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So I’ve recently reclaimed my old hobby, that is creating playlists. Music has always been a major part of my life, especially during my teenage/early adult days. Back then, I like to create playlists in the form of cassette mixtape for various occasions. I was fortunate to have a stereo system that comes with dual cassette deck, making it easy to record songs! I would religiously listen to radios almost every day and patiently waited for my favorite song to be played… and felt so annoyed when the announcer started to speak in the middle of a song, hahaha. #90sfirstworldproblem

Then came the age of CDs and digital music. I did not have proper internet connection back then so I had to spare my pocket money to order curated music CDs from my school friend. This friend lived in Central Jakarta so he had the best internet connection and accepted custom music CD orders πŸ˜€ What a way to earn extra pocket money for a high schooler, right?! πŸ˜€

Things started to get better for me over the years. My house finally got a decent internet connection, so discovering new music was no longer a problem. I also joined my university’s student radio as a music director, which I still considered as my best job to this date.

Sadly being a music director did not pay the bills… hahaha. So, I had to pursue other career and did not have the free time to create music playlists anymore. I still made some playlists on 8tracks a few years back but then the website is now no longer accessible in Indonesia. Although I’m now a regular user of Spotify, I didn’t really use it to make playlists… until recently.

Long story short, I started to make playlists more seriously again, ones with songs that I carefully curate. A couple weeks back I created a playlist called Sunday Night ChillΒ which basically consists of Β rather-mellow songs I like to play on easy Sunday nights. Here goes :

And just now I created another playlist, this one is a tribute to my early college days, when love was a big mystery and karaoke was the answer to a lot of my problems! :D. This one is calledΒ Cinta MeluluΒ and it has songs from Kahitna, Dewa 19 (before the drama),Β Dygta (where are they now?), and many more! It currently has about 30 songs but I’ll be adding more songs once in a while πŸ˜€

Since I pretty much enjoy doing this and I need something to excite me, I want to try making this a Sunday routine. I’ll create the playlist on Spotify and share it in a blog post, probably with some background stories of the songs. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! πŸ™‚

Enjoy the remaining of your weekend, til later! x

30 thoughts on “Sunday Playlist”

  1. Actually, I am not good at enjoying music. Only once in a while. But I agree that music is good for life. No music, no joy, I think.

    Thanks for the share about playlist, Christa. I will be waiting for your next post about this every Sunday then.

  2. Ya ampun Taaa itu lagu Indonesianya memory bener hahaha…ruang rindu kayanya dulu ada sinetronnya deh tapi lupa apa yah judulnya? Ada 2 lagunya Letto yg jd soundtrack sinetron hahaha…

    1. Iyaa seingetku juga Letto ada sinetron nya deh.. hahaha.. udah lama banget ya πŸ˜› kalo ada ide lagu lagi, tambahin doong… πŸ™‚

  3. Secara aku penggemarnya Kahitna, tanpa lihat foto di bawahnya, aku langsung mikir “Eh, emang ada lagu Kahitna yang judulnya Cinta Melulu?” Pas lihat fotonya, oh ternyata judul foldernya toh πŸ˜€

  4. Aaa aku lagi dengerin playlist Sunday Night Chill nih.
    Dulu waktu masih jaman kaset sering banget bikin mixtape buat pacar sambil sembunyi sembunyi dari mama. sekarang bikin playlist di spotify buat nemenin tidur πŸ˜€

  5. Waktu aku SMA, kerjaan aku adalah ngedownload lagu buat temen-temen yang bayar. Terus lagunya dimasukin ke USB, hehehe… Lumayan lho bisa nambah duit jajan waktu itu.

    Eh iya ya 8tracks ga bisa diakses di Indonesia lagi?

    1. Wahh kamu beruntung yaa Tal, aku dulu musti nyisihin uang jajan buat mesen lagu ke temen yg bisa ngedownloadin kayak kamu gitu :)))) tapi pas aku SMA masih jaman di CD hehehe.. terus ada yg kreatif, bisa di design-in juga cover CD nya, harganya nambah dong.. lolll

      Iyaa udah ngga bisa, di Belanda masih bisa?

      1. Wah dulu cover CDnya sama semua. Dulu aku masih populer pake CD sampe jaman SMP kelas 3. Pas SMA udah ganti ke flashdisk semua hehehe… (atau ke Handphone)

  6. Hihihi, I remember a friend of my mum who used to give me CDs with her favourite songs. I still have those CDs lol. Thanks for the playlists Chris, will listen to them πŸ˜€

  7. I love playlists too! I actually do a review of the music too at the end of each month, one of which is up on my blog, if you’d like to take a look!

  8. Hi there. I like your story. I’ll wait your another one. Come visit my story here Thanks btw!

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