Bali with The Family

Last week I went to Bali with my family. By family, I mean not only my mum and brother, but also my cousins and aunt. In total, there were 3 families that went. My family, my cousin and his wife, my aunt, another cousin with his wife,Β and little daughter. We used to go on a family holiday at least once a year when our dads were still alive, back when we were kids. But as we grow up, we rarely go on a holiday together due to various reasons. So, this holiday was the first in many many years. We were so excited!

The two groups have arrived earlier, however my group only came late Thursday night. My cousins picked us up at the airport and took us to our Villa in Seminyak/Legian, near Sunset Road. After dropping my mum and brother, my cousins took me straight to La Favela for a night of dancing. It was super fun! I actually forgot when was the last time I had so much fun dancing. The crowd was nice, ambience was cool, and most importantly the DJ played songs from our “golden days” aka late 90s / early 2000s! πŸ˜€

On Friday, we went early in the morning to Canggu, where we stopped by for brunch at Finn’s Beach Club. If you are familiar with Bali, you would know that Finn’s Beach Club used to nest in Uluwatu area but now that same spot has been changed to Sunday’s Beach Club while Finn’s is now located in Canggu area.

I personally don’t really like Canggu Beach as it has black sands..Β To me the perfect beach must have white sands so I always go to Uluwatu area when I go to Bali. However, Finn’s Beach Club is a nice place. Staffs were nice, it has nice vibes, and most importantly there is no entrance fee to get into the premise. There is a minimum spend amount if you wish to sit in the day beds/lounge area, but don’t worry about it if you prefer to sit in the restaurant area.

After brunch and enjoying the breeze in Finn’s, we went for lunch. Our pick for lunch was an Indonesian traditional restaurant called Warung Dewanti in Kerobokan area. Our lunch was super delicious! This is the kind of place where you go to have delicious, fuss-freeΒ meal. Β No fancy place, no fancy menu, just good food!

After lunch, we went for a swim in Mrs. Sippy Pool Club in Seminyak.Β This place is a new addition to a list of hip places in Seminyak area. We love it! Again, there’s no entrance fee (you’d be surprised to know that there are a number of places that requires entrance fee in Bali!), and the rules are basically similar to those of Finn’s Beach Club. No minimum spend if you chose to sit in the restaurant area. Guess where we decided to sit? πŸ˜›

One notable thing from Mrs.Sippy is that they have a dive tower with three heights; 1m, 2m, and 5m. And… yours truly here managed to jump from 5m high! Wooot! If you look at the pictures, it actually does not look too high, but then everything changed when you are on top of the tower. Hahahaha. I even hesitated several times but managed to jump, and when I did, some people applauded me because they saw that this poor girl was going back and forth to the tower for about 30 minutes or so, contemplating whether to jump or not.. hahahaha πŸ˜›

We stayed there until almost sunset and decided to stop by at Warung Eropa on our way back to the villa. Warung Eropa is an older joint and famous for their crispy duck.. and after all these years, it still tasted delicious!

We did not do much on the next day, basically just chillin at the villa, buying some souvenirs and had lunch at Nook. This is another good place that I’d like to recommend. This restaurant is located in the middle of a rice field in Kerobokan area, serving Indonesian and European food. Food was good and the atmosphere was so relaxing!

We then went on a stroll around Seminyak area before my cousins left for Jakarta. Come to think of it again, this trip was mainly about food and spending quality time with the family. We did not do much except eating and talking… hahaha.

As my family was still staying until Sunday, I managed to go back to Canggu area at night to meet up with some friends. We had dinner in Cinta CafeΒ in Canggu. Food was okay, but it was fun to catch up with my friends and meet new people. From that dinner I learned that Seminyak can be described as “fancy” and Canggu is “hipster”. Haha. Did you know about this before? Well I didn’t! It was my first time exploring Canggu area and I’m rather surprised to see the development. I guess I’ll have to come back and explore more.

Last but not least, my family and I went back to Seminyak on Sunday to get some lunch. I decided to take them to a nice place as it was almost the end of our holiday. We went to Batik Restaurant in Seminyak. At first I thought that it’s just another instagram friendly place. We decided to get in still, because my mum was curious of one of the food listed on their menu. When we got in, the place was beyond my expectation. All staffs were super friendly, the food was surprisingly good and worth the price points. Plus, the restaurant’s really pretty!

So that’s how my holiday went. Good food and good company all around, yay! I have no more holiday plans coming in the near future so I was glad that the holiday went well. Oh well, I know that this one’s a long post. I just can’t help it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Bali with The Family”

  1. I love both Seminyak and Canggu. Also clubbing in Bali is super fun, I can go without dressing up and people are less judgemental πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly my thought Dit! Di Jakarta aku kuper, cape musti dandan dulu padahal cuma pengen joged sambil minum2 lucu (apasihhh), kalau di Bali bebasss.. ga ada yg peduli hehehe

  2. Canggu is the new Seminyak banget ya sekarang makinan, dulu suka males nginep disana karena sepi, sekarang mah hedon pisan ramenya πŸ™‚
    Ahhh Finn pindah toh, pantes bbrp kali lihat di IG kok agak beda ama yg di Uluwatu, disana ga ada sunset sih emang, mungkin pindah Canggu karena itu, kaliiii πŸ™‚

    1. Iyaa Finns nya pindah sekarang, ya pantainya bagusan di Uluwatu sih yaa, tapi suasana yg di Canggu boleh juga πŸ™‚ aku next ke Bali mau coba nginep Canggu ah, kemaren cuma sebentar explorenya.. kurang puas hehe

  3. Good and happy moments having the holiday with family, isn’t it?

    Oya, the restaurant looks unique. The things hung on the ceiling amazed me.

  4. Bali is always lovely ya Ta. La Favela is my fave place too to spend the night dancing snd drinking heheee love the atmosphere there. Oh ya, ada satu lagi ownernya samaan dgn Favela, namanya La Laguna, lebih keren lagi tempatnya.
    Yg nyebelin kl ke beach club itu emang entrance fee-nya ya. Kmarin ke Jungle Fish juga kena entrance fee.
    Mrs. Sippy looks nice, might chrck it out when I’m in Bali again. Thanks for sharing, Ta.

    1. Wahh kemarin kita sebenernya udah sampai La Laguna Ria, tapi ngga jadi masuk karena kita kesana sore2 mau liat sunset, ehh ada minimum spend 350k++ per person! Too much menurut kita, gak jadi masuk deh.. hehehe. Yes I love Mrs.Sippy, the new Potato Head kayaknya πŸ˜‰

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