Morningville Jakarta

Morningville is a new all day brunch place in Jalan Wijaya 1. Located under Conclave co-working space, Morningville offers comfort brunch food and a cosy-greenish atmosphere.

My friends and I were invited to their grand opening last week and got to try some of their food. Here’s what I think of them.

First, I had the Nori Fries which is basically french fries with a twist. I love the texture of the fries, and the seaweed taste makes it more unique. The dish is perfect for sharing! Well, you can also finish it yourself.. don’t worry I don’t judge 😛

Nori Fries

Then came the main dish. I ordered Chimichurri Wagyu Steak. Now this is not your ordinary steak. Not only the meat was so tender, the chimichurri sauce gives it a fresh taste, making it so rich with flavours. As a self-proclaimed meat eater, I think this steak was so yummmm!

Chimichurri Wagyu Steak

As dessert, my friends and I ordered their Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl. I was actually quite full already from my main course, but this dessert was too pretty to ignore! Unlike the name, the dish was served on a plate instead of a bowl, making it super instagrammable. I mean, look at the vibrant colors! So pretty you don’t want to eat it… right? 😛 But don’t worry, this dish is not only pretty but it’s delicious too.

FullSizeRender 20
Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Overall, I loved my visit to Morningville Jakarta. The place was comfortable (too bad I didn’t take pictures of the interior because it was rather crowded!), service was good, and the food was delicious. I’ll definitely be back. If only they are located closer to where I work though.. I think I’ll come more often then.

Morningville Jakarta
Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 5C, Dharmawangsa, Jakarta

12 thoughts on “Morningville Jakarta”

  1. Omg I am drooling over the steak! How was the chimichurri sauce Chris? As for me, so far I am having no luck in finding one that is as awesome as the one that I had in Madrid >.< . Maybe I need to travel all the way to Argentina to get the "best" one? Hmmm…

    1. The sauce was good! It gave a fresh feeling. Well maybe it wasn’t as good as the one you’ve had in Madrid.. hehehe, going to Argentina sounds like a great plan Ko! 😉

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