First 100 days

Hey, it’s been over 100 days since I arrived here in the US. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you are having fun πŸ™‚

Not sure if anyone is really interested but here’s what have happened so far:

Becoming a Housewife

This actually caught me by surprise but I have to admit, I actually enjoy being a housewife! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen (way more than I used to before), and although I’m no Martha Stewart and I still make a lot of silly mistakes here and there… but I’m loving the process. It’s also relieving that R has been really supportive along the way, he never complains except if I didn’t make the bed before he comes home from work (We’ll get to this later… :p).

We don’t have a big living space at the moment, so doing house chores can sometimes be boring, I tend to do things way more slowly to kill time, but once I get bored, I always find a way to make myself busy doing other things, such as…

Exploring My New Neighborhood


I still can’t drive here, so I walk and take the bus everywhere when I’m not with R. Compared to where I have lived before (Jakarta and Bournemouth), Orange County (where I live at the moment) is sooo big! Because I live in the suburbs, public transportation is not as good as the one in bigger cities, and sometimes it can get frustrating as well. But at least the bus is comfortable enough and there are big sidewalks so you can actually walk safely.

I actually enjoy the walks that I’ve been doing and I also love the fact that there’s a big regional park nearby my house,Β I can’t wait to go there more often once the weather gets warmer.

Meeting New People

One of the joys of moving to a new place is meeting new people and making new friends. I have been taking work out classes twice a week and have been meeting new people from the class. I can’t say I’m friends with them yet but it’s just fun to meet new people and learning about their behaviour. I’m also have been learning about American culture more than the things I used to see in TV series πŸ˜€

There are some things that I still find amusing, like how well Americans can do small talk! I thought I consider myself an extrovert person but I now realize that I’m bad at doing small talks, especially with a stranger. I guess it’s because how I was brought up in Indonesia, how we didn’t really talk to strangers. Here, people do small talks all the time and to think of it again, doing small talks can be really handy in a professional setting where you meet new clients or in a networking event. Well, that’s another new thing!

Speaking of friends… I met some fellow bloggers offline. Last January I met with Zilko who was visiting LA, together with Arman and his family. Then I also had the chance to meet with Erina in Orange County, and just recently I met Sari when she was visiting Orange County too. So fun to be able to meet fellow bloggers! πŸ™‚

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Me and Sari

Life After Long Distance Relationship

Now that we have closed the distance, we are enjoying our time together as a couple. There are a lot of adjustments that we have to deal with, especially because this is actually the longest time we’ve ever been together in person since we first know each other. I have to accept that R is very particular about how he makes our bed, and R also have to accept the way I fold the laundry. It’s been interesting! πŸ˜›

But I have to say that we are adjusting well so far. There are hiccups here and there, us being newlyweds and all.. but there are far more wonderful memories that we are collecting together and I’m thankful to finally be at this stage after all the things that we’ve been through.

So, yeah, that’s how my first 100 days went. It’s interesting at some point, but there are also some very mundane days, really. I guess that’s how life is, can’t always be rainbows and butterflies, can it? πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “First 100 days”

  1. Selamat menjalani kehidupan pengantin baru ya christa. Kalo cegukan banyakin minum air putih aja 😁😁😁😁

  2. Seneng bacanya, Ta! Semoga makin banyak temen baru ya! Gw jadi kepikiran stereotip orang Amerika berisik tuh bener ga sih. Soalnya disini gampang banget nemuin orang Amerika di tengah keramaian, cari aja yang ngomongnya paling kenceng :p

    1. Makasih Tal! Hmmm bener gak ya berisik? πŸ˜› mungkin kalau diantara orang negara lain jadi berasa paling berisik sendiri kali ya, soalnya kalo disini gak berasa hahaha…

  3. Woohooo 100 days and more and more. Even aku yg married hampir 9 taon masih banyak blum iklas dengan cara masing2… Sepele kayak tutup pintu, matiin lampu dsb dsb… Hihihi enhoy chiii

  4. Wow, you’ve been through one hundreds days or more of marriage.
    It’s a story indeed. Wish you all the best with your life with your R, especially living in abroad.

  5. I love how you’re so positive about everything Christa! Wishing you many more wonderful memories ahead and hopefully you can drive soon and explore more πŸ˜€

  6. This reminds me of myself 4 years ago πŸ˜„ It’s exciting to stroll around and get to know the new area.. you’ll gonna find hidden gems along the way πŸ˜†

  7. So happy you are enjoying your time together as a couple after being in a long distance relationship before. Even though I just found out about your blog, I like reading your thoughts and experiences about your LDR and your new life with your husband! My boyfriend and I are in a LDR too, but we’re hoping to be together for good soon. πŸ™‚
    Love, Stefanie

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