Jakarta Car Free Day

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and decided to go to Sudirman-SCBD area for a morning run. I arrived around 6ish and the weather was nice, it was cloudy with a light breeze.

I started my run from across FX mall. At that time, there were not that many people so I could still run comfortably. About half an hour later, I reached Sudirman station. That’s where I saw a swarm of people going towards Bundaran HI area. Uh-oh, what’s happening? I thought.


The crowd


I stopped running and started to walk. It was a good decision, because I started to feel tired anyway. Then I heard a noise and stopped my playlist. It looked like there was a mini stage with 3 instructors and people dancing in front of it. Without hesitation, I decided to join the crowd and danced to the last 2 songs. It was a pop-up public zumba/aerobic/dance class. So much fun! People from all ages were seen dancing enthusiastically, yours truly included πŸ™‚


Street Zumba Class


Then I continued my walk. To be very honest with you, I was quite overwhelmed beingΒ in the crowd, the feeling was indescribable! I felt a positive energy, everybody was doing their own thing but at the same time was united. I guess that was being a true Jakartan is about. We’re all different but in the end united by our love/hate relationship with this city.

After awhile, I decided to head back to FX area. Overall, I had a good 5K run this morning, plus some people watching and impromptu zumba haha. To close off this post, I’m going to share some pictures I took during my walk.

Have a good week ahead! x

13 thoughts on “Jakarta Car Free Day”

  1. Great experience. In delhi ( India ) similar activity is conducted on every Sunday with the name of “Rahagiri day”. No car is allowed and people do yoga, aerobics, biking & dance in group. It’s lot of fun 😊

  2. Wah aku gak pernah kepikiran ke CFD sendirian.. selama ini nunggu temen yang ujung2nya malah jarang banget pergi.. Seru juga yah, nanti deh kapan2 sendirian aja.. Plus itu yang tulisan ” waktu ketangkep banyak penyakitnya ” bener banget hahahahha

  3. Love the signs! Seru ya Chris keliatannya. Aku ga pernah loh nyobain car free day di Jakarta, soalnya lumayan jauh dari rumah jadi udah keburu males duluan. Pernahnya di Bandung krn pas banget depan kampus, seru! πŸ˜€

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