Justin Timberlake

I am a  big fan of Justin Timberlake. Not only because his looks and personality but I actually was a fan of NSYNC and have been following his solo career too.

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It has been 5 years since his last album so I was super excited when he announced his upcoming album – Man of the woods with a video :

Oh wow I was so excited not only because I’ve been waiting for his new music ( I mean Trolls soundtrack was alright, it’s catchy but that’s about it – we want more!!!), but the video looks so promising. If the title can’t really tell, in the teaser video he was seen outdoors, talking about how this album is inspired by his family and where he is from.

Well he’s from Tennessee so I expected there will be upbeat tunes, perhaps country/rock and roll beats, maybe some sounds inspired by the outdoors and wilderness – not the same autotune that is flowing around in today’s hit singles. It is also shown that he is working with Pharrell so again it gives me high expectations that the album will be different than other pop stars’ album these days.

Then the first single came out.

It is called “Filthy” – ladies and gentlemen. And I have so many problems with that! First, it’s not a first single that I would expect after knowing the album’s title and seeing the album video teaser. Second, the beats are monotonous and sounded too futuristic for an album that’s titled Man of The Woods, really.  Third, it’s not a club banger! Don’t you think it’ll be hard to top billboard chart with this song?

Not long after, another new single was released, called “Supplies”.

From the get-go, the song was okay to me but better than Filthy. However, this song still does not feel right to me. It has elements of trap music which kind of brings back the 90s/2000s vibe but I think it’s too Gucci Mane/Migos, if you know what I mean.

But … fast forward to 2:44 and you’ll find the beats that I have been expecting! Really, I think the bridge of this song deserves to be a separate stand-alone song! It sounds relevant, unique, yet still speaks his vibe, I wish the album will have more songs like this bridge.

Anyway, regardless of these two singles, I am still a fan and am still excited when I found out that he’s doing a concert in Los Angeles! Really wish I can score the tickets and go, since going to his concert is one of the items on my bucket list (have told you about this before!)

So.. fingers crossed that I’ll be able to go and finally make one of my dreams come true. Are you a fan of Justin Timberlake too? What do you think of his new singles?

24 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake”

  1. gua belum denger supplies. tapi gua juga kecewa banget ama filthy karena gua juga udah tunggu2 dan expect too much. gua juga suka ama JT dan suka ama nsync. makanya gua udah expect to high nih ama album dia yang baru soalnya album yang terakhir kan bagus2 tuh lagu2nya…

  2. Butuh waktu agak lama sih Ta, buat mencerna single barunya Justin yang ini. Nggak se-catchy album Justified atau 20/20 Experience sih kalo menurut gw. Tapi lama-lama enak juga kok wkwkwk. Been a fan since 2000, jaman Justin masih kriwil, jaman masih pacaran sama Britney hahaha 😛

    1. Haha iya jaman masih kriwil yaa.. :))) aku sih mikirnya lagu2 yg udah keluar kok lain banget dari premis “man of the woods” yaa.. tapi let’s see, siapa tau lagu lainnya lebih bisa kunikmatin 😀

  3. I used to really enjoy Justin Timberlake’s music, but I cannot find it in me to get on board with his new stuff, especially Filthy. It just seems like he’s doing way too much all at once, and trying to stay relevant with current trends, whereas I reckon if he sticks with his old style, that really shows how well he can actually sing, he’d find so much more success. Hopefully I can find some songs to enjoy when he releases the rest of the album xx

  4. I was a fan when he was in Nsync and his earlier music. This line I borrowed from my boyfriend: I think JT should stick to R&B ballads, R. Kelly style, instead of jumping to hip and dance music. And… I think he is a great actor!
    Haven’t checked his new music yet. I’m still in the Black Flag and Iggy Pop mood these days 😉

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