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I’m going to start this post by saying that I’m not a pet person. I mean I don’t hate them, but I like to think that I’m always awkward with them. I don’t know how to react around them, especially around dogs because they’re always barking/sniffing and somehow leaves me feeling uncomfortable when they do that.

Anyway, we now happen to have a housemate that has a pet. Her pet is a small dog named Emo. Everyone in the house likes to call her an old lady because Emo is apparently old. I remember the first day I arrived at the house. I met everyone and there was Emo too. I immediately felt awkward but to my surprise, she didn’t do anything. She didn’t bark, didn’t sniff around me. Instead, she just froze and stared at me with the cutest eyes.

Since then, there were moments when I was alone at the house during the day. I usually spend most of the time in our room or on our little patio, but we have a communal kitchen so I always meet Emo when I cook. At first I was, again, awkward. But then I realised that Emo seems to be as awkward as I am! Most of the time she just stared at me and never try to come near me. As days go by, I let down my guard near her and sometimes decided to pet her. It seemed like she enjoyed it, but again she never asked for more. You know how dogs like to “ask for more” when humans pet them? That never happens with Emo.


So, I began to fell in love with Emo slowly. It wasn’t until last week when our housemate was away and she asked our favour to look after Emo. She left some instructions so I basically had to take care of Emo for a week! I learned how to feed her, how to take her on a walk, and I spent more time with her.

During those days I fell in love with Emo more because she is just the most adorable dog. She accepts whatever we gave her and never asked for more. She has this expression which made me believe that she was listening to me, and she has shown that she can be a great company.

As for now, our housemate has come back from her vacation so I no longer have to take care of Emo. In fact I haven’t seen her since she’s back and I came to realise that I miss Emo now 😦 but if you ask me, I don’t think I’ll be adopting any pets soon because I’m not sure if I can handle the emotional bond. Anyway, I think I have Emo to thank because she made me less awkward with pets.

What about you, how’s your story with pets?

23 thoughts on “Emo & Me”

  1. saya gak suka kucing
    bulunya di mana”
    pernah sekali piara keong
    ndilalah mati
    kayaknya saya kebanyakan kasih timun

    1. Wahh aku baru denger lho ada yang piara keong hehehehe.. Kasian juga yaaa.. Btw dulu waktu kecil aku pernah piara kura kura, mati juga. Makin lah merasa awkward sama binatang piaraan…

  2. I’m a dog person. Tapi udah lama enggak pelihara anjing. Nah kemarin itu tetiba datang kucing betina ke teras rumah. Karna enggak begitu seneng kucing, dia kusuruh pergi. Tapi bukannya minggat, eh dianya malah makin selonjoran cantik di teras πŸ˜†πŸ˜† akhirnya kukasi makan ikan dan dia mau. Trus dia gosok-gosokkan tubuhnya ke kakiku. Katanya itu pertanda kucing pengen temenan sama kita πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† kadang tingkah binatang emang lucu2 dan bikin gemes ya 😁😁 trus besoknya ada kucing betina lainnya datang ke teras rumah lagi. Aku jadi mikir, keknya kucing pertama yg datang itu ngabarin ke temennya bahwa kalo datang ke rumahku bakal dikasi ikan 😁😁😁 akhirnya kucing yg kedua ini pun kukasi ikan juga 😁😁

    1. Ooohh baru tau kalau kucing gosok2 ke kaki itu tandanya mau temenan sama kita.. hehehe. Btw katanya kan kucing kalau udah dikasih makan bakal stay terus yaa… sekarang kucing2 itu masih suka dateng nggak?

  3. I don’t think I will have pets, at least in the short term Chris; mainly because of my extensive travelling schedule (lol πŸ˜† ).

  4. I love pets! Dogs, cats, iguanas, you name it. I think they are cute and they make me happy. I have a half-mainecoon cat named Pablo, we cuddled a lot. It takes time to get to know each other, but once we reach that stage, we are BFF πŸ˜€ Pets love are overwhelming sometimes, but it is one of the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

  5. Karena dari kecil tidak dibiasakan bergaul dengan binatang, akhirnya aku jadi takut dengan binatang, kecuali ikan. Aku ga suka binatang, tapi ga benci. Hanya ga suka. Sama kucing aja aku takut setengah mati. Papasan sama Anjing di sini, sampai sekarang deg2annya ampun2an padahal anjingnya ga ngapa2in πŸ˜…. Suamiku suka burung. Suka banget. Dia pernah berencana pelihara di rumah. Aku bilang gpp, asal dia sendiri yang ngurusi. Aku ga mau. Dia akhirnya mikir2 lagi. Takut dia ga bisa komitmen ngurusi sendiri soalnya waktu itu sibuk sama kerjaan dan organisasi. Syukurlah dia bukan orang yang suka banget sama binatang (kecuali burung). Kalau ternyata diawal kenalan dia bilang kalau pelihara kucing, mungkin aku mundur aja. Ga kebayang gimana deg2annya aku tiap hari serumah sama kucing.

    1. Iya aku juga ngga benci sih tapi ngga suka aja, lebih ke canggung kayaknya. Aku juga bersyukur si R ngga ada hewan piaraan. Dia sempet bilang mau piara sih tapi aku nggak mau, dan sama kayak suamimu dia juga kayaknya sebenernya nggak suka2 banget jadi gak maksa. Ini sejak ngurus Emo sebentar aku lumayan lebih permisif sama binatang piaraan, tapi kayaknya belom sampe tahap mau piara sihhh…

  6. I used to be afraid of dogs (was bitten twice by 2 different dogs when I was little), until I had my very own dog. She was the best companion during my darkest time in Jakarta, and she saved me from depression to be honest. It broke my heart when I moved to the UK. A week prior to my departure, she was extremely quiet and subdued (unlike her usual, hyperactive self). I wish I could bring her here 😦 Anyway, now I’m crazy about dogs πŸ™‚

  7. Awwwwwwww her eyes!! My house is never without pet. I love my dog to pieces, people say that a dog is “just a dog” but I believe that they understand us and have empathy. My dog is always sensitive to my feelings, when I feel sad, she would come near me and wiggle her tail. Dogs are the best πŸ˜€

  8. What a nice story of pet to tell.
    Btw, is it ok for you to touch a dog? πŸ™‚

    Well, I used to have dogs when I was a child. I loved to take care of them. But now, I have no any dogs at my home. Not because I don’t like them, but I just do not want to take care any dogs. It might make me busy if I have them.

    1. For me it’s ok to touch a dog πŸ™‚ I just don’t know how to react around them hehehe. Me too, I think I can’t find the time to take care of dogs or other pets … but who knows! πŸ™‚

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