The Library

Before I moved here, R told me that there’s a library nearby the house. Although he never been (He’s not much of a reader…), he said that the library seemed to be popular. After I moved, I didn’t visit the library until later, about two months ago. I made a library card (it’s free for residents!), and started to browse the collection.

Although the size of the library is not that big, the library has quite an impressive selection of books. I even found a newly printed book that I just bought in one of the shelves! The library reminds me of my Uni’s library back in Bournemouth, although in a smaller size. It has several reading areas which looks comfortable (I haven’t actually tried to sit down there.. it reminds me of my sleepless nights in the library when I was a student, LOL), and it also has several computers that can be used by its members. Plus, it has free Wi-Fi. What else can you ask from a library? ๐Ÿ™‚

What I like from the library system here is that although I go to my city’s library, I am actually a part of the greater Orange County Public Library system. This way, not only I can access all books in my city’s library, I can also access other cities’ books through their digital collection! So I can browse for any books that I want to read, and if it’s not available in my city’s library, I can request it from another branch and it can be transferred in a couple of days. So convenient!

As a member, I also can access the library’s digital collection which means I can opt to have a book sent to my e-book reader, or I can download an e-reader app in my phone and read the book from there. I haven’t tried this feature though, as I still prefer to read paper books than digital ones. But I’ll definitely use it if I wanted to travel.

Anyway… now that I’ve become a member, I’ve read a number of books. I’m happy that I can re-start my reading habit again because it was abandoned for quite awhile. I started another Goodreads Reading Challenge and for the first time since I had Goodreads, I think I’ll complete the challenge in no time! Well, It’s only June but I’ve read 10 out of 12 books that I targeted. Let me share the books I’ve read in a separate post ๐Ÿ™‚

What about you, are you a library member too? what is it like?

33 thoughts on “The Library”

  1. jelas dong!
    saya member perpustakaan Kemenkeu
    macem” sih bukunya
    semenjak ada e-perpus
    perpus sekarang jadi sepi euy

  2. Hahaha I am not a member of any library at the moment Chris. Though back when I was still at uni I was, but that sort of what came with uni life ๐Ÿ˜› .

  3. Sekarang ga jadi anggota perpustakaan lagi, dulu waktu sekolah bahasa itu pun krn dibayari sekolah, sejak si kembar lahir mereka bisa di daftar kan jadi anggota perpus gratis sampe umur 18 thn atau klo mereka msh sekolah. Aku lebih sering nganter mereka ke perpustakaan disana mereka bisa berlama lama, di perpustakaan pula aku lebih bisa kenal dgn banyak orang karena aku mengikuti conversations bhs Belanda dgn orang orang yg ingin mengasah kemampuan berbicara bhs Belanda. Kegiatan tersebut setiap hari senin dan rabu di perpustakaan pusat Rotterdam klo di perpustakaan dekat rumah setiap hari selasa

    1. Wah asik juga yaa bisa mengasah conversation bahasa Belanda di perpusnya. Sangat membantu ya! Kayaknya di perpus sini juga ada kegiatan2 gratis tapi aku belum cek, sementara ini masih menikmati koleksi bukunya aja ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Aku jadi anggota perpustakaan sejak awal pertama datang ke Belanda. Tujuannya supaya bisa pinjam buku2 pelajaran bahasa Belanda secara gratis. Tapi keanggotaannya bayar, โ‚ฌ35 per tahun. Aku daftarnya di perpustakaan pusat di Den Haag. Di dekat rumah ada beberapa perpustakaan kecil2, aku sering nongkrong di sana. Ikutan kelompok percakapan bahasa Belanda. Gratis ini. Tapi aku sudah absen setahun ini. Pengennya summer ini balik aktif lagi supaya memulai kehidupan di luar rumah lagi, biar makin eksis haha maksudnya biar makin terasah bahasa Belandaku dan kenal dengan banyak orang baru dari berbagai negara. Di perpustakaan banyak sekali kegiatan gratis. Aku sering ikutan, termasuk workshop2, diskusi2 atau konser2 kecil gitu. Seru deh. Jadi ke perpus bukan hanya untuk pinjam buku tapi ikutan kegiatan juga. Aku GR ikutan Challenge 50 buku setiap tahun, per bulan Juni sudah 10 buku dibaca. Ya lumayanlah ini haha. Mari semangat membaca!

    1. Wah seru ya Den ada kegiatan2 di perpus. Kayaknya disini ada, tapi aku belum cek, masih menikmati koleksi bukunya hehe.

      Ngomong2 aku juga pengen aktif di community deh Den, itu yg belum kulakukan nih. Soalnya, selama ini bergaulnya sama teman2 dan keluarga R (untung semuanya aku cocok).. tapi lama2 aku ada rasa kepengen punya kenalan baru, teman2 dari berbagai negara gitu biar lebih membuka pengetahuan hehe. Kayaknya nanti aku harus cari2 kegiatan deh… biar aktif lagi. Yuk, sama2 Den! Kamu disana aku disini tapi hihihi ๐Ÿ˜

      Tentang Goodreads, lumayan bgt dong kamu kayaknya udah on the right track yaa.. targetku taun ini ga muluk2 cuma 12, tapi kayaknya bisa tercapai nih.. horeee…

  5. I’m a proud member of Brooklyn Public Library! More or less the experience is the same. I used the Libby app first because it is convenient in the winter, but have started going to the library every week since couple months a go. I found solace in the walk to the library, browsing between books (without the haunting need to buy them and do damage to my wallet is soothing) and the snack stop afterward. There are also cool events in the library but haven’t attended them yet.

    1. Oooohh I like the snack stop routine hehehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ there should be some cool events too in my library but havenโ€™t been able to check them out…

  6. What I miss the most from living abroad? Their libraries, of course. Not only in a big city like my current place, small city like Syracuse has complete collection of books and movies. Thank God I will be able to access Melbourne city library’s e-book once I got home this year. They said that the membership will still apply as long as I maintain the status as an active member (by logging in regularly).

  7. Pernah, sih. Cuma koleksinya kurang update. Sekarang pinjam pun pakai e-book. Btw. Goodreadsnya apa ya?

  8. Wow, the library seems to be so good and complete with the system.

    Of course, I’m also a library member in my city. But the library you have there is better, I think.
    For now, I seldom go to a Library, I just use iPusnas app whenever I want to read books.

  9. Dulu sebelum pindah ke Semarang aku daftar di semua perpus dan persewaan buku di kotaku, sampe semua pegawainya hafal sama aku ahahaha
    Sekarang di Semarang rumahnya jauh dari kota, perpusnya jadi jauuh juga, makanya belum daftar jadi member perpus lagi heheee

    1. Itu aku baca dari komen diatas ada yg namanya iPusnas bisa pinjem buka dari App, siapa tau kamu bisa tetep pinjem walau jauh dari kota hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lucky you! I envy cities with great libraries, wishing there is a decent one here in Jogja. I always feel so peaceful inside a library โ˜บ๏ธ

    1. I hope they will make one soon in Jogja Gy! At least you can visit one in Singapore during your travels. I’ve never been but the pictures are amazing!

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