I went to Passion Pit concert

Earlier this month R surprised me by saying that he already bought us tickets to Passion Pit’s concert in The Observatory OC! The concert finally happened last night and here’s how it went…

As a venue, The Observatory OC is not that big, but I can tell that it has a great vibe since the minute I stepped my foot in. We arrived quite early, I guess I was too excited hehe. The show started at 8:30 PM with two opening acts. The first one was NEIL FRANCES, followed by courtship. Didn’t know about them before but both were good and their performances were able to start off the night right. There were not many concerts in Indonesia that started with opening acts, so it was a good experience.

Then it’s time for Passion Pit! YAY! The performance started with I’ll be alright from Gossamer, their second album. Then followed by more songs that I am familiar with..Β such as sleepyhead, moth’s wings, the reeling… and the concert went on with more songs, all familiar to me! So happy.


In the end, the band did not really play the songs from their new album, well at least that’s what I thought. Couldn’t recall any songs from “Tremendous Sea of Love” last night.Β Anyway… it was a really great concert, one that I’ll always remember. There was so much positive energy around!

Oh, and the best part – the band played Constant Conversation in the encore, which made me want to cry because it’s the very song I used to play when I was feeling mellow during my LDR period and to hear it live when we’re finally together was… unbelievable! ❀


Thank you Passion Pit, it was a great night!


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