Summer 2020

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind to me. Significant events kept happening, some expected, some caught us by surprise. I found myself in disbelief when I woke up yesterday and realized that we are already in September. Whew, time flies so fast this year!

Unlike last year where we spent most of our days at the beach, we only went once this year. Of course there’s the stay-at-home order, but we didn’t even go when the order was loosened and beaches were back open! I guess I’m still a bit reluctant to hang out in a middle of a crowd, even though technically speaking we would be able to properly social distanced ourselves if we went, because we would be going to our neighborhood beach, which has a lesser crowd. But still…

Ugh, look at me, being paranoid. But that’s just me though. One of the things that I came to realize this year is that everyone has their own way of dealing with this pandemic. Which is completely understandable. Just remember to wash your hands often and wear a mask when you’re out to help curb the spread!

Anyway, this summer we substituted our beach excursions to… hiking excursions! We figured it’s a better option for us, since we would be constantly moving during our hikes. And I’m glad that we chose to go that route because we did manage to go to 3 national parks this summer, I got to see more of the outdoors, and also pushed my limits when it comes to hiking endurance. I’m still such a newbie in hiking, I’ve only taken the easy trails, but I’m loving it so far and will try to keep improving my endurance and knowledge. Plus, it turns out that there are also a couple of easy hiking trails in Orange County that we haven’t really explored, so I’m excited.

Another news is that we are going to move cities! Well, technically we will still be living in greater LA, but we are changing zip codes to the one closer to downtown. It’s been such a blessing to be given this opportunity as we have been praying for a bigger space for our little family. I’m still amazed at how fast everything happened, but yeah, we will be moving out from our studio to a house! We are not yet a homeowner but still I’m super excited to actually have a space to decorate… and doing all the fun stuff that adults do when it comes to maintaining a house, hahahaha…

It’s been really exciting, R and I have been looking at furniture and house essentials. R is obsessed with all the electronics, while I’m obsessed in finding the perfect sofa. Never before I imagined that I would find browsing for sofas this interesting hehehe. I might be documenting my journey in making the house a comfortable space for us, so watch this space for more! (if not here I’ll probably do it on Instagram hehe).

Anyway, how’s this summer been for you? I hope you were able to find joy during the longer days. Share your stories in the comment section! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Summer 2020”

  1. Yes, sofa is muy importante! #timrebahan
    When I first rented an apartment by my self the couch was the most precious item in the house – after my laptop πŸ˜€

    1. Rightttt? You get me! #timrebahan susah banget ini ketemu β€œthe one” πŸ˜„ apalagi cari dari internet, gak bisa di tes duluu, udah beli taunya pas dateng gak empuk kan nanti kecewaa πŸ˜‚

  2. Summer aku biasa aja (selain nikah). Gara-gara pandemi, berasa jadi kayak tahanan rumah lagi, ngga bisa kemana-mana. Tahun lalu juga begini, tapi tahun lalu karena nungguin izin tinggal. Selain itu, summer disini juga malu-malu, temperaturnya gak selalu panas. Panasnya cuma muncul pas heatwave doang. Sisanya mah tetep banyak angin dan tetep harus pake/bawa jaket tipis.

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