Korean Contemporary R&B

I guess this Korean fever is not going away anytime soon for me. Ever since I declared my love for Korean Drama a while back on social media, I’ve had friends DM-ed me asking if I, by any chance, have became an army (BTS’ fandom) as well.

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t.

Funny how my friend, a mum of a toddler who now lives in England has became a big fan of BTS, and we usually share similar taste in music since we were in high shcool, but this time, while she’s gotten really into BTS, I’m not, hehe. So I told those who asked.. naah, I’m just going to stick with Korean Drama 😉

Until one day another friend posted a song by DEAN on her social media, with a funny caption. So I clicked that song. And wow, I fell in love instantly!

I spent the past two days going down the rabbit hole of this new genre I just discovered, Korean Contemporary R&B. I don’t know if it’s the right terminology, but it’s basically R&B infused with a couple of other genre, some alternative, some hip hop, and some jazz. Thanks to Spotify’s pristine algorithm, one song led me to another, and another, and another, enough to make my own playlist.

So, in hindsight, Korean Contemporary R&B sounds very chill, easy-listening, with soft vocals and mellow beats. My playlist is best to be played on an easy Friday night, while having a dinner date (at home!), or anytime, really. I’ve been playing it almost the whole day, and of course, now as I’m writing this post.

If you’re interested in learning more about this genre, here’s a couple of notable artists I discovered: DEAN, Crush, offonoff, 92914, Primary… well basically all those in my playlist hehe.

Enjoy! x

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