Some Weekend Stories

I initially wanted to write this right after last weekend, so then I would title it “Last Weekend”.. but then I got caught up with work and without me realising another weekend is almost gone! Whew!

Anyway, I just want to share with you some stories of my weekend..

Amanda’s Wedding

Last Saturday night I went to Amanda&Keenan‘s wedding. So I know Amanda from the blogosphere, but recently we realised that she went to school with my brother! A funny thing is that we wanted to meet up several times but haven’t had the chance to make it happen, until she invited me and my brother to her wedding.

So on the day that I was about to meet Amanda for the first time, I was supposed to come with Jenita, but unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling well that day so she had to cancel. So it was just me and my brother. While we were queueing to greet the happy couple, I noticed a familiar face. It was Archie, my junior from high school. He too, have never met Amanda in person but have been in talks with her about Quran Indonesia Project. So we decided to queue together, and it was funny when we met the happy couple! It was like a short kopdar! We were excited to meet each other, and of course happy for Amanda&Keenan. Congratulations you guys!! ❤

FullSizeRender 19.jpg
Archie, Me, Amanda&Keenan (Not sure why my Brother is not in the picture!)

Fabric Hunting

Then on the following day, I went to buy some fabric for the big day with my mum. It was actually not our first round in finding the perfect fabric; we have been to Pasar Mayestik several times before only to come home empty handed. A friend of mine then told me to try going to Bintaro.

She said that there’s a decent textile shop in Bintaro, who knows we might find what we were looking for there. So we went. When I first got in, I did not have much expectation. I was then greeted by a young store assistant named Mala. I told her what I was looking for and she then took me and my mum to the second floor, where she showed us several types of fabrics.

Though it was not easy, long story short I found what I was looking for!! YAYYYY! I think it was perfect for my day, and I’m so happy that I’ve found it. And really, I have to give credits to Mala too because she’s super helpful, she could understand my needs well, she’s full of ideas, and she’s willing to go the extra miles (like making a mock up dress) to ensure that I pick what I really wanted.

So guys, if you are looking for fabric and you’re based in around South Tangerang / South Jakarta area, you might want to check out Pronto Moda Bintaro in Sektor 9. Hopefully Mala will be there to serve you as well 🙂

This Weekend

Contrary to last weekend, I did not do much this weekend. I started my Saturday with my usual group exercise routine (will write about this later!), went to a colleague’s wedding in Jakarta Cathedral, then basically spend the rest of Saturday binge watching some TV series… which I just finished a while ago before I start to write this post, haha.

Here are some TV series that I have been watching (and no, GoT is not included :D)…

The Mist
Based on a thriller book by Stephen King, The Mist tells a story about, well, a mysterious mist that suddenly appears in a small town. It’s not that great, nothing is really special about it, but I still decided to watch it until it’s finished anyway.

Room 104
It tells stories that happened in Room 104 of a small motel. Each episode tells a different story of the guests. I can’t say much about this series yet because I’ve only seen 3 episodes, but so far so good, and I’m looking forward to the next episodes!

Friends From College
A Netflix original series, Friends from College is a comedy/drama that tells the lives of a group of friends in their 40s. I love this series! It’s funny but it has some complicated twists here and there. There are 8 episodes in the first season and I just finished them all today.. hahaha.

You can read a synopsis about Stitchers here. I mean the storyline is interesting enough for me to keep watching it after three seasons.. but to be honest with you, Kyle Harris is the real reason I’m watching 😛

Oh, one more thing – I just bought Alanda Kariza’s latest novel called Sophismata. It’s been a while since I bought an Indonesian novel, so let’s see how it goes. I might do a review about it after I finished it!

Well, that from me. How’s your weekend?

32 thoughts on “Some Weekend Stories”

  1. I suddenly forget how my weekend was, lol. Mainly just stayed at home. Went out for having breakfast on Sat morning. Bought nasi bungkus (Nasi Krawu, to be exact– have u ever tried it?) and ate it at Danau Angsa Kampus C Unair (google it! 🙂 ).

  2. tunggu review-nya Christa aja sebelum beli Sophismata 😀
    waaaa dateng ke nikahan Manda yaaa, duhh serunya….aku mau bgt ktemuan sama kalian tapi kok susah banget ya hiks hiks

  3. Eh aku juga nonton The Mist.. yah nanggung sih mau brenti di tengah2, secara 2 episode lagi habis tuh season 1, haha.. Mau nonton room 104, tunggu banyakan dikit episodenya haha..

    1. Iya nih udah mau abis The Mist, sebenernya seru seru ngga seru ya The Mist hehehe. Banyak bosen nya di tengah2, tapi aku tonton terus juga 😛

  4. Weekend hampir selalu sama jadwalnya : olahraga, masak, beberes rumah, sepedahan lanjut jalan2 di hutan. Bedanya kemarin nonton pasar malam dekat rumah. Seruuu 😁 Seruuuu Christa berburu bahan kain buat nikahan. Aku dulu cuma berburu untuk kebaya akad saja. Tapi ya itu, sampai beberapa kali ga nemu yg pas sampai sudah mendekati harinya baru ada yg pas.

    1. Wah pasar malem, seruuu 🙂 Iya nih lagi sibuk mencari bahan bahan kain hehehe.. tapi alhamdulillah udah nemu semua sekarang tinggal proses jahit, yay!

  5. We (partner and I) started to watch GLOW (which is super awesome drama-comedy about women wrestlers with 80is setting) and fight zombies in Resident Evil (We just got PS4). And of course the next day I have to go to the beach (boyfie continued to fight zombie on his own). I just saw Room 104 poster on the subway and put it in my watchlist. I love Duplass brothers ever since Jay appearances in Transparent.

    1. Ah, heard about GLOW but haven’t got a chance to watch it, perhaps after I finished The Mist! Let me know what you think about Room 104 Dit 🙂

  6. I was busy with my best friend’s wedding. A friend of mine had an incident as well, her bag was taken away, so I spent Saturday night in Polsek. But anyway, it’s nice to be back home and having a warm weekend 🙂

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