Getting Busy in The Kitchen

Since I’m currently being a full-time housewife, I’d like to keep myself busy in the kitchen. Being in the early days of our marriage, our living premises is not yet ideal but we try to make do with what we have. Meaning, I can’t turn into Martha Stewart with her glossy state-of-the-art kitchen yet :P.

Back when I was still living in England, I cooked for survival and mostly for myself. After I got back to Jakarta, I rarely cooked because there’s my mum and Go-jek :))). At first I was confident that I can cook properly for R and I but little that I know, the process is not as smooth. I found myself confused many times and in result, created out of the ordinary dishes for both of us!

By out of the ordinary I mean dishes like…

Chicken, Tofu and Pok Coy Stir-Fry with Garlic Penne

unnamed (2)

Spinach and Carrot Clear Soup and Beef and Noodle Stir Fry

unnamed (1).jpg

Hahaha I’m sorry husband! :))))

I’m well aware that I need to learn how to do meal planning and how to strategise my groceries shopping better. At the moment my groceries shopping is still based on whatever I like or whatever that is on promotion haha. Hence, that “strange” meal combination like pictured above!

Apart from that… there are some dishes that I think I master quite well. R has agreed that I make killer pasta and my sausage+egg fried rice is becoming the comfort food for our little family 🙂 Nothing fancy, I know.. but hey, I’m learning as I go along!

So that’s the current update of Christa the housewife. I try to am enjoying my current role although I have to admit that I miss having a full-time job. Wow! didn’t see it coming, did you? 😉 I can’t remember how many times did I complain when I was still working but here I am… admitting that I miss working. Ah, life 🙂

31 thoughts on “Getting Busy in The Kitchen”

    1. Pasta nya ngikut resep chicken alfredo cuma dikira kira aja jumlahnya, kalo nasgor nya resepnya gimana yah haha asal taro nasi, kecap manis, telor dadar, sosis… di tumis bareng aja… aduh ketauan deh gak bakatnya hahaha… coba kalo udah jago nanti kutulis kapan2 Ji :))))))))))

      1. hihihi… Jangan lelah ya untuk masak, kadang masak itu – itu aja juga gapapa ko. 😀 Kalo udah bisa masak yang sulit, tetep akan rindu masak yang simpel 🙂

  1. I actually like doing some experimental things in the kitchen Chris, mixing this and that. Sometimes it doesn’t work (lol), but some other times it turns out okay! 😀 But too bad these days I don’t have enough time to experiment more…

    1. Udahh banget Den, aku masa sekarang lebih tertarik liat bagian dapur daripada baju hahaha… ngiler liat panci aja bisa 100 macem warna warni pula.. gemes kan 😛

  2. Enjoy being busy in the kitchen! lama2 jadi demen masak deh pasti apalagi kalo suami seneng dan muji masakan kita. Pasti tiap malem mikirnya besok masak apa ya hehe

    1. Iyaaa untung suami apresiatif hehehe dia terima aja dikasih pasta sama sayur bok choi juga dimakan lahap hihihi.. pdhl kan gak nyambung 😛 skarang udah mulai belajar planning masak nya lebih bener niiih… seru juga ya 😀

  3. Practice makes perfect, Ta. Aku duluuuu malah lebih parah. Ke supermarket ga tau mau beli apa😝 masak nasi (ga punya rice cooker) hrs nanya kakak ipar dulu yg orang Australia hahaaaa goblok banget kan!🙈

    1. Iyaa ya practice makes perfect hehehe.. kamu belajarnya lebih hebat dong Ri, jaman dulu pas pindah belum ada Youtube apa blog orang kan buat share resep, kalo aku sekarang cara potong mangga aja nonton Youtube dulu… hihihihi… lucu ya buat bahan ketawa diinget2 di hari nanti 😉

  4. For me it’s different when I used to live by my self and cook for only me or occasionally other people. It was more experimental and no pressure. It’s a bit different when you live together and cook for dinner on a daily basis, a lot of considerations since I have to make sure the other person will be able to enjoy the result meal. More pressure! 😀
    Hmm… Many times I wish I spend all day in the kitchen though 😀

    1. Rightt… cooking for more people require a lot of considerations! hehehe. Oooh that’s another area of improvement for me, If I cooked, I would spend hours in the kitchen although I know it shouldn’t be that long.. but I just still can’t do it efficiently 😛

  5. you’ve got to start somewhere! I can’t cook much when I got married but thanks to my love of food and curiosity, I got better 🙂 also never afraid to ask and browse online for recipes. in time, everything will be more smooth

  6. Glad you are enjoying your new role as a housewife. You are not alone, missing work but housewife is a lot of work too! Happy cooking.

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