in front of it so I went inside.

Guess what did I have?Β 

No, as much as I want to live a healthy life, unfortunately, I did not order “Keeping in good health fungus mushroom” nor did I order “pig hand desktop” hahaha..

Instead, I had a seafood noodle and it was delicious! Not sure if it’s actually a Chinese dish, but I can say that dinner that night was a success πŸ™‚


Seafood noodle


So that concludes my second day in Shanghai. I’m going to stop this post right here and come back with more stories, soon! x

30 thoughts on “Surprising Shanghai (part 1)”

      1. Nggak mau trauma hahahahaha ke China. Soalnya gw paling ga bisa WC umum jorok pasti makanan langsung naik… so tht Chine trip was once in a lifetime hahahah. Walau majority bagus tp WC umum di China tetep ya… kmrn temenku pergi dia kirim2 Snapchat gue sampe eneg sendiri lol

      2. Hahahahaha … well iya sihh, kemaren aku selamat gara2 menghindari wc umum, cuma mau ke wc kalau di mall bagus, alhasil ada adegan lari2 3 blok ke mall terdekat pas pengen pipis, gara2 gak mau ke wc umum hahahaha… eh tapi wc nya disneyland bagus kok! *teteupp* πŸ˜›

      3. Hahahaha ngga bisa pokoknya kl jorok gw udh goodbye… soalnya gw pernah juga di China. Masuk WC… liat bom. Makananku keluar semua dr perut :/ gr2 eneg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      4. OMG… iya sih kemarin kayak uji nyali lewat depannya aja.. hahaha.. gak bakal mau masuk deh aku. Btw, penasaran, di Coachella gimanaa per-toilet-an menurut kamu? kamu car camping juga kan ya? nanti ceritain dong hehehe

      5. Di Coachella kan ada flushing toilet di dalem, jadi kalo mau no.2 tunggu sampe ksana hahahaha. Kl terpaksa mau pipis ya apa bole buat, ga us liat ke bawah walo uek uek juga sih hehehe

      6. Hahaha.. iya kalo bisa ditahan2 deh, aku tiap pagi naik shuttle ke supermarket terdekat terus no.2 disitu hahahaha.. tapi seru bgt yaaa coachellaa πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

    1. Hahaha translationnya lucu2 yaa.. tapi lumayan membantu sih at least aku tau itu pork jadi aku gak pesen, kalo liat gambar aja kan rancu soalnya :))))

  1. Omg pig hand desktop, lol πŸ˜† . I keep hearing nice stories about Shanghai, though; much more so than Beijing. So maybe I should consider visiting it the next time! πŸ˜€

  2. Pengen ke Pearl Towernya..
    btw, aku baru tahu no.2 itu dari pacarku, pertama kali sih bingung nih org ngomong apaaa gitu.. nah dia kira aku ngerti juga, padahal ga mudeng hahaha

    1. Aku malah gak naik ke Pearl Towenya lho! Hehe cuma foto2 doang :))) turis abis yak :p

      Hahaha iya itu no.2 istilahnya dari mana ya.. dipikir2 lucu juga :)))))

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